Watch danah boyd's conversation with RWJF's Steve Downs.

Watch danah boyd's conversation with RWJF's Steve Downs.

danah boyd is a social scientist, leading social media scholar and has been deemed the high priestess of internet friendship by the Financial Times. She is a senior researcher at Microsoft Research, and shares reflections on topics related to her fields on her blog.

WHN: Boyd Infographic Preview
WHN: Boyd Infographic Preview

A Patient’s Conundrums in a Networked Society

In a networked society, whom do we trust for health information?

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Why RWJF Cares

In today’s highly digitized and networked society, what it means to be “connected” is constantly changing. danah understands the intersection of technology, society and policy, and can help us understand what this connection means for health.”

Steve Downs, RWJF Chief Technology and  Information Officer

In a networked society, whom do we trust? What do we share? @zephoria discusses #WhatsNextHealth

Culture of Health Blog

What’s Next Health: Whom Do We Trust?

danah boyd explores the contradictions and conundrums of living in a networked society.

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