The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Retrospective Series: Learning from our past, so we can work better tomorrow.

Independent Analysis of Our Impact

As we evolved in how we worked and became a more strategic philanthropy, we began bundling groups of programs that were meant to work together synergistically to leverage big changes that could not be accomplished by individual programs. And so, we developed the RWJF Retrospective Series—evaluations of the impact of an entire body of work, conducted by an independent evaluator.

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RWJF Retrospective Series

RWJF assesses its 20-year investment in substance use, including what was achieved through its efforts, and the strengths and challenges of the Foundation’s approach.

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Chronic Care Programs

The third installment in the RWJF Retrospective Series, provides a broad overview of RWJF’s chronic illness-related programs--their outcomes and their impact on the systems of care for persons with chronic illnesses and disabilities.

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The second entry in the Retrospective Series evaluates the body of work that was the result of the Foundation's commitment to create tobacco-cessation programs.

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The first evaluation in the Retrospective Series assessed the Foundation's $170 million investment between 1991 and 2005 to improve care at the end of life.

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