People across the United States and its territories—from small rural communities to large urban areas—are coming together to reverse the childhood obesity epidemic. With more than 23 million children and adolescents already obese or overweight, communities are showing that with some creativity and hard work, we can change children's lives.

Successful endeavors show that creating healthy environments is key to reversing the childhood obesity epidemic. When children have safe places to walk, bike and play in their communities, like parks, playgrounds and afterschool programs, they are more likely to be active and less likely to be obese. It is the same with healthy food. When communities have access to healthy affordable foods, families eat better.

This collection of stories highlights some of our grantees' efforts and aims to inspire others across the country. They are just a sample of what people across the country—in cities and towns, municipal buildings and rec centers, schools and places of worship—are doing to create healthier environments and reverse the childhood obesity epidemic.