Health Data and IT

A collection of programs, perspectives, and research on how to collect, share, and learn from health data and use it to improve personal and population health.

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About This Collection

Across a variety of health roles, many people are embracing the belief that individuals and the communities we live in will be better off—regarding health outcomes, health care cost, health disparities, corporate productivity, and individual quality of life—if health care providers, the public health system, and social services are better connected to each other and to the communities in which patients live.

RWJF encourages people working in different sectors to break down silos, to reach out to unconventional partners to exchange data and build information systems across sectors. This collection contains examples of how various people, organizations, and communities are working with each other to understand and use data to improve individual and community health.

Latest News and Research

Reform by the Numbers

January 19, 2017

Reform by the Numbers is a source for timely and unique data about the impact of health reform.

Sage Bionetworks: BRIDGE

December 28, 2016 | Grantee

BRIDGE is a open, crowd-sourced platform from Sage Bionetworks for patients to share data and experiences with others, and for the benefit of biomedical research. Learn about pilots underway.

Health Statistics DataHub

December 7, 2016

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation DataHub tracks state-level health statistics. Customize and visualize facts and figures—and share with your networks.