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Every day, more cell phone apps are created for finding health information, and tracking and sharing health data with our health care providers. These mobile health (mHealth) apps are becoming more popular—with one in five smartphone users now having a health app, according to Pew Internet. However, many of these apps are not built in an open-source way that allows easier data-sharing across platforms or collects data as useful guides for patients and providers, such as allowing physicians to track a patient’s symptoms between appointments.

To break down barriers between health and technology, RWJF supports Open mHealth, a nonprofit startup that's bringing clinical meaning to the explosion of digital health data. Open mHealth does this by collaborating with clinical experts to make health data useful and actionable for patients and clinicians, helping developers integrate disparate digital health data into the clinical environment with an open API platform, and building patient-centered products that support personalized, proactive health care.

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Open mHealth

San Francisco, CA
New York, NY

David Haddad
Executive Director

Ida Sim and Deborah Estrin

Experts estimate 1 in 5 smartphone users has an #mHealth app that can be used to improve health

Open mHealth on Pioneering Ideas


Learn how patients track their mobile health data with Linq by Open mHealth

September 8, 2014

At Stanford’s Medicine X, Open mHealth gave a sneak-preview of its first product initiative, Linq. Linq provides a way of bridging the gap between patients and clinicians and bring digital health data into the heart of clinical practice today.


Can health apps do more with data? Yes, with a new framework by Open mHealth

July 9, 2014

Our health apps aren’t doing all they could because the data doesn’t go anywhere. RWJF Grantee Open mHealth’s tools serve as a ‘universal dictionary’ for mobile health data, making sure our personally tracked health data is usable to doctors.


Heritage Open mHealth Challenge: Searching for a Sum Greater Than Its Parts

March 4, 2013

Pioneer grantee Open mHealth, as well as the Heritage Provider Network and University of California, Los Angeles, have partnered to create the Heritage Open mHealth Challenge.

Research and Publications


An Open Architecture to Improve Individual- and Population-Level Health

Open approaches have accelerated innovation in many fields—including the creation of the Internet—and can similarly advance the mHealth field. By fostering an open architecture and encouraging developers and health innovators to collaborate, Open mHealth is promoting industry-wide cooperation and growth, rather than siloed technologies and competition, to create more effective mHealth apps.

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