Michelle Larkin of RWJF Discusses Interactive Tobacco Map

    • March 10, 2010

An interactive tobacco policy map tool will give policy-makers and tobacco control advocates a new nationwide picture of continuing state efforts on key tobacco policy, says Michelle Larkin, JD, RN, MS, leader, Public Health team at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Larkin answers questions about the map in a new just-released video produced by the Foundation.

“The tool shows three maps that each focus on a different aspect of tobacco policy,” says Larkin, “providing state-by-state breakdowns on smoke-free laws, cigarette tax rates and total tobacco control spending.” Larkin says this information is vital because “we know from the research that the two most effective policies to pursue in order to help prevent many people from ever starting to smoke, and to help others quit, are raising taxes and putting smoke-free air laws into place.

In the video Larkin points out that the interactive map tool, which will be updated whenever states introduce or change key tobacco policy laws, will be a valuable resource to help advocates and policy makers see how their own state policies stack up against others.