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A collection of briefs and reports on current topics related to health insurance coverage and health care costs.

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The Urban Institute, Georgetown University's Health Policy Institute, Mathematica Policy Research and others have undertaken a comprehensive monitoring and tracking project to analyze national trends among the different groups targeted by Affordable Care Act (ACA) coverage expansions, as well as state-level implementation issues.

This collection includes quantitative reports examining national trends and state-level reports which analyze implementation progress and issues in Colorado, Maryland, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Virginia.

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Missed Opportunities in Simplifying the Marketplace for Insurers and Consumers

July 14, 2016 | Issue Brief

The Urban Institute, with support from RWJF, examines why states with standardized benefit policies have fallen short in simplifying the marketplace shopping experience, despite backing of the policy from both insurers and consumers.


Coverage of Substance-Use Disorder Treatments in Marketplace Plans in Six Cities

June 27, 2016 | Issue Brief

While treatments for alcohol- and opioid-use disorders are generally covered by marketplace health insurance plans, improvements could be made when it comes to the transparency of costs and which specific treatments are covered.


Implications of Health Spending Growth Slowdown on the Affordable Care Act

June 16, 2016 | Issue Brief

The United States is on track to spend $2.6 trillion less on health care between 2014 and 2019, compared to initial projections made right after the 2010 passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).


Increases in 2016 Marketplace Nongroup Premiums

May 24, 2016 | Report

A study from the Urban Institute and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation reveals varied increases from state to state and within states for the average cost of insurance plan premiums.