As social media grows and is used widely across foundations, it is increasingly important to understand the impact of this set of tools on achieving objectives – both in terms of online and offline impact.

State of the Field

The state of social media measurement is still relatively nascent. Throughout the corporate and nonprofit worlds, individuals are talking about the wide array of metrics available to track page views, fans, followers, and the challenges of tracking what all of it leads to or results in. While current metrics provide critical insight into what draws audiences and engages them online, questions remain regarding what that means for changing knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors offline.

Learn more about the Foundation's perspective in this Q&A with Debra Joy Perez, where she offers her take on how the use of these tools—which have become essential to our communication efforts—can be measured to reflect the impact of our work and rooted in a context of achieving social change goals.

Additional Tools & Resources

This resource provides a sampling of tools available to produce social media metrics. It is helpful to consider these tools in the array of methods available for assessing impact. This is not intended to be exhaustive. There are likely to be new tools introduced to market, and tools that exhaust their potential.

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