New Health & Society Scholars to Focus on Disparities, Prevention

    • July 13, 2009

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) has announced a new group of scholars who will spend the next two years working on research projects designed to reduce disparities in health care and improve the nation’s health care system.

In their research, scholars will build the case for broad-based individual and community prevention programs that tackle the root causes of avoidable illness and death and reduce the cost of health care, according to Jo Ivey Boufford, M.D., and David Vlahov, Ph.D., R.N., co-directors of the national program office for the Health & Society Scholars program.

“At a time of increased national attention to priorities for effective health care reform, the importance of prevention and action on the broader determinants of health is gaining attention,” Boufford said. “This incoming group of scholars will add to the strong base already established by the Health & Society Scholars program to answer questions critical to the future goals and priorities of the nation’s health care system.”

The Health & Society Scholars program accepts up to 18 doctorally prepared researchers each year who have been identified as future health care leaders. This year, 17 scholars were selected to participate in the program; they will begin their research projects at one of six nationally prominent universities in August.

This year’s scholars are: Hedwig Lee, Neil Mehta and Kristin Turney, who will work at the University of Michigan; Summer Hawkins and Jennifer Jennings, who will work at Harvard University; Zoe Donaldson, Helena Hansen and Seth Holmes, who will work at Columbia University; Beth McManus, Christopher McKelvey and Vivian Santiago, who will work at the University of Wisconsin; Michael Bader, Alison Buttenheim and Jooyoung Lee, who will work at the University of Pennsylvania; and Nicole Bush, Laura Gottlieb and Ayako Tomiyama, who will work at the University of California at San Francisco/Berkeley.