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    • May 1, 2013


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          45. Sage Bionetworks: BRIDGE
          46. Head Start-Trauma Smart
          47. Human Vaccines Project
          48. Seminar Series on the Power of the Placebo Effect
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          50. Georgetown University Health Policy Institute
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      1. 1.6.1. 2016
        1. 01
          1. Helping Mid-Sized Cities Think Big About Health
          2. Beyond Seat Belts and Bike Helmets: Policies that Improve Lives
          3. What Can Communities Do Now for Health Equity?
        2. 02
          1. The Next Phase of the OpenNotes Movement
          2. Change Leaders: A New Network, Engaging Every Sector, to Build a Culture of Health
          3. All Children Deserve to Grow Up at a Healthy Weight
          4. Revitalizing Newark in a Healthy Way
          5. Four Enduring Life Lessons from a Career in Public Health
          6. Wanted: Global Ideas for a Healthier U.S.
        3. 03
          1. Reversing Childhood Obesity with a Novel Approach
          2. What’s Working to Help Kids Across America Eat Healthy?
          3. What’s the Connection Between Residential Segregation and Health?
          4. Shaking Up Systems To Achieve Health Equity
          5. Seeking Insights From Partnerships that Advance Health
          6. Why Every Street Should Be an Open Street
        4. 04
          1. Can a Single Question Help Families Confront Poverty?
          2. Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going to Give Children a Healthy Start
          3. Can Sports Help Young People Heal From Trauma?
          4. Our Challenge: Measuring Mood for Apple’s ResearchKit
          5. Is the Nation Ready for an Emergency?
        5. 05
          1. Supporting Healthy Latino Youth from Within The Community
          2. How to Build a More Diverse and Inclusive Nursing Workforce
          3. Why School Nurses Are the Ticket to Healthier Communities
          4. Everyone Has a Role in Building the Future of Nursing
          5. It's Time to Reframe How We Think About Education and Health
          6. 5 Reasons to Be Excited for the Changes Coming to Menus and Food Labels
          7. Why Ashoka is Investing in Children's Wellbeing
        6. 06
          1. How Health Insurers Can Help Kids Reach a Healthy Weight
          2. How Can Partnering with the Housing Sector Improve Health?
          3. Costs of Care: Getting the Patient-Provider Conversation Right
          4. The Impact of Climate Change on Health and Equity
          5. Communities Are Using a Powerful Tool to Journey Toward Better Health
          6. Can Virtual Reality Make Us More Empathetic?
        7. 07
          1. Wanted: Creative Research—From Any Field—Revealing What Makes Everyone In America Healthier
          2. At the Intersection of Urban Planning and Health in the New York Metro Region
          3. To Heal a Community, Build Capacity
          4. How to Help Students by Helping Their Parents
          5. What’s the Formula for Community Resilience?
        8. 08
          1. Honoring Andy Hyman: A Passionate Advocate for Health Equity
          2. How Social Spending Affects Health Outcomes
          3. 6 Reasons Why Parks Matter for Health
      2. 1.6.2. 2015
        1. 01
          1. What's Next Health: What We Can Achieve By Working Together
          2. The Patient—and Her Data—Will See You Now
          3. New Year, New Coverage for Millions
          4. Changing the Conversation about Obesity
          5. One Blog, Many Voices
          6. So Much Data! How to Share the Wealth for Healthier Communities
          7. Open Health Data: How To Go for the Gold?
          8. How Data Will Help Me Keep My Resolution
          9. How Not to Flip Out: Flip the Clinic
          10. Some Unconventional Approaches to Stress: Pioneering Ideas Podcast Episode 7
          11. Field Notes: What Cuba Can Teach Us about Building a Culture of Health
          12. Roadmaps Out of Fantasyland: RWJF’s Outbreaks Report and the National Health Preparedness Security Index
          13. Improving Care Coordination for Children with Mental Health Conditions
          14. Visibility and Voice: A Call to Action in the Face of Invisibility and Resistance
          15. The Role of the Chief Nursing Officer in Bridging Gaps Among Health Systems and Communities to Improve Population Health
          16. 'We Need People to be Incensed by the Health Inequality that Persists in This Country'
          17. Understanding Microcultures of Health: It’s Time for a ‘Deep Dive’ into Culture & Social Networks to Produce Lasting Health Change
          18. Like a Koala Bear Hanging Out in a Tree: Anxiety and Excitement as a Nurse Starts Her PhD Journey
          19. Diabetes: The Case for Considering Context
          20. Nurses Are Leading the Way to Better Health Care for Older Patients
          21. Being Willing to Really Listen Can Help Those Facing Extreme Disparities and Challenges
          22. ‘I Can’t Breathe’: Racial Injustice as a Determinant of Health Disparities
          23. Calling All Nurses to Address Health Disparities
          24. Achieving Health Care Equity Begins with Relationships
          25. Restoring Dignity to Those with Dementia
          26. Preparing Family Caregivers to Provide High-Quality Care for People with Dementia
          27. Nurses and the Future of Long-Term Services and Supports
          28. RWJF Executive Nurse Fellow Brings Nursing Perspective to Bioethics
          29. The Imperative to Collaborate Across Disciplines to Make It Easier to be Healthy
          30. ‘Glocalizing’ Solutions for the Rising Chronic Disease Epidemic
          31. 'Getting What You Want': Aligning Goals with Actual Care in Patients with Serious Illness
