Planning an evaluation of emerging provisions for services for handicapped children (Phase 2)

This grant supports the second phase of a possible three-phase project to learn how "mainstreaming" affects the health and functioning of handicapped children. As a result of recent federal and state legislation, the placement of health-impaired children in general schools without special support services has been accelerated. No plans now exist to see if these health-impaired children are able to function more effectively with their handicaps within this new environment. This effort is addressed to this need, and is in line with a goal of improving individual functioning.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $140,861.00

Awarded on: 7/23/1981

Time frame: 8/1/1981 - 9/30/1982

Grant Number: 6328


Children's Hospital Corporation

300 Longwood Avenue
Boston, 02115-5737


John A. Butler
Project Director