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New Resources


Overcoming Obstacles to Health in 2013 and Beyond

This report provides a profile of health in America, focusing specifically on the role that social factors like neighborhood features, early childhood, income, education, and race and ethnicity play.

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Collaboration to Build Healthier Communities

Collaboration to Build Healthier Communities

This report describes findings from a national survey of professionals in the fields of health care, public health, early child care, education, human services, housing, transportation, and community development finance, providing information on how cross-sector initiatives and collaborative action can improve the health of communities across the United States.

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Opportunity video image

The Opportunity: Creating a Culture of Health

This video explores the fact that, for the first time in U.S. history, we are raising a generation of children who may live sicker and die younger than their parents' generation. Every community needs the building blocks to give everyone the chance to make healthy choices, so we can all share in a culture of health.

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Commission Meeting

RWJF is reconvening the Commission, an independent, non-partisan group of leaders in 2013, four years after it released its initial recommendations, to provide guidance on how to improve the health of all Americans. 

At a public meeting on June 19, experts provided testimony on innovative strategies, programs and key research on ways to improve the health of communities and in early childhood.

Event Details

Event Agenda

See the full agenda for the June 19 public meeting.

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Speaker Bios & Testimony

Learn more about the speakers, read their testimony, and follow them on Twitter.

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Storify Summary

See what people online had to say about the meeting.

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Join the conversation about the event on Twitter.


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Missed the #cbha2013 public meeting? Watch the full event here!