          32. Go Back to Basics, Go Back to Schools
          33. ‘Good Morning, My Name is Aara’: Building Trust in Health Care
          34. What Will It Take to Diversify Medicine?
          35. Identifying the Causes of a Persistent Health Disparity: High Blood Pressure Among African-Americans
          36. Creating Open & Sacred Spaces To Improve Health
        2. 02
          1. Journey Towards Becoming a Mindful Leader
          2. A New Approach to Eliminating Health Disparities
          3. Entering the Final Stretch
          4. We Must All Play a Role in Ending Childhood Obesity
          5. When It Comes to What Consumers Value in Health Care, One Size Does Not Fit All
          6. Looking Back, Looking Ahead: Banding Together to Fight for Health Care Value
          7. A Portrait of Women with Health Insurance
          8. The Secret to Successful Health Partnerships
          9. Setting Our Sights on Healthy Media Consumption
          10. A Warrior for a Healthier, More Equitable America
        3. 03
          1. Poll: People Worry about Far More than Disease When it Comes to Health
          2. What Will it Take to Help All Kids Grow Up at a Healthy Weight?
          3. It’s Not Just the Watch: Apple Also Helping Cancer Patients
          4. Investing in Systems Changes to Transform Lives
          5. Research Designed Through the Eyes of Youth
          6. How Childhood Experiences Shape Our Nation's Health
          7. Wellness in a Networked World: Pioneering Ideas Podcast Episode 8
          8. A TED Dare: Here’s Reality. Now Do Something About it.
          9. Imagining the Future of Health Data
          10. The 2015 Rankings and Philadelphia’s Power of ‘Brotherly Love’
          11. Let's Keep the Payment Reform Momentum Going
          12. Data, Meet Curiosity: Finding Bright Spots in Appalachia
        4. 04
          1. Use Data for Health, Not for Data’s Sake
          2. How Can We Use a Wealth of Data to Improve the Health of Communities Across the Nation?
          3. From High Schooler to Activist: How I Came to Build a Culture of Health in East LA
          4. If Victor Cruz Tells Us to Eat Our Veggies, Will Kids Listen?
          5. Design That Heals: The American Institute of Architects Rewrites the Rules
          6. U.S. Army Moves Closer to Achieving Public Health Accreditation
          7. Three Key Lessons from the Health Care Transparency Summit
          8. Q&A with Pau Gasol: The NBA All-Star's Health Advocacy Off-the-Court
          9. We Went to Oxford and Got Schooled in Primary Care
          10. No Time to Waste in Battle to Regulate E-cigarettes
        5. 05
          1. Opening the Care Conversation through OpenNotes
          2. Retail Clinics Are Expanding Their Role Within the Health Care System
          3. Nurses and Physicians Need to Learn Together in Order to Work Together
          4. Clearing the Air in Louisville through Data and Design
          5. One Cure for the World’s Toughest Challenges? Bold Leaders, Connected
          6. What’s the Airbnb for Health? Pioneering Ideas Podcast Episode 9
        6. 06
          1. Building Healthier Places in Birmingham and Beyond
          2. Expanding Opportunities for Rural Communities to Get Quality Care
          3. Mapping a Path to Longer and Healthier Lives Across Atlanta
          4. Making the Grade: An Assessment of the Healthy Weight Commitment
          5. New Report: Shifts in the Supermarket Aisles as Demand for Low-Calorie Options Grows
          6. Crafting Win-Win Solutions with Health Impact Assessments
          7. How Can We Measure High Value Care? Consider the Patient Point of View
        7. 07
          1. A New World of Healthy Design–That You Wear
          2. What’s Law Got to Do With It? How Medical-Legal Partnerships Reduce Barriers to Health
          3. Community Development For and By the Community
          4. Success Starts Early: What We Can Learn From a 5-Year-Old's Social Skills
          5. Using Social Data to Build Our Evidence Base
          6. Three Things the United States Can Learn About Public Health From Around the World
          7. Harnessing the Power of Shared Data Across Sectors
        8. 08
          1. Getting to the Essence of Value in Health Care
          2. A New Approach to a Healthier New Jersey
          3. Reaping the Rewards of the Culture of Health Prize
          4. How Food Marketing Can Help Kids Want What’s Good For Them
          5. Want a Healthier Workforce? Investing in Community Health Can Pay Off
          6. Patient and Citizen Engagement for Health: Lessons from Jönköping County, Sweden
          7. A Community Food Market Where Dignity is at the Center
          8. What Hurricane Katrina Taught Us About Community Resilience
        9. 09
          1. Building Healthy, Safe, and Nurturing Schools
          2. Redesigning the Hospital as a Community Health Network
          3. Three Lessons on Improving Quality of Care in Communities
          4. Bringing the Technology Revolution to Caregiving
          5. Collaborating Across Sectors to Grow Healthy Kids
        10. 10
          1. How Public Health Sharing Arrangements Fit Into the Value Equation
          2. Why Nursing is Key to a Culture of Health
          3. Is More Always Better? Not Necessarily When It Comes to Health Care
          4. What Right Care Means to Me: The Physician’s View
          5. Open Enrollment: One Step Closer to Coverage for All
        11. 11
          1. Disrupting the Status Quo: Seeking Innovations from Low-Resource Communities
          2. Measuring What Matters: Introducing a New Action Framework
          3. Do-It-Yourself Health: How the Maker Movement is Innovating Health Care
          4. New Partners, New Ways of Thinking: Supporting “Change Leadership” to Build a Healthier Nation
          5. A New Nutrition Research Center Set on Making New Jersey a Healthier State
          6. BUILDing Bridges To Better Health Through Partnerships
        12. 12
          1. Closing Health Gaps: The Oklahoma Example
          2. Rebuilding Healthier and More Resilient Communities Together
          3. SHOP: Can it Boost Health Coverage for Small Business Employees?
          4. Removing Barriers and Creating Opportunities for Young Men of Color
          5. The Most Important Thing We Can Do to Give Kids a Healthy Start in 2016
          6. Healthier Cafeterias Thanks to the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act
      3. 1.6.3. 2014
        1. 01
          1. The Smoking Generation
          2. And the Winner is … Streetlights, for Applying Big Data to Community Health
          3. Reforms in Oregon’s Medicaid Program and Emergency Department Use
          4. Simple, Small Changes Can Lead to Healthier Food Choices
          5. On the Way to Better Health, a Call to Educate the Consumer With Complete and Useful Information
          6. Investing in Children to Improve the Nation's Health
          7. Simple, Small Changes Can Lead to Healthier Food Choices
          8. Faces of Public Health: Daniel Zoughbie
          9. Persuading People to be Healthy: Thoughts from a Healthspottr Innovation Salon on Microtargeting
          10. One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Making Incentives Stick
          11. Utility Data May Create Innovative Safety Net for Seniors
          12. Overcoming Health Disparities: Promoting Justice and Compassion
          13. Focus on Health to End Poverty
          14. Enhancing Safety of Hospital Workers Is Aim of New Federal Website
          15. Serious Illnesses Changed Our Perspectives for 2014 and Beyond
          16. Health Care Ranks High, and Often, on ‘Best Jobs’ List
          17. Growth in Enrollment Slowing at Nursing Schools
          18. Better Health, Better Care, and Lower Costs Through Telehealth
          19. A Year of Dramatic Increase in Insurance Coverage
          20. Resolve to Address Violence Against Women and Girls
          21. Guide to Nursing’s Role in Care Coordination
          22. The Primary Care Technician: A New Class of Health Care Providers
          23. RWJF Clinical Scholars Podcast: Health Insurance and Employment
          24. Protecting Infants from Whooping Cough
          25. On the Job and Facing Bias: Study Looks at Foreign-Educated Nurses
          26. Why Do Deaths from Drugs Like Oxycodone Occur in Different Neighborhoods than Deaths from Heroin?
          27. Nurses: Leading with Purpose, Power, and Passion to Advance the Nation’s Health
          28. Full Utilization of Nurse Practitioners: Helped by Laws, Hindered by Health Care Culture
          29. Nurses Continue to Top Public Trust Survey
          30. On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, an RWJF Scholar and Soon-to-Be Physician Resolves to Help End Health Disparities
          31. Accelerating Support for Nursing Education
          32. Compassion and a Coffee Cup
          33. Interprofessional Education: Not Just for the Fun of It
          34. Feds Set Aside $45 Million to Strengthen Nursing
          35. In the Media: The Straight Story about Travel Nursing
          36. Healthy Caregivers Are Important to Your Health Care
          37. Recent Research About Nursing, January 2014
          38. Quotable Quotes About Nursing, January 2014
          39. Oral Health as a Critical Public Health Challenge: Q&A with CDC’s Barbara Gooch
          40. Public Health Campaign of the Month: Teach for America’s Health
          41. The Distraction of Texting Also Changes How We Walk
          42. NewPublicHealth Q&A: Linda Langston, National Association of Counties
          43. What Will A Tobacco History Timeline Show Fifty Years from Now?
          44. The Links Between Education and Health: An Interview with Steven Woolf
          45. Fifty Years after First Surgeon General’s Report on Smoking and Health, Tobacco Advocacy Groups Pledge to 'End the Tobacco Epidemic for Good'
          46. New Institute of Medicine 'Obesity Solutions' Roundtable Begins Its Work
          47. First Surgeon General’s Report: 50 Years Later, Tobacco Remains a ‘Public Health Catastrophe’
          48. A Closer Look at California’s Drought
          49. New Report by RWJF Commission to Build a Healthier America Calls for Funding Changes to Help Improve the Health of the Nation
          50. VitalSigns: Health Professionals Fall Short on Alcohol Consumption and Binge Drinking Counseling
          51. 911 Needs an Update
          52. NewPublicHealth Q&A: James McDonough, Chair of NACo's Healthy Counties Initiative
          53. In San Diego, a Big Push for Better Health
        2. 02
          1. We Are All in This Together
          2. Getting Ready for the Oscars: Three Things that the Movie “Gravity” Has in Common with Health Insurance Exchanges
          3. A New Way of Looking at Health
          4. Aligning Measures to Improve Quality
          5. Coming to the Rescue of Young Men of Color
          6. ACOG Issues New Guidelines to Curb Overuse of C-Sections
          7. Progress, Hope, and Commitment
          8. With Project ECHO, the U.S. Army Takes a Team Approach to Combating Pain
          9. How Can We Help People Get More Sleep?
          10. Entrepreneurs and Underserved Communities: StartUp Health's New Accelerator
          11. What Convinces College Students to Get Flu Vaccines?
          12. Big News in Big Data: NIH Launches Largest and Most Diverse Genetics Database Ever Created
          13. RWJF Pioneering Ideas Podcast: Episode 3 | Empathy, Choice & the Next Generation of Innovators
          14. Health Care Programs Get Federal Funding Boost
          15. Adverse Working Conditions and Depression: A Strong Link
          16. Taking a Hint from Home Hospice Care to Help Those Who Die in Hospitals
          17. Affordable Care Act Marketplaces Can Contribute to Health System Transformation!
          18. Kentucky Removes APRN Practice Barrier
          19. Quotable Quotes About Nursing, February 2014
          20. Mentoring and Leadership Development: The Future of Nursing Scholars Program
          21. In the Media: Women’s News Organization Honors Nurse Practitioner
          22. Recent Research About Nursing, February 2014
          23. School-Based Health Centers: A Bridge to a Healthier Future
          24. Tired Nurses Are More Likely to Play the Second-Guessing Game
          25. A Call for Better Measures: The Well-Being of a Population is Consequential
          26. A New Nurse Promises to Focus on the Fundamentals of Providing Care During This Turbulent Time
          27. Dermatologists Are Happiest Specialists in Physician Lifestyle Report
          28. Be Heart Smart: Addressing the High Burden of Cardiovascular Disease Among African-American Women
          29. Generation Y’s Role in Making the Marketplaces Work and Advancing a Culture of Health
          30. Physician Compensation Patterns Pose Challenges to Efforts to Incentivize Changes in How Care Is Delivered
          31. New Hope for Treatment of Rare Pediatric Disease
          32. Nurse Faculty Scholar Featured in “Day in the Life” Video
          33. The Role of Community Health Workers in Promoting Health: 'Talk to Me About Anything'
          34. Faces of Public Health: Q&A with Chris Zimmerman
          35. Local Health Departments in 2013: Budget and Job Cuts; Social Media and QI Increases
          36. How a Robot is Helping Reduce Hospital-Borne Infections
          37. Faces of Public Health: Nadine Gracia, HHS Office of Minority Health
          38. What Will It Really Take to Improve the Nation's Health?
          39. Tobacco Cessation Success: Smoking Rates Drop for Registered Nurses
          40. The Health Impact Project Announces Funding Opportunities for New Health Impact Assessments
          41. This App Will Lead You to Water and Let You Drink
          42. County Health Rankings & Roadmaps: Early Learning in South Salt Lake
          43. Senate Hearing: Why are Psychotropic Drugs Overprescribed in the U.S.?
          44. IOM Report: More Evidence-Based Practices Needed to Help Treat and Prevent Psychological Disorders among Service Members and Families
