Adverse Childhood Experiences

Early Life Events That Can Damage Our Adult Health

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Traumatic childhood events like abuse and neglect can create dangerous levels of stress and derail healthy brain development—resulting in long-term effects on learning, behavior and health. A growing network of leaders in research, policy and practice are leading the way in preventing adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and mitigating their impact through building resilience. This collection contains commentary from experts and resources detailing innovative approaches for improving mental and physical health using an ACEs framework. 

Latest News and Perspectives about ACEs


How Childhood Experiences Shape Our Nation's Health

March 12, 2015 | Blog Post

New findings suggest that Americans are ready for new approaches address early childhood trauma and stress. To do that in a big way, we need more than science—we need a movement.


What Shapes Health

March 2, 2015 | Survey/Poll

What is the public's perception of factors they believe impact their health? Americans recognize that effective steps in improving health go beyond medical care, including economic, environmental, and school-, work-, and diet-related measures.


Faces of Public Health: Margo DeMont, Memorial Hospital of South Bend

October 10, 2014 | Blog Post

Margo DeMont, PhD, head of community health enhancement at Memorial Hospital of South Bend, Ind., shared about the hospital’s recent efforts to build a trauma-informed community through several innovative therapeutic programs.


Supporting Families to Succeed

June 30, 2014 | Blog Post

Exposure to trauma in childhood can last a lifetime, but it does not need to. Well-conceived interventions can promote individual and community resilience and healing.


National Collaborative on Adversity and Resilience

June 30, 2014 | Report

If a mind can be traumatized, it can be healed. Thirty-five experts come together around this idea to help create a healthy and resilient world. Join the movement.

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As the number of ACES increases, so does the risk for negative health outcomes.
As the number of ACES increases, so does the risk for negative health outcomes.

Early Life Events That Can Damage Our Adult Health

Increase awareness and understanding of the impact of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and the need to develop effective innovative interventions.

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