Reclaiming Futures

    • March 13, 2010

Nearly two million teenagers are arrested each year. 80 percent of them test positive for drugs or alcohol.

Yet many teens in the juvenile justice system receive no treatment for substance abuse at all. These children commit multiple offenses, caught in the cycle of drugs, alcohol and crime.

Reclaiming Futures offers courts the ability to detect and assess substance abuse in youth and to provide complementary services and support. By coordinating the efforts of courts, service providers, community groups and individual volunteers, the program empowers communities to help young people break the cycle of substance abuse and crime.

The program uses a six-step model: initial screening, initial assessment, service coordination, initiation, engagement and completion. The Reclaiming Futures approach has been proven effective in ten pilot sites, and is now being implemented in 16 additional sites around the country.

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Reclaiming Futures

Reclaiming Futures

Communities helping teens overcome drugs, alcohol and crime.

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