          45. A New Infographic for the National Prevention Strategy
          46. Future of Public Health: Q&A with Azmina Lakhani, MD, MPH
          47. Pulling the Plug on the Tobacco “Power Wall”: CVS Pharmacies to Stop Selling Tobacco
          48. Are You Taking the Right Medicine?
          49. How Do We Help People Who Drop Out of Obesity Clinical Trials?
          50. NACo Conference: Transitioning Jail Inmates to Community Care
          51. AcademyHealth National Policy Conference: Integrating Behavioral and Physical Health
          52. Public Health Campaign of the Month: Air Pollution and Heart Health
          53. Faces of Public Health: Dennis Andrulis
        3. 03
          1. If Patients Are Flipped Out by Today's Physician Encounters, Why Not "Flip" The Clinic?
          2. Bridging Health and Health Care: Confessions of an "Upstreamist"
          3. Head Start Program Uses Brain Science to Help Kids Heal
          4. A Culture of Health Vision at TED 2014
          5. The World’s Biggest Expert In Me
          6. Big East Leads Going into March Madness
          7. Partnering with Business to Create a Healthier Future
          8. County Health Rankings: Five Key Elements of The Picture of Health
          9. A Toolkit for Implementing OpenNotes
          10. What's Next Health: Designing an Elegant Health Care Process
          11. Creating a Knowledge Map with Stanford Medical School
          12. A Conversation with the Health Data Exploration Project
          13. The Changing Role of the Emergency Department
          14. Challenges Facing the Nation’s Emergency Care System: From Everyday Care to Disaster Preparedness
          15. Recent Research About Nursing, March 2014
          16. The Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act: Past, Present and Future
          17. The Affordable Care Act Bolsters Disaster Readiness
          18. Oncologist Shortage Could Put Cancer Care in Critical Condition by 2025
          19. New Charting Nursing’s Future Brief: Patient Safety Through Workplace Transformation
          20. Quotable Quotes About Nursing, March 2014
          21. Residents’ Work Hours Have Gotten Better, but Patient Safety Hasn’t
          22. ‘Teamwork Works’: Lessons Learned From the Front Line of Team-Based Care
          23. In the Media: Medical Leader Has Epiphany About Nurses
          24. RWJF Scholar Recognized for Research to Protect Preemies from Hypothermia
          25. The Lucky One
          26. Obama Administration Proposes to Fix Medicaid Funding 'Glitch'
          27. Unhappy Docs May Be a Side Effect of Health Care’s Focus on Efficiency
          28. Where Evidence Meets Policy—and Politics
          29. One in Five Health Care Facilities Falling Short on Hand Sanitizer
          30. Merging Social Media with Art to Improve Cardiovascular Health
          31. An Unhealthy Sign for Health Care Workers? Survey Says They’re the Most Stressed
          32. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Investigator Awardees Selected
          33. Listen First, Lead from Behind
          34. Developing New Partners: The Future of Nursing Scholars Program
          35. Webinar: Aligning Hospital Investments and Public Health Outcomes
          36. NewPublicHealth Q&A: Clifford A. Hudis, MD, American Society of Clinical Oncology
          37. The Shasta Promise: NewPublicHealth Q&A with Charlene Ramont and Tom Armelino
          38. Why Chipotle’s Guacamole Scare Really Matters
          39. Public Health Campaign of the Month: Save the Fairy Tale Kingdom with Your Toothbrush!
          40. Faces of Public Health: NewPublicHealth Q&A with Dr. Ronald Yee, NACHC
          41. Public Health: The Food Issue
          42. Concussion Urgent Care Centers for Young Athletes: NewPublicHealth Q&A Robert Graw, MD
          43. Health on Campus: Colleges Working on Changes for Life
          44. County Health Rankings & Roadmaps — Transforming Public Schools in Baltimore: Q&A with Robert English
          45. What is Your Community Doing for Kick Butts Day?
          46. Readers Respond: Interpretation of Public Health Studies
          47. Crowdfunding for Public Health
          48. County Health Rankings — Nurse-Family Partnership: Q&A with Elly Yost
          49. Breaking Down Barriers to Access in Social Media
          50. 2014 Preparedness Summit: Q&A with Jack Herrmann
          51. A Hospital Helps Revitalize the Community Outside Its Walls: Q&A with George Kleb and Christine Madigan
          52. ‘A Starting Point for Change’: Fifth Edition of the County Health Rankings Released Today
          53. Faces of Public Health: Louis W. Sullivan, MD
          54. How Healthy is Your County? Watch the Webinar
          55. Free to Be You and Me @ 40
          56. ‘We Cannot Choose the Air We Breathe’: Q&A with Jezza Neumann
          57. County Health Rankings 2014: Western New York
          58. County Health Rankings 2014: Grant County, Kentucky
        4. 04
          1. Five Simple Things to Do Today to be Prepared for an Emergency
          2. Making a Collective Impact in the Lives of Young Men of Color
          3. We Do Better When We Do for Others
          4. Why Empathy is Essential to a Culture of Health
          5. "It's Good to Know the Red Cross is There"
          6. Understanding The Value In Medicare's Physician Payment Data Dump
          7. Reflections on TED2014: Ideas Worth Spreading … FASTER!
          8. The Doctor Will Share With You Now
          9. From Trauma to TED: Boston Marathon Survivor Adrianne Haslet-Davis on Recovery, Care, and Collaboration
          10. A Healthier Denver
          11. Choosing Wisely: Intensifying the Spotlight On Health Care of Dubious Value
          12. Explore Opportunities and Trends at Health Datapalooza
          13. Sharing Innovative Practices in Primary Care Delivery
          14. New on the RWJF Website
          15. Subsidized Health Insurance May Lower Poverty, But We Don’t Measure It
          16. Quotable Quotes About Nursing, April 2014
          17. RWJF Clinical Scholars Video Podcast: Timothy Jost on What’s Ahead for the Affordable Care Act
          18. Tracking the Affordable Care Act with the RAND Health Reform Opinion Study
          19. Recent Research About Nursing, April 2014
          20. In the Media: Mental Health Nurse Rocks Literary World
          21. Preventing Youth Violence May Cost Less Than You Think…
          22. How Can Health Systems Effectively Serve Minority Communities? Part of the Solution is Improving Care for Those in Correctional Facilities.
          23. How to Advance Minority Health? Our Educational Systems Can Help.
          24. How to Advance Minority Health? Broaden Participation of Groups Underrepresented in Dentistry.
          25. Internal Medicine Residencies See Slight Uptick in 2014
          26. RWJF Nurse Fellow Builds a Culture of Health Through the Community Health Center Movement
          27. Heavy Workloads for Hospitalists Correlate to Longer Patient Stays
          28. Obesity a Problem for Health Care Workers
          29. Academic Progression is Focus of Meeting with Community College, University Nursing Leaders
          30. Improvements to Dermatology Curriculum and Residency Training Could Improve Patient Safety, Study Finds
          31. Media Exposure and Acute Stress Following the Boston Marathon Bombings
          32. A Behind the Scenes Look at a Documentary Series on Climate Change
          33. New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez Champions Nursing
          34. Saving Limbs, Saving Lives: Harold Amos Alum Honored for Research into Peripheral Arterial Disease
          35. How to Address Disparities? Interprofessional Teams, A Collaborative Approach to Training.
          36. How Can Health Systems Effectively Serve Minority Communities? Shift the Cost-Access-Quality Axis.
          37. How to Address Disparities? Meet Patients Where They Are, Connect Health to Community Values.
          38. How to Address Disparities? Develop Local Leadership, Listen to Communities.
          39. How to Advance Minority Health? Further Develop the Pipeline of Minority Physicians.
          40. How to Address Disparities? Recognize Incarceration as a Major Threat to Health.
          41. How Can Health Systems Effectively Serve Minority Communities? There are Endless Opportunities.
          42. How to Advance Minority Health? A Successful, Sustainable Effort to Promote Healthy Choices in Miami.
          43. How Can Health Systems Effectively Serve Minority Communities? Improve Medical Literacy, Take a Holistic Approach.
          44. How to Advance Minority Health? A Diverse, Culturally Competent Health Care Workforce.
          45. How to Address Disparities? Educate, Engage Young Professionals in This Work.
          46. How to Address Disparities? Incorporate Community Input to Define a Culture of Health.
          47. How Can Health Systems Effectively Serve Minority Communities? Promote Health In Community Settings.
          48. How to Address Disparities? End Bullying of Nurses in the Workplace.
          49. How Can Health Systems Effectively Serve Minority Communities? Use Electronic Health Records to Discover How to Improve Outcomes.
