Investigating and decreasing functional morbidity following head trauma in children

The Foundation's Research and Development Program to Improve Patient Functional Status was designed to stimulate projects focusing on the problems and illnesses that can significantly impair infants, children, and adults.There are no reported data on the incidence of functional morbidity following acute minor head trauma. However, Dr. Ludwig, Director of the Emergency Department (ED) at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, and his colleagues, have noted that several children seen daily are making return visits after having previously been seen in the ED for acute head trauma. This study will investigate the incidence of this morbidity and measure the effects of educational interventions for both parent and patient aimed at enhancing the child's return to normal function.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $65,800.00

Awarded on: 12/10/1981

Time frame: 2/1/1982 - 3/31/1984

Grant Number: 6972


Medical Associates Research and Education Foundation

3440 Market Street
Philadelphia, 19104-3325

Stephen Ludwig
Project Director