The concept of “living up to one’s promise” is most often associated with youth and beginnings. It’s a notion that comes to mind at high school and college graduations, as eager achievers surge through the starting gates of life, bent on pursuing their dreams and goals.

Often, that promise fades with time as maturity, reality and routine replace what once seemed to be limitless possibility.

So what does a promise mean—coming from a middle-aged philanthropy marking its 40th birthday this year?

The RWJF Promise is a statement of values and purpose: a reflection on who we are, based on what we do, why we do it, and who we’re working for. It’s a succinct statement of our identity—our brand: what defines us and distinguishes us in a society crowded with players and purposes, and a world bursting with information and activity.

We invite you to read Our Promise, and to explore other stories in our Force Multiplier series, which reflect on where we’re coming from and where we’re headed. Building on four decades of seeking solutions to health and health care challenges, the Promise is our assurance to the nation, to our partners and to our grantees that we’re in this for the long haul.

Advancing with certainty and purpose through the starting gate of the 21st century, we at RWJF are committed to seeking solutions and building evidence, to support social change and improvement in health and health care for all.