          50. How to Address Disparities? Prioritize Participatory Research and Practice.
          51. How to Advance Minority Health? Change the Look of Health Care.
          52. Place Matters: Eliminating Health Disparities in King County, Washington
          53. NIH Spearheads Private/Public Collaboration to Improve Care for Several Serious Health Conditions, Including Alzheimer’s
          54. Place Matters: Eliminating Health Disparities in Jefferson County, Alabama
          55. Faces of Public Health: Donna Levin, Network for Public Health Law
          56. Place Matters: Q&A with Brian Smedley, Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies
          57. Faces of Public Health: Esther Chernak, Drexel University School of Public Health
          58. Upcoming Webinar: Public Health Perspectives in Regulating Non-Medical Marijuana
          59. Future of Public Health: Q&A with Patrick Ten Eyck, PhD Candidate at the University of Iowa
          60. Health is a Human Right: Race and Place in America
          61. Saturday is National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day
          62. NewPublicHealth Q&A: Kathleen Hoke, Network for Public Health Law
          63. Boston Marathon: Disabled Runners Inspired to Join Today’s Marathon
          64. Harvard School of Public Health Special Report: The Financial Crisis as a Public Health Crisis
          65. Faces of Public Health: Q&A with Lynn Goldman, The George Washington University
          66. FDA’s Role in Disaster Preparedness: Q&A with Brooke Courtney
          67. National Minority Health Awareness Month: Roundup of NewPublicHealth Coverage on Health Disparities
          68. Future of Public Health: Q&A with Erin Yastrow, BSPH Candidate at Tulane University
          69. National Public Health Week: ‘Get Out Ahead’
          70. National Public Health Week: Healthy Eating—There’s an App for That
          71. 2014 Preparedness Summit: Disasters Don’t Take a Break for a Preparedness Summit
          72. Preparedness Summit Partners: The American Red Cross
          73. Faces of Public Health: Q&A with Thomas Bornemann, The Carter Center
          74. National Public Health Week 2014: Q&A with Georges Benjamin, APHA
          75. First Friday Google+ Hangout: How County Health Rankings Can Improve Health
          76. PHLR Infographics: A Look at How Research is Improving Public Health Laws
          77. Preparedness Summit: Effective Use of Social Media During a Disaster
          78. 2014 Preparedness Summit: Q&A with Paul Biddinger
          79. 2014 Preparedness Summit: Looking at the Past to Improve the Future
          80. Join RWJF on Friday, April 4 for a Google+ Hangout on the 2014 County Health Rankings
          81. PSA Campaign of the Month: Just Walk!
        5. 05
          1. To Address Childhood Obesity, Companies Must Join the Fight
          2. Here's to the Nurses
          3. We’re All in This Together: Let’s Bridge the Gap, Not Widen It
          4. Closing the Gap on Child Obesity
          5. Building a Culture of Health in Every Community
          6. The Case for Journeying to the Center of Our Social Networks
          7. RWJF Pioneering Ideas Podcast: Episode 4 | MakerNurse, Visualizing Health Data & More
          8. Discover Positive Health: New Website Launches
          9. Khan Academy MCAT Competition: Building Free, Open-Access Medical Education Resources
          10. Another Step Toward Open Health Education
          11. A Leader Is Not Handed a Magic Wand; A Leader Steps Forward
          12. The Culture of Mental Health Stigma in Communities of Color
          13. Emergency Care: A Story of Extraordinary Success and Lingering Challenge
          14. When It Comes to Cost and Quality of Hospital Care, Nurse Tenure and Teamwork Count
          15. 52 Schools of Nursing to Provide 400 Scholarships Through RWJF’s New Careers in Nursing Program
          16. Florence Nightingale Showed Us the Value of Nurse Leaders Long Ago
          17. Two Nurses Serving in Congress Discuss Nurse Leadership
          18. RWJF Clinical Scholars Video Podcast: Sharon-Lise Normand on Better Tracking of Medical Devices
          19. Aspiring Nurse Leaders: Reach for the Future!
          20. Nurses: Climb the Leadership Ladder, Call the ‘Circle’
          21. Bringing the Caring Touch to Leadership Tables
          22. FTC Report on APRN Practice Demands Our Attention
          23. The Nursing Profession: A Platform for Leadership
          24. RWJF Clinical Scholars Video Podcast: Group Health CEO Scott Armstrong on Hospital Closures
          25. Diversity Forges Possibilities and Paths to Leadership
          26. One Nurse’s Leadership Journey
          27. National Nurses Week Online
          28. New Participants in RWJF Health & Society Scholars Program to Study Determinants of Population Health
          29. Recent Research About Nursing, May 2014
          30. In the Media: New Documentary Brings Nurses to the Big Screen
          31. Quotable Quotes About Nursing, May 2014
          32. An RWJF New Jersey Nursing Scholar on Why She Wants to Be a Nurse Leader
          33. Mentors Can Help Young Nurses Grow into Leaders
          34. An RWJF Nurse Faculty Scholar on Why She Wants to Be a Nurse Leader
          35. My Greatest Reward: Watching High School Seniors Grow into University-Level Nursing Students
          36. A Table for Change at the Center of a 'Culture of Health'
          37. Communities of Color and Mental Health
          38. New Survey: In an Evolving Profession, Nurses Are Satisfied and Staying the Course
          39. Future of Public Health: Q&A with Margo Klar, PhD Candidate at the University of Florida
          40. Faces of Public Health: Laura Howe, The American Red Cross
          41. Public Health Campaign of the Month: ‘Save a Minute’ Stroke PSA
          42. Center for Community Health and Evaluation Releases First National Evaluation of HIAs: Q&A with Tatiana Lin
          43. Could States’ Efforts to Reduce College Campus Drinking Backfire?
          44. My App Says I Can’t Eat This
          45. Streetcars: Is Desire Enough?
          46. Place Matters: Eliminating Health Disparities in Alameda County, California
          47. Place Matters: Eliminating Health Disparities in Cuyahoga County, Ohio
          48. Place Matters: Eliminating Health Disparities in McKinley County, New Mexico
          49. Place Matters: Eliminating Health Disparities in Prince George’s County, Maryland
          50. Big Cities Health Coalition, Other Groups Push FDA to Expand Its Proposed Regulations on E-Cigarettes
          51. ‘It Makes You Want to Smoke’
          52. Faces of Public Health: Dave Roberts, San Diego County Supervisor
          53. Death by Walking: New Report Analyzes Road Dangers for Pedestrians
          54. Idea Gallery: Lessons from a Survey of Americans' Beliefs in Medical Conspiracy Theories
          55. This Holiday Weekend, Download a Parking App and Help Reduce Emissions
          56. Postcards from the Edge: Foster Care and Health Issues
          57. Future of Public Health: Q&A with Chinedum Ojinnaka, Doctoral Candidate at the Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Public Health
          58. New NIH Pain Research Database Could Be a Key Tool in the Fight Against Prescription Drug Abuse
          59. Why Thirdhand Smoke Looks to Be a First-Rate Problem
          60. Faces of Public Health: Marilyn Golden
          61. Hypertension ‘Kills More People Around the World than Anything Else’
        6. 06
          1. Two New Mexico Counties: One’s Healthy, One’s Not. Why?
          2. A Stronger Future for Young Men of Color
          3. How RWJF Looks to Businesses as Partners to Create Scalable Solutions
          4. When Springtime Turns Ugly: Public Health and Disaster Preparedness
          5. Filling in the Cracks: The Fight for Mental Health
          6. A Prescription for Solutions that Bridge Health and Health Care
          7. This Is Your Brain
          8. A Community Fights for Light Rail, and its Health
          9. Spotlight: Health Convenes in Aspen for the First Time
          10. Special Olympics Holds Lessons, and Inspiration, for All of Us
          11. Promoting A “Green” Culture of Health: Instead of Wasting Food, Getting it to Those Who Need It
          12. Supporting Families to Succeed
          13. I'm Happy I Dropped my iPhone in the Pool ...
          14. Big Strides in Community-Level Interventions at Health Datapalooza
          15. What's Next Health: New Microbiome Health Research Puts the ‘Cell’ Back in Cell Phone
          16. CDC Study: Nurses, Physician Assistants More Likely to Provide Education in Chronic Disease Management than Doctors
          17. The Effect of Cultural Stereotypes on Mental and Public Health
          18. In the Media: Summer Reading
          19. Quotable Quotes About Nursing, June 2014
          20. More Newly Licensed Nurse Practitioners Choosing to Work in Primary Care, Federal Study Finds
          21. Emergency Rooms Getting Busier, New Poll Finds
          22. Social Media Use in Health Policy Research
          23. The Role of Primary Care Providers in Changing the Culture of Care in Communities
          24. Seeing the Human Impact of Climate Change in Bangladesh
          25. Keystone State Study Looks at Impact of Worker Fatigue on Patient Safety
          26. Should There Be Public Access to Data from Clinical Trials?
          27. Recent Research About Nursing, June 2014
          28. New Connections: Offering Grants, Opportunities, and a Dynamic Network
          29. Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Advocates for Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services
          30. Nurse Leader Honored for Public Service Work
          31. A Commitment to Making the Emerging Field of Pediatric Palliative Care the Very Best It Can Be
          32. RWJF’s Work to Make Minority Medical Faculty a Priority
          33. RWJF Clinical Scholars Video Podcast: Joshua Sharfstein on Hospital Incentives
          34. The DEU as a Response to the Nurse Faculty Shortage
          35. Buildings that Heal — Spotlight: Health Q&A with Michael Murphy, MASS Design Group
          36. Follow NewPublicHealth this Week for News from ‘Spotlight: Health’ at the Aspen Ideas Festival and the Winners of the RWJF Culture of Health Prize
          37. Bringing a Business Lens to Healthcare — Spotlight: Health Q&A with Toby Cosgrove, Cleveland Clinic
          38. Study: Today’s Drugged Drivers More Likely to Mix Alcohol and Drugs, Have Taken Multiple Prescription Medicines
          39. Building a Culture of Health in America
          40. Public Health Campaign of the Month: National Crime Prevention Council, AAP Campaigns Urge Firearm Safety
          41. Back to the Future for Medical Schools: New Ideas Aim to Revolutionize a Doctor’s Education
          42. RWJF Honors Six Communities with the 2014 Culture of Health Prizes
          43. The Way to Wellville — Spotlight: Health Q&A with Esther Dyson
          44. Aspen Ideas Festival: Communities That Thrive
          45. Faces of Public Health: Al Sommer, the Johns Hopkins University
          46. Faces of Public Health: James Perrin, MD, American Academy of Pediatrics
          47. Health Beyond Health Care: RWJF-Sponsored Washington Post Live Event Sparks Conversation on Creating a Culture of Health
          48. Ending Veterans’ Homelessness by Next Year
          49. What Tough Guys Can Teach Us About Being Great Fathers
          50. Public Heath Campaign of the Month: ‘Know: BRCA’
          51. Future of Public Health: Q&A with Stephanie Lucas, MPH Candidate at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health
