Re/Storing Nashville

    • May 9, 2011

Re/Storing Nashville is a grassroots movement that aims to provide access to affordable, healthy foods for all Nashville residents. A coalition of faith leaders is galvanizing communities to create a city-wide campaign to raise awareness of the challenges faced by residents of "food deserts"—areas without adequate grocery stores that provide fresh, healthy foods. Re/Storing Nashville is promoting tax and zoning incentives to bring grocery stores to neighborhoods that have limited or no access to healthy foods and to create more direct public transportation routes to existing grocery stores from underserved areas.

Re/Storing Nashville is funded by a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which supports faith-based coalitions to advance community policies or environmental changes that improve access to healthy foods and opportunities for physical activity. The Foundation is particularly focused on efforts that reach children at greatest risk for obesity, including African-American, Latino, Native American, Asian American and Pacific Islander children living in lower-income communities or communities with limited access to affordable health foods and/or safe opportunities for physical activity.