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Alternatives, Inc.

The Safe Schools Consortium

Positive programs defined, developed, and led by youth.

The Safe Schools Consortium, supported by Alternatives, Inc., is a unique collaborative that aims to help schools address behavioral problems while keeping students engaged in school. Through teacher practice and collaborative teacher leadership, the Consortium teaches effective disciplinary practices to school staff, including security and discipline officers.


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Youth-Driven Programs and Their Impact on Participants

Youth-Driven Programs and Their Impact on Participants


Aaron, a student at Nicholas A. Senn High School in Chicago

For more than a year, a conflict simmered between Aaron and two other students at Nicholas A. Senn High School before erupting into a fight in the school hallway. Had the case been referred to campus police instead of Alternatives’ restorative justice program at the school, Aaron would have been sent to juvenile court. He and the other students would have faced probation and arrest records. Instead, Aaron and the other students participated in Alternatives' restorative justice program where they learned to resolve their differences peacefully, and were able to stay in school and out of the juvenile justice system. Through the process, they also developed valuable life skills, greatly reducing the likelihood that these students will engage in future violence.

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