          52. Road to Recovery After Disaster: Q&A with Alonzo Plough
          53. Averting Disaster with a Pillowcase
          54. Building Disaster-Resistant Communities
          55. Disaster Alerts at the Speed of Sound
          56. Faces of Public Health: Dorothy Edwards, Green Dot etc.
          57. Map This: National Weather Service Unfurls New Storm Surge Maps As Hurricane Season Begins
        7. 07
          1. Bedtime Story
          2. What’s Keeping the Cardiac Polypill off the Market?
          3. How Do We Empower Communities to Get Healthy?
          4. Carrying the Burden of Stress
          5. GirlTrek: Black Women Walking for Body, Mind and Soul
          6. Let’s Help Each Other Cope With Stress
          7. Help or Hype: The True Costs of Robotic Surgery
          8. Doing More Means Doing Less: Young Innovators Lead the Charge
          9. Putting a Female Face on the Need for a Culture of Health
          10. Advanced Practice Nursing: Providing Care and Promoting Health
          11. If It’s Broken, They Fix It
          12. Personal Health Data Goes to the Doctor
          13. What's Next Health: A Primer On Epigenetics
          14. Meet the MCAT Competition Winners
          15. RWJF Pioneering Ideas Podcast: Episode 5 | Conspiracy Theories, Microbiomes & More
          16. Exploring Citizen Science
          17. What Protects Our Children from the Effects of Stress?
          18. Childhood Trauma: A Public Health Problem that Requires a Robust Response
          19. Study Highlights Role for Non-Physicians in Preventing Childhood Blindness
          20. Breakthrough Leaders in Nursing
          21. The Impact of Seasonal Birth-Rate Fluctuations on Measles, Other Vaccine-Preventable Diseases
          22. Fourteen Nursing Schools to Receive Grants
          23. Recent Research About Nursing, July 2014
          24. How Stress Makes Us Sick
          25. Facebook: Friend or Foe?
          26. Working to Improve Nursing Education and Promote Academic Progression
          27. Building a Culture of Health at AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting
          28. Federal Government Sets Aside Funds to Boost Access to Primary Care
          29. A Closer Look at Contributors to Stress for Latinos
          30. Unmet Need for Residency Programs for Acute Care Nurse Practitioners
          31. The Burden of Stress in America
          32. Transforming Communities to Reduce Stress and Improve Health
          33. Is Comfort Eating Actually Comforting?
          34. Federal Government Sets Aside Funds for Community Health Centers
          35. In the Media: Nurse Fired for Misusing Social Media on TV Series
          36. Reengineering Medical Product Innovation
          37. MBA Degrees Give Physicians a Career Boost
          38. Grants to Build a More Highly Educated Nursing Workforce
          39. Helping the Homeless Quit Smoking: Q&A with Michael Businelle and Darla Kendzor, The University of Texas School of Public Health
          40. PHLR: Interactive Dataset Illustrates Historical Minimum Wage Trends
          41. Faces of Public Health: Lisel Loy, Bipartisan Policy Center
          42. Public Health Campaign of the Month: A Public Health Reason to Post a Selfie
          43. From Flyers to Tweets to Apps, Food Programs are Looking for Hungry Kids this Summer
          44. TEDMED Great Challenges: A Candid Conversation About Childhood Obesity
          45. Four States Join National Governors Association’s Prescription Drug Abuse Project
          46. Wellness Rocks: National Prevention Council Releases its Third Annual Report
          47. Health Beyond Health Care: Expanding Physical Activity Opportunities in Every Neighborhood
          48. Child ‘Vehicular Heatstroke’: Good Samaritan Laws and Other Public Health Solutions
          49. Health Beyond Health Care: Q&A with Matthew Trowbridge, MD, MPH
          50. Future of Public Health: Allison Larr, MPH, Mailman School of Public Health
          51. Liquor Ads Taking Aim at Young Binge Drinkers
          52. Langley Park Community Needs Assessment Report: Q&A with Zorayda Moreira-Smith, CASA de Maryland
          53. CDC: Physicians are Fueling Prescription Painkiller Overdoses
          54. Health Beyond Health Care: Greening the Blight - Cities and Towns Take on the Challenge
          55. Health Beyond Health Care: Housing
          56. 2014 RWJF Culture of Health Prizes — Celebrating Communities’ Innovative Public Health Efforts
