Program to strengthen the capacity of the Service to provide health care

The Foundation's Supplemental Service Grant Support Program, was designed to help ensure that nonprofit primary care services projects that were former grantees be able to sustain their service capacity to provide essential health and medical services in a period of diminished public funding.This Supplemental Service Grant helps underwrite five main components of its plan to improve its ability to function with greater proficiency and economy: (1) appointment of a coordinator to strengthen management oversight of the FNS dispersed clinic network; (2) technical assistance in instituting modern electronic communications and data handling systems through the service sites; (3) improvement of its capacity to recruit and hold clinical staff for rural service through formal clinical rotations for medical and nurse practitioner students; (4) technical assistance on management and operational measures to improve staff productivity; and (5) technical assistance to develop an organized service marketing program throughout the FNS service area.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $325,464.00

Awarded on: 7/26/1984

Time frame: 9/1/1984 - 8/31/1988

Grant Number: 9118


Frontier Nursing Service Inc.

132 FNS Drive
Wendover, 41775-8921


David M. Hatfield
Project Director