2008: San Francisco Giants Community Fund and the Steve Nash Foundation

    • February 28, 2010

San Francisco Giants Community Fund

The success of a Major League Baseball club is measured by more than game-winning rallies and pennant drives. Beyond the box scores, a ballclub has a unique opportunity to create partnerships to improve the quality of life in its community. It was that spirit that inspired the Giants to establish the non-profit Giants Community Fund in 1991. The Fund facilitates several programs for outreach and awareness, but concentrates much of its resources to assist over 16,000 underserved children through the Junior Giants program. Unique among youth leagues, it is a non-competitive program that places a higher value on character than on wins and losses. In essence, the program works to instill the values of self-esteem and leadership in the "classroom" of a baseball setting.

The Junior Giants program also uses the baseball platform to inform and enrich communities in key areas such as education, violence prevention and health. These initiatives include a scholarship program for 8th graders that aims to supports college access; the Round the Bases Reading Program that promotes literacy; a violence prevention art contest called “Imagine Peace”; health information magnets that encourage Junior Giants players to make good nutritional choices; and health fairs in Junior Giants communities that provide screenings, nutrition tips and informational materials to the attendees. We promote a well-rounded approach to grow well-rounded and well-grounded kids!

The Steve Nash Foundation

Since 2005, the Steve Nash Foundation has been working to increase access to critical needs health and education services to underserved populations of children in Canada, Arizona, Paraguay and, most recently, Uganda. Steve’s belief in empowering kids through support is the daily, driving force of the Foundation, which focuses on four primary initiatives:

  1. Educare Arizona – a quick drive from the Suns’ arena, Educare Arizona will break ground late this summer to build best practices for low-income, high-risk children ages birth to age five years. The centre will hold a preschool for Early Head Start- and Head Start-eligible kids, a public policy initiative networked with other sites across the country, a teacher training protocol to enhance quality, and a parental engagement component to help empower parents and caregivers to be catalysts for change. More information on this private-public collaboration is at educarearizona.org.
  2. BC Grants – for the fifth straight winter, BC Grants will deliver much-needed funding to direct service organizations all over the province – from the Sunshine Coast to our hometown in Victoria to East Vancouver to further east in Salmon Arm to Cranbrook in the south and north to Smithers, the Foundation has enabled capital builds that bridge gaps to the benefit of kids.
  3. Centre for Youth Assists – on the Other Coast, the Foundation is preparing to open our Centre for Youth Assists in the new Basketball City facility being constructed on Toronto’s waterfront. The Centre will offer after-school programming aimed at empowering youth through social action.
  4. Support Hope – with the Centro Materno Infantil (a post-operative pediatric cardiology unit at Asunción’s Hospital de Clinicas) and the Centro Para El Tratamiento del Cancer de Cuello Uterino (a precancer screening and treatment clinic at Hospital Nacionale in Itaguá for young women and girls) improving lives in Paraguay, the Foundation is continuing to develop critical health projects in the region, and beyond through a youth centre project in Gulu, northern Uganda, to foster healing and reconciliation through access to cultural, sport, and arts training.

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