        8. 08
          1. Exactly How Much DOES That Appendectomy Cost?
          2. An Ounce of Prevention, Even for Serious Mental Illness
          3. In a Culture of Health, People Get the Sleep They Need
          4. To Build a Culture of Health, There Is No Place Like Home
          5. Preventing Suicide: If You See Something, Say Something
          6. A Survivor’s Take on Depression: We are the Sad Ones Try to Understand Us
          7. Building the Information-Rich Culture of Health
          8. Are E-Cigs a Gateway to Smoking for Teens?
          9. Healthy Communities: The Building Blocks of a Culture of Health
          10. Straight Talk: Black Women, Hair and Exercise
          11. Patient Privacy: The Elephant in the Room
          12. What's Next Health: Jammed Up: Is Too Much Choice Bad for Our Health?
          13. An Expanded Role for Nurses in Chronic-Condition Care
          14. Pediatricians Need to Take Community-Based Approach to Addressing Chronic Conditions in Children
          15. Team-Based Interdisciplinary Care
          16. Loneliness: A Significant Stressor that Requires Intervention
          17. The Importance of Emphasizing Healthy Habits for All Children
          18. Staffing Mattered: Affordable Care Act Enrollment Got a Big Boost from Assister Programs
          19. 2015 Cohort of RWJF Clinical Scholars Announced
          20. In the Media: Nursing Champion Calls on Hollywood to Portray Realities of Nursing
          21. Nursing Shortage Offset by Older Nurses Delaying Retirement
          22. Combating Suicide in the Population Most At Risk: Older, White Men
          23. The Outlook for Less Educated Health Care Workers
          24. Quotable Quotes About Nursing, August 2014
          25. Recent Research About Nursing, August 2014
          26. With IOM Report and More, Medical Education Is a Hot Topic
          27. Debt Takes Toll on Health, Study Finds
          28. Mentoring to Build a Culture of Health
          29. New Cohort of RWJF Executive Nurse Fellows
          30. We See the Dead and Don’t See the Living: The Realities of Black Men
          31. Nurse Practitioners Make a Difference with Mobile Clinic
          32. Physician Characteristics Can Affect Prostate Cancer Treatment
          33. Universities Adopt New Initiatives to Prevent Sexual Assaults on Campuses
          34. Shining a Spotlight on Teen Mental Health Issues
          35. The Walking School Bus: A Safe and Active Way to Get Kids to School
          36. A Call to Action to Help Caregivers
          37. Public Health Icon Smokey Bear Turns 70
          38. Total Worker Health: Getting and Staying Healthy in the Workplace
          39. Columbia’s Public Health ‘Summer School’
          40. Ebola Update: NIH Testing of a Potential Ebola Vaccine Set to Begin this Fall
          41. Alcohol Abuse Among Returning U.S. Veterans
          42. Faces of Public Health: Bill Kohl, PhD
          43. New NHTSA Infographic on Safe Summer Driving
          44. The Mission of Public Health: Q&A with David Fleming, Seattle and King County in Washington State
          45. Ebola Roundup: NewPublicHealth Looks at the Latest News on the West African Outbreak
          46. High-Quality Care in Low-Income Communities: Q&A with Steven Weingarten, Vital Healthcare Capital
          47. Google Hangout Convenes Culture of Health Prize Winners to Discuss Lessons Learned in Creating Healthy Communities
          48. Is Your Child In the Right Car Seat?
          49. A Public Effort to Help Kids Breathe Easier
          50. A Campaign to Keep Kids in School
          51. Workplace Wellness: Q&A with Catherine M. Baase, The Dow Chemical Company
          52. School-Based Health Centers Help Remove Barriers to Care
          53. On the Ball: Promoting the Need for Concussion Prevention in Youth Sports
          54. Reducing Environmental Risks for Kids in Schools
        9. 09
          1. I’m RWJF’s Newest Entrepreneur in Residence
          2. Bringing in Diverse Perspectives to Build a Culture of Health
          3. Living Out Their Salad Days: Shaping Healthier Environments for Kids in the Nation’s Schools
          4. No More Tobacco Behind the Counter at CVS
          5. Obesity in America: Are We Turning the Corner?
          6. Tackling Great Challenges at TEDMED
          7. Expanding Horizons for Rural Young Men of Color
          8. Cutting Calories: Good for Health, Good for Business
          9. Stress: Withstanding the Waves
          10. Helping Physicians Do What They Got Into Medicine to Do
          11. Let’s Talk About Stress
          12. The 21st Century Medical School and the “Flipped” Classroom
          13. Open mHealth Announces Linq
          14. Inaugural Cohort of 16 Future of Nursing Scholars Announced
          15. Shifting the Dialogue: Considering Ray Rice and Intimate Partner Abuse
          16. Accepting the Challenge: What the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Can Teach Us About Public Health
          17. High Demand, Lack of Diversity for Physician Assistants
          18. RWJF Alum Takes on New Role as CEO of Nurse Education Organization
          19. Engaging a New Generation of Health Disparities Researchers
          20. I Am Who I Am Because of You
          21. Recent Research About Nursing, September 2014
          22. Changing the Culture of Health to Prevent Suicide
          23. Breakthroughs in Treating Spinal Cord Injury
          24. Field of Dreams
          25. In the Media: TV Show Zooms in on Birthplace of Midwifery in America
          26. Quotable Quotes About Nursing, September 2014
          27. An American in Africa
          28. New Government Funds Will Support Health Workers, Expand Access to Care
          29. Building the Optimal Primary Care Team
          30. Lack of Coverage for Undocumented Patients Puts Pressure on the Health Care Safety Net
          31. Intimate Partner Violence: What We Tell Our Children Can Make a Difference
          32. Helping ‘Care Partners’ Help Patients with Diabetes
          33. Young Adults Offer Suggestions to Improve
          34. Are Simulators as Effective for Nursing Students as Actual Clinical Experience?
          35. Preparing for Ebola in the U.S. Makes Good Public Health Sense
          36. Faces of Public Health: Q&A with Joshua Sharfstein, MD
          37. Faces of Public Health: Q&A with Andrea Gielen, the Johns Hopkins Center for Injury Research and Policy
          38. Better Health, Delivered by Phone: Q&A with Stan Berkow
          39. Faces of Public Health: Nicholas Mukhtar, Healthy Detroit
          40. Public Health Campaign of the Month: Know Where to Meet Your Family in an Emergency
          41. With Classes Well Underway, It’s a Good Time for Colleges and Universities to Think about their Campus Tobacco Policies
          42. The Ebola Response: Q&A with Laurie Garrett, Council on Foreign Relations
          43. For the Homeless, a Place to Call Home After a Hospital Stay
          44. Can Idea Sharing Among CEOs Improve Health and Bring Down Health Care Costs?
          45. New Survey: Americans like Mass Transit
          46. Reading, Writing and Hands-Free CPR: AHA Calls for More CPR Training in Schools
          47. The Ever-Evolving Traffic Light Could See More Changes Ahead
          48. Football: Concussion Watch—Season Three
          49. Following the Announcement of New Antibiotic Resistance Initiative, Advocates Call for Increased Emphasis on Prevention in Livestock
          50. Have a Story about Implementing the National Prevention Strategy? The Office of the Surgeon General Wants to Hear It
          51. Ebola Outbreak Prompts Concern for Impact of Other Infectious Diseases
        10. 10
          1. Reflecting on the Great Challenges at TEDMED
          2. Data for Health—Coming to a Town Near You
          3. New School Year Means New Opportunities to Build Healthy Campuses
          4. Global Health in a Time of Ebola
          5. “Tobacco Just Doesn’t Fit In:” CVS Exec Gives Story Behind the Story
          6. Mental Health Challenges of Hurricane Sandy’s Aftermath
          7. What Baltimore Taught Us: On a Journey to Strengthen Families
          8. RWJF Pioneering Ideas Podcast: Episode 6 | What if? Shifting Perspectives to Change the World
          9. Curricular Innovation at Nursing Schools
          10. An Anthropological Approach to Medicine
          11. Let’s Have a Conversation about Food that Goes Beyond Restriction and Restraint—and Resonates with Real People
          12. RWJF’s Clinical Scholars Program: A Proud Legacy of Creating Change
          13. Getting Medical Residents Ready for Real Life
          14. New RWJF Podcast Episode Features Keith Wailoo
          15. RWJF’s Lavizzo-Mourey, Nursing Grantees Honored by American Academy of Nursing
          16. It’s About More than Money
          17. New Journal Covers Emerging Field of Health Economics
          18. Celebrating Four Years of Nurses Leading Change to Advance Health
          19. A Business Community Board Role Broadens a Nurse Leader’s Horizons
          20. Proud to be ‘The Nurse on the Board’!
          21. Hospitals Must Recruit Nurses to Their Leadership Boards
          22. BSN Qualifications Recommended for the Nation’s Nurses: Four Years of Progress
          23. Recent Research About Nursing, October 2014
          24. Meeting the Needs of Children in Partnership with Nurses and Nurse Practitioners
          25. In the Media: New Annual Event Honors Federal Nurses
          26. New Cohort of RWJF Nurse Faculty Scholars
          27. Health Care Workers Primed to Lead Global Response to Ebola
          28. Patients Pleased With Care from Physician Assistants
          29. Thoughts on Mentoring
          30. Working Together to Draw More Nurses to Public Health
          31. Eight Peers, One Family
          32. Primary Care and the Next Phase of Health Care Reform
          33. Crusader Against Cancer
          34. The Progress on Ebola: Q&A with Tarik Jasarevic, the World Health Organization
          35. Faces of Public Health: Daniel Barnett, MD
          36. TEDMED Great Challenges: Public Health’s Work on Infectious Diseases
          37. Faces of Public Health: Margo DeMont, Memorial Hospital of South Bend
          38. Better Oral Health for Kids in Just Two Hundred and Forty Seconds a Day
          39. Students Adjusting to Healthier School Lunches: Q&A with Lindsey Turner
          40. PSA of the Month: CDC Infographic on Sexual Violence and Stalking
          41. Drug Abuse Control Gets a New, Important Rule
          42. Special Delivery: March of Dimes Honors Arizona State Health Director for Work on Improving Turnaround Times on Newborn Screening
          43. Idea Gallery: What is Population Health, Anyway?
          44. Getting More Funding Mental Health Preventive Services and Treatment: Q&A with Mary Giliberti, NAMI
          45. PBS Series ‘Frontline’ Examines Antibiotic Resistance
          46. ‘Virtual’ Dental Exams Help the Underserved: Q&A with Jenny Kattlove, The Children’s Partnership
