Research, Evaluation and Learning

Since our inception, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has been driven by a continuous cycle of research, evaluation and learning.


In connection with our focus areas, we fund a range of types of research to expand our understanding of what most shapes health, and which types of interventions may have greatest potential for impact.


RWJF Research Programs

RWJF’s four signature research programs are examining the impact of different types of programs, policies and health-related systems on health, equity and well-being.

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We approach all research investments with a commitment to rigor, objectivity, and building a solid evidence base around what works when it comes to improving the nation’s health.

Targeted Research

Solicited and often rapid-cycle projects to address key gaps in knowledge and inform efforts to improve health, health equity and well-being.

Policy & Systems Research

Exploratory and advanced studies seeking a deeper understanding about potential benefits and implications of alternative approaches.

Research-Driven Demonstrations

Projects that address particular research questions which may have broad ramifications both for our grantmaking and broader health policy and practice.


Evaluation is a cornerstone of our approach to grantmaking. Generally, evaluation activities we support fall into four categories: