The Foundation's Teaching Nursing Home Program

The Foundation's Teaching Nursing Home Program was designed to establish affiliations between schools of nursing and nursing homes in order to improve care for elderly persons with chronic health problems and to provide settings for clinical service, education and service.This grant supports Phase 2 of the Teaching Nursing Home Program in Portland, OR. This affiliation will require a mechanism of dual appointments in which nursing faculty is introduced into the service structure of the nursing home. To reach its goal, the grantee plans the following: (1) to improve quality and quantity of long-term care (LTC) and gerontological education experiences for both undergraduate and graduate students; (2) to increase knowledge base for LTC of elderly through a scholarly approach to LTC problems, including clinical re search and publications; (3) to provide a continuum of LTC services including consultation, support and referral to caregivers in the Project's catchment area; and (4) to initiate and/or support public policy initiatives that encourage quality long-term care services, including an effort to disseminate knowledge of long-term care and gerontological issues to professional and lay persons at the teaching nursing home and in the community.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $391,953.00

Awarded on: 12/15/1983

Time frame: 4/1/1984 - 9/15/1987

Grant Number: 7571


Oregon Health & Science University School of Nursing

3455 S.W. US Veterans Hospital Road
Portland, 97239-2941


Kathleen M. Potempa
Project Director