          47. More Training On the Way—and Needed—for U.S. Health Care Workers Expected to Treat Ebola Patients
          48. New Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids Website Helps Consumers Shop Tobacco-Free
          49. Pediatricians Address Urgent Issues for Children at Annual AAP Meeting
          50. Faces of Public Health: Jim Blumenstock, ASTHO
          51. Two Important Ebola Conferences Coming Up
          52. New Kaiser Infographics Compares Key Ebola Factors with Other Infectious Diseases
          53. Ebola and U.S. Quarantines: Q&A with James Hodge and Kim Weidenaar of the Network for Public Health Law
          54. On Ebola, Can There be Too Much Coverage?
          55. Why Are So Many People Still Bypassing the Flu Shot?
          56. With New Apps, Product Recall Information is Just a Consumer’s Touch Away
        11. 11
          1. Bringing Brain Science to the Front Lines of Care
          2. Data for Health: Learning What Works for Philadelphia
          3. Five Takeaways from National Forum on Hospitals, Health Systems and Population Health
          4. Big (Box) Medicine?
          5. Babies are Dying in Rochester at Twice the National Average. Why?
          6. Transparency in Health Care? Sadly, That's Not How We Roll.
          7. Every Child Counts: Stopping Infant Loss
          8. American Public Health Association Meeting: All About Where You Live
          9. Putting the People in Data
          10. Healthy Community Planning Means Healthier Neighbors
          11. What We Learned from the First Open Enrollment Period, and What to Expect from the Second
          12. Our Focus Might Change, but We’re Still Guided by Our Research
          13. Data4Health: Live from San Francisco
          14. The “Resilience Dividend” and the Culture of Health
          15. If You’re Not at the Table, You’re on the Menu
          16. Improving Health through Collaboration: The BUILD Health Challenge
          17. Connected Health Approaches to Improve the Health of Veterans
          18. Research About Nursing, November 2014
          19. To Honor Our Returning Veterans, We Must Address Their Family Needs
          20. U.S. Provides $283 Million to Increase Access to Care in Underserved Areas
          21. Teen Take Heart
          22. Quotable Quotes About Nursing, November 2014
          23. Will Menu Calorie Counts Help Whittle America’s Waistline?
          24. Let’s Put Veterans in Charge of Their Pain Care
          25. Stony Brook Helps Veterans Become Nurses
          26. Improving Mental Health Care for Veterans is Vital
          27. Achieving Impossible Dreams
          28. In New Book, RWJF Scholar Explores Effects of Genetics on Environmental Science
          29. Addressing the Needs of Female Veterans Who Have Experienced Violence and Harassment
          30. What’s Your “Street Race-Gender”? Why We Need Separate Questions on Hispanic Origin and Race for the 2020 Census
          31. What Determines Your Health?
          32. Is Louisville, Kentucky, the New Face of Asthma Healthography?
          33. Ebola as an Instrument of Discrimination
          34. Conference to Focus on Integrating Policy into Nursing Curricula
          35. The Legacy of PIN: Keeping the Pipeline Flowing
          36. The Legacy of PIN: Strengthening Long-Term Care in Arkansas
          37. The Stuff That Is Killing Us
          38. Population Sickness and Population Health: How Geographic Determinants Differ
          39. Ending Health Inequality, Addressing the Social Determinants of Health
          40. Reigniting the Push for Health Equity!
          41. All People, At Any Age or Ability, Have Resilient Potential
          42. The Imperative to Improve Health Literacy
          43. The Legacy of PIN: An Urban-Rural Model to Increase the Number of Baccalaureate Nurses
          44. Misfortune at Birth
          45. Are You Going to the American Public Health Association Meeting Next Week?
          46. Lessons from the Arabbers of Baltimore
          47. Preventing Elder Falls Before they Happen
          48. Improving Population Health: Making Sure Patients—and Not Just Doctors—Are Accountable
          49. Allergic to Eggs? You Can Safety Get the Flu Shot—and Other Life-Threatening Allergy and Asthma Myths
          50. U.S. Preterm Birth Rate Still Too High: Q&A with Jennifer L. Howse, PhD, the March of Dimes
          51. BUILD: Going Upstream to Improve Community Health
          52. Building Back Better: New Jersey as a Case Study for Improving Preparedness
          53. PSA of the Month: Getting Help for Kids with Learning Challenges
          54. APHA 2014: A ReFreshing Collaboration is Building Better Health in New Orleans
          55. Adding Diversity to the Ranks of Public Health Nursing Leadership: Q&A with Shirley Orr, MHS, APRN
          56. New Research Shows How Sugary Drinks Are Marketed to Children in the Age of Social Media
          57. Looking at Health Departments’ Ever-Changing Future: A Discussion of the Recent Findings of the Public Health 2030 Project
          58. Faces of Public Health: Georges Benjamin, MD, APHA
          59. At APHA 2014 Opening Session, Key Leaders Talk Culture of Health
        12. 12
          1. Health Data Outside the Doctor’s Office
          2. Seizing Opportunities to Reinvent Public Health
          3. Data for Health: Live from Charleston
          4. How to Build a Healthier Millennial
          5. How Cataract Surgery Helped Me See the Future of Health Transparency
          6. Home is My Facebook Page: mHealth’s Potential to Help the Vulnerable
          7. Top 10 Signs We are Building a Culture of Health
          8. Violence and the Media in 2014: Q&A with Lori Dorfman
          9. The Best Defense is a Strong Offense: Strengthening Our Nation’s Outbreak Preparedness
          10. We Are All Tuskegee
          11. In the Media: New Exhibits Shine Light on the History of Nursing
          12. Naming Racism
          13. Register Now for Tomorrow’s Webinar on Innovations in the Primary Care Workforce
          14. At the Crossroads of Risk and Resiliency: Averting High School Dropouts
          15. Recent Research About Nursing, December 2014
          16. A Brave New ‘Post-Mendelian’ World
          17. Why ZIP Codes Matter: Advancing Health Equity in All Policies
          18. Stress and Family Support – Two Important Social Determinants of Health for Hispanic/Latino Communities
          19. African-American Men’s Health: A State of Emergency
          20. The Unfinished Work of the Affordable Care Act
          21. New Online Resource Provides Tools for Transforming Primary Care
          22. The Transformative Power of Mentors
          23. Caring for Patients Across Disciplines
          24. The Top Five Issues for Nursing in 2015
          25. Rare Mettle
          26. Disruptive Innovation to Improve Care
          27. Depression Takes Toll on Spouses and Loved Ones, Too
          28. The Front Line of Medicine
          29. Disparities, Resilience, and Building a Culture of Health
          30. Quotable Quotes About Nursing, December 2014
          31. The Legacy of PIN: A New Level of Collaboration in the Pacific
          32. New Network Unites Community Leaders to Improve Health
      4. 1.6.4. 2013
        1. 04
          1. Introducing a New Way to Measure Health Care Quality
          2. Here, Take This Placebo
          3. CRE Bacteria: The Next Superbug Threat in Your Hospital
          4. Whoa! Did You Feel That?
          5. Making Health Care Quality Meaningful to Patients
          6. A Quiet Revolution in Cardiovascular Health
          7. The Global Cardiovascular Risk Score: A New Performance Measure for Prevention
          8. Why the VA Embraces OpenNotes
          9. Need Innovative Health Solutions? Ask a Kid
          10. Health Foo 2013: Best Canceled Event, Ever
          11. When Doctors Compete, Everyone Wins
          12. Spending Money to Save Money in Health Care
          13. Patient-Centered Medicine and Health Reform
          14. Whoa! Did You Feel That?
          15. Recent Research About Nursing, April 2013
          16. Public Health Nurses Bringing Care to Libraries
          17. Electronic Health Records Interoperability: Friend or Foe
          18. Why Don’t Depressed People Live as Long as Others?
          19. Obama’s Budget Proposal and Nursing
          20. Green Eggs and Ham: Our TEDMED Experience
          21. Dementia’s Growing Cost to Caregivers
          22. Our Country Needs More Nurses in Public Office
          23. Meet the Charting Nursing’s Future Policy Brief Series
          24. Health Care: One of Every Nine U.S. Jobs
          25. Online Medical Professionalism: New Guidelines for Physicians
          26. Male Entry into a Discipline Not Designed to Accommodate Gender: Making Space for Diversity in Nursing
          27. RWJF Scholar Alum Discusses Accountable Care Organizations
          28. Quotable Quotes About Nursing, April 2013
          29. In the Media: Hefty Tome about Nurses Generates Hefty Media Coverage
          30. RWJF Scholar Finds Lead in Soil Can Harm Children
          31. RWJF Scholar Invents Tool to Detect Pain
          32. Scholars Pose Endgame Strategies for Tobacco Use
          33. Public Health Touches Everybody: Washington State's Mary Selecky on Accreditation
          34. Paid Sick Leave: How Laws Can Impact Health
          35. Post-Disaster Public Channel Could Speed, Expand Recovery Efforts: Recommended Reading
          36. Public Health Role as Businesses, Residents Return to Boston
          37. Simple Changes to Prevent Motor Vehicle Injury and Death
          38. Faces of Public Health: Fern Goodhart
          39. Keeneland 2013 Q&A: Lisa Simpson
          40. Keeping Children Safe: Commissioner Bryan Samuels on Child Abuse Prevention Month
          41. Shaping the ‘New Public Health’: Q&A with Paul Kuehnert
          42. NPHW Picks Infographic Contest Winners
          43. NY State Releases Health Improvement Plan
          44. National Public Health Week 2013: Q&A with Georges C. Benjamin
          45. National Public Health Week: Public Health is ROI. Save Lives, Save Money
          46. Faces of Public Health: NY State Health Commissioner Nirav Shah
          47. Keeneland 2013 Q&A: Glen Mays
          48. Faces of Public Health: Jessica Kronstadt, Public Health Accreditation Board
          49. Evidence-Based Decision Making at Local Health Departments: Q&A with Ross Brownson
          50. Keeneland Q&A: Joe Selby
          51. Keeneland 2013 Q&A: William Roper
          52. Grassroots Public Health: Q&A with Jill Birnbaum, American Heart Association
          53. Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships for Public Health: Q&A with Acacia Salatti
          54. Conversation on Community Health Q&A: Robert Simmons
        2. 05
          1. About the Culture of Health Blog
          2. Susan Dentzer: Toward a Healthy America
          3. Why Employers Should Take a Healthy Interest in Employee Wellness
          4. Sorting Out the Meaning of Hospital Pricing Disparities
          5. Avoid SNAP Judgments
          6. Rebuilding Health Communities After Disaster
          7. To End Readmissions, Look to a Wired Community
          8. Medicaid Expansion Could Provide 1.3 Million Veterans with the Care America Owes Them
          9. What’s Next Health: Whom Do We Trust?
          10. A Learning Journey
          11. 500+ Geisinger Doctors Adopt OpenNotes
          12. In the Search for Pioneering Ideas, Start With Other Fields
          13. Introducing What’s Next Health: Conversations with Pioneers
          14. Influencing Cultural Norms Through Social Networks Could Improve Mental Health
          15. When Moneyball Meets Medicaid
          16. Bringing OpenNotes to Geisinger
          17. Health Data: Let's Go Exploring
          18. Listen Up: Why Innovators Need to Listen to Consumers
          19. Dispatches from Datapalooza: The New Frontier in Health
          20. Return to Oz: Behind the Curtain at Khan Academy
          21. Dispatches from Datapalooza: Bringing My 'A' Game
          22. New Data: Nursing Profession Is Bigger, More Diverse, Better Educated
          23. A Personal Mission: Bridging the Oral Health Care Gap
          24. In the Media: Nurses, Nursing Champions Well Represented Among Most Powerful Women in Health Care
          25. Hard Work and Investing in Others Opens Opportunities
          26. A Broader Role for the Federal Trade Commission in Regulating APRN Nursing Scope of Practice
          27. Breaking the Silence on African-American Men’s Health
          28. Will Dr. Robot Open New Doors for Nurses?
          29. New Survey: Physicians, Nurse Practitioners Disagree on Nurses’ Role in Providing Primary Care
          30. Meharry Health Policy Scholars Set to Graduate
          31. Happy National Nurses Week!
          32. Turn-Turn-Turning the Tables on a Pervasive Problem in Long-Term Care
          33. Quotable Quotes About Nursing, May 2013
          34. Why Diversity in the Nursing Workforce Matters
          35. Helping Nurses Become Innovators
          36. Recent Research About Nursing: Lower Mortality Rates at Magnet Hospitals
          37. Do We Know What Kids in the Hospital Think of Their Care? Check.
          38. Groundbreaking RWJF-Funded Nursing Research
          39. Nurse On-Call: The Boston Marathon Bombings
          40. In Their Own Words: Action Coalitions Working to Transform Nursing
          41. An Innovative Nurse Residency Program Will Get Aspiring Rhode Island Nurses into the Community
          42. Challenging Myths About Supplemental Nurses
          43. Simulation: A Powerful Tool to Support a Quality Learning Environment
          44. The Importance of Mentoring in Achieving Greater Diversity in the Biomedical Workforce
          45. Health Inequities Harm Everyone
          46. Cultural Competency Matters
          47. “It’s a Lil’ Colored Girl to See You.”
