Watch David Kraft's conversation with RWJF's Paul Tarini.

Watch David Kraft's conversation with RWJF's Paul Tarini.

Daniel Kraft is an inventor, entrepreneur, and flight surgeon. He is the Medicine and Neuroscience Chair at Singularity University and Executive Director of FutureMed.

WHN: Kraft Infographic Preview
WHN: Kraft Infographic Preview

The Promise of Exponential Technology

Emerging and exponential technologies can accelerate change in health care.

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Why RWJF Cares

Technology holds huge potential for removing the pain points we all experience in today’s world of health care. We invited Daniel to talk with us because he understands how emerging and exponential technologies can accelerate change.“

Paul Tarini, RWJF Senior Program Officer

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In health care, does exponential mean expensive? @Daniel_Kraft explains #WhatsNextHealth

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Moving Into a World of Exponential Change

Senior Program Officer Paul Tarini reflects on Kraft's visit to the Foundation and shares that "we need to let the connections and contexts of emerging technologies play themselves out. When there are enough converging technologies, with enough penetration, we will get to the tipping point for transformative change."

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