In the Media: YouTube, the Latest Teaching Tool in Nurse Education

    • May 29, 2012

For nurses, YouTube—the social media video site—is more than just a digital place to find videos of toddlers doing the “smarty pants” dance or of dogs playing the piano.

It’s also a place where nurses can learn about the art and science of nursing—before having to practice it.

That’s the case made by nurse educator Leighsa Sharoff, RN, EdD, NPP, according to an article about the use of YouTube in nurse education in, an online site about nursing. Sharoff, an assistant professor at Hunter College School of Nursing in New York City, integrates YouTube into her nursing curriculum and published an article about the subject last year in the September issue of The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing.

“The use of YouTube in nursing education classes provides an easy, innovative, and user-friendly way to engage today’s nursing students,” Sharoff told “YouTube presentations can be easily adapted into nursing courses at any level, be it a fundamentals course for undergraduate students or a theoretical foundations course for graduate students.”

Sharoff says YouTube helps alleviate classroom anxiety about clinical practice, encourages communication and collaboration, and offers an appealing way for tech-savvy students to learn new material, according to It also encourages self-directed learning and facilitates long-distance education, she said. “This is the digital age.”

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