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    • September 11, 2015

Short Distances to Large Gaps in Health

Across America, babies born just a few miles apart have dramatic differences in life expectancy. The following maps display show life expectancy values alongside common geographic landmarks such as subway stops and highway exits to show how opportunities to lead a long and healthy life can vary dramatically, by neighborhood, in communities across the United States.

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What I Learned from Scaling an Idea into a National Movement

August 30, 2016

Jill Vialet’s idea to transform the school day through the power of play started with just two schools and now serves more than 1,300 nationwide. She shares the tough lessons she learned about scale during her journey.


RWJF Culture of Health Prize

August 29, 2016

Learn about the RWJF Culture of Health Prize, which honors and elevates U.S. communities that are making great strides in their journey toward better health.


Job Opportunities at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

August 29, 2016

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the nation's largest philanthropy dedicated to health, offers a range of exciting job opportunities.


Healthy School Environments

August 29, 2016

This series highlights the latest research showing why a healthier school day is vital to building a Culture of Health, including healthier school meals and snacks and increased physical activity.


Adverse Childhood Experiences

August 25, 2016

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is working to increase awareness and understanding of the impact of adverse childhood experiences and the need to develop effective innovative interventions.

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A series of maps illustrating large life expectancy gaps produced by Virginia Commonwealth University Center on Society and Health.

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