Reflections on a Remarkable Year

Each year since the Foundation announced it would commit $500 million to help reverse the childhood obesity epidemic, I’ve shared with you the progress we and our many partners are making toward that ambitious goal. I’ve always considered this message much more than a perfunctory update, and my thoughts on this third anniversary are no different—except in one regard:

After the extraordinary year we’ve just witnessed, I am more optimistic than ever about the potential for success by our target date of 2015.

We saw an unprecedented amount of attention—from policy-makers, media, industry and others—regarding the causes of and solutions to childhood obesity. And we’re now seeing more and more action build from that. At this point, I’m convinced the momentum will not be stopped.

Please accept my deep gratitude for what has been accomplished during the past year. I thank you all for your passion and efforts, and I cannot wait to see where we’ll be by April 2011!

Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, M.D., M.B.A. President and CEO