          48. A Nurse and Two Venture Capitalists? Unexpected Connections at TEDMED
          49. The Potentiality of Increasing Diversity in the Health Professions from the Front Lines: Community Colleges
          50. RWJF Clinical Scholars Named “Most Influential Physician Executives”
          51. Expanding Diversity in the Oral Health Workforce
          52. Big Data and the Great Challenges of Health and Medicine
          53. Progress in New Mexico: A New Kind of Education System for a New Generation of Nurses
          54. More Americans Visiting Emergency Departments for Dental Care
          55. Equity in Health Care Isn’t Possible Without Equity in Health Professions
          56. Do you know 911’s cousin, 811?
          57. Philadelphia Lead Court ‘Gets the Lead Out’ of Older Homes
          58. Grassroots Public Health: Q&A with Shannon Frattaroli
          59. Faces of Public Health: Taja Sevelle
          60. Accreditation: A NewPublicHealth Q&A with Georgia Heise
          61. Ken Ulman on Fostering a Healthy Howard County
          62. Police Foot Patrols Cut Crime
          63. Public Health Law Research: Zoning for Walkability
          64. Caffeine in Your Jelly Beans?
          65. Bringing Health Into Decisions Across Sectors: HIA on Potential Coal Plant Closure
          66. TEDMED Talks: 'Cure Violence' Founder on Treating Violence as a Contagious Disease
          67. RWJF Roadmaps to Health Prize Q&A: Claude-Alix Jacob
          68. Keeping an Eye on Hospital Hand Washing
          69. Faces of Public Health: Peggy Conlon, Ad Council
          70. Nominations Open for Girl Up Teen Advisors
          71. Stroke Awareness Month: There's an App for That, Too
          72. Study: Many Laws on Detecting Youth TBIs, But None on Preventing Them
          73. Reducing Traumatic Youth Sports Injuries: Q&A with Hosea Harvey
          74. Faces of Public Health: Susan Yee
          75. Preventing Traumatic Brain Injuries in Youth Sports: A Q&A with Robert Faherty
          76. Team Rubicon’s Veterans Respond to Oklahoma’s Tornado Devastation: Recommended Reading
          77. Call for Abstracts: Second National Health Impact Assessment Meeting
          78. Responding to Disaster: Public Health Lawyers on the Ground
          79. Risa Lavizzo-Mourey Weighs In: Building Healthy Communities After Disaster
        3. 06
          1. We Will Not Let the Superbugs Win!
          2. U.S. Women: Many Missing From the Picture of Health
          3. Electronic Health Records: Are We There Yet? What’s Taking So Long?
          4. A Big Week for Big Health Data
          5. Control Health Data, Don't Drown in It
          6. Standing on the Shoulders of Angels
          7. Ending a Childhood Disease
          8. A New Nurse's Naivety
          9. African Americans' Lives Today: Reflections from an RWJF Investigator
          10. New Brunswick Bike Exchange on a Roll
          11. Low-Cost, High-Quality Health Care: Not Made in the USA?
          12. Ranking the Healthiest Counties for Kids
          13. Here in the States or Down Under in Australia, It's "All One Red Cross"
          14. Helping Little Children Face Big Challenges ... Including a Parent in Prison
          15. This Year’s Health Care Transformation Oscar Goes To…
          16. An Ambitious Effort to Get Americans Covered
          17. How We're Furthering the Culture of Health This Summer
          18. Trumping ACEs: Building Resilience and Better Health in Kids and Families Experiencing Trauma
          19. Address Toxic Stress in Vulnerable Children and Families for a Healthier America
          20. What Would Melanie Do?
          21. Climb Every Mountain
          22. New Role for Health Care Providers: ‘Hot-Spotting’ Unhealthy Communities?
          23. Dispatches from Datapalooza: Creating Change at Scale
          24. Dispatches from Datapalooza: Focusing on the Patients
          25. Dispatches from Datapalooza: Day 1 Highlights
          26. Good for Kaiser. Good for America.
          27. Big Data Backlash
          28. Name Our Podcast
          29. Video: Larry Smarr on the Health Data Exploration Project
          30. Dispatches from Datapalooza: Conversation After Conversation
          31. What's Next Health: Moving Into a World of Exponential Change
          32. Super Convergence and the Future of Health and Medicine
          33. Khan Academy MCAT Video Competition: And the winners are….
          34. Disruptive Innovation: Conversation with Nancy Barrand and Dr. Sanjeev Arora
          35. Turning Disconnects Into Opportunities
          36. Diversity in Nursing Education Helps Students Learn Respect and Appreciation for Differences
          37. Receipt of High Risk Medications Among Elderly Enrollees in Medicare Advantage Plans
          38. Quotable Quotes About Nursing, June 2013
          39. The Chicago Parent Program: An Effective Tool for Low-Income, Urban Parents
          40. Diversity Needs to be Front and Center
          41. In the Media: New Books for Nurses’ Summer Reading Lists
          42. Us and Them: A Pain Researcher Discusses Why Diversity in Health Care Matters
          43. Gains in Iowa and Nevada for Patients, Nurses
          44. Recent Research About Nursing, June 2013
          45. "My Definition of Diversity Was Altered When I Had the Opportunity to Experience Life Differently"
          46. The Keys to Successful Medical Mentoring
          48. NCIN Announces Support for 400 New Nurses
          49. The Role of Emergency Departments
          50. Love My Job … But Not My Salary: A Snapshot of America’s Public Health Nurses
          51. Expert Discusses New Data on America’s Public Health Nursing Workforce
          52. RWJF Clinical Scholars Podcast: Assessing U.S. Health-Related Disaster Response
          53. Life-Changing Fellowship Spurred Me to Pursue Advanced Nursing Degree
          54. Where Supply Meets Demand: Why Medical Students Should Aim Their Sights at Primary Care
          55. Graduate Medical Education Funding Is Not Helping Solve Primary Care, Rural Provider Shortages, Study Finds
          56. Creative Arts Help Nurses Overcome Burnout
          57. Online Mentoring Site Aims to Close ‘Mentoring Gap’
          58. Faces of the International Making Cities Livable Conference
          59. Elizabeth Gaynes: Champion of Change for Children of Incarcerated Parents
          60. Free the Data
          61. Architecture and Public Health: A NewPublicHealth Q&A with Brooks Rainwater
          62. AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting: Hospital Community Benefit
          63. AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting: 30 Years of Translating Research into Policy
          64. Responding to Disaster: A NewPublicHealth Q&A with Oklahoma’s Gary Cox
          65. International Making Cities Livable Conference: UCLA’s Richard Jackson on Shaping Healthy Suburban Communities
          66. Public Health Research and Evidence: A NewPublicHealth Q&A with Paul Erwin
          67. Prepared for a Disaster and Building Back Better: Terry Cline on Public Health’s Response to Oklahoma Tornados
          68. International Making Cities Livable Conference: A NewPublicHealth Q&A with Conference Co-Founder Suzanne Lennard
          69. RWJF ‘Commission to Build a Healthier America’ Reconvenes to Focus on Early Childhood and Improving Community Health
          70. Wellness Programs: Benefits Pending
          71. Can You Hear Me Now? New FEMA Alerts Direct to Cell Phones
          72. Father’s Day Faces of Public Health: Tim Nelson
          73. America’s 50 Healthiest Counties for Kids: Recommended Reading
          74. Improving Community Health: A Q&A With N.Y. Times' Jane Brody
          75. NIH-Funded Research to Explore Intractable Public Health Concerns
          76. Health Datapalooza: Moving from Paper Data We Don’t Use to Electronic Data We Do Use
          77. Urgent Reading: U.S. Needs More Organ Donors
          78. NYC Public Health as a Model: Kimberly Isett and Miriam Laugesen Q&A
          79. Hill Event Explores Value of Data to Inform Efforts to Improve Women's Health
          80. It’s Getting Hotter: Preparedness Essential
          81. March of Dimes: Treating Mental Health Concerns During and After Pregnancy
        4. 07
          1. Caring for Our Parents With the Support of Office-Mates
          2. Alzheimer's: Let's Search for Better Care Models as Well as a Cure
          3. Investment in Kids, Communities = Investment in Health and Future
          4. After Trayvon, 10 Reasons for Hope
          5. Flipping the Doctor’s Office
          6. Insurance Exchanges Foster Competition, Consumers Stand to Benefit
          7. Why Microbes and Albert Einstein are a Part of Our Culture of Health
          8. A Culture of Empowerment, a Culture of Health
          9. Thank You for Your Health
          10. The Latest Financial Scandal: Variations in Health Care
          11. Scott Simon, His Mom, and Twitter: A Very Public Death
          12. The Body-Data Craze, the Hype Cycle and Why It Matters
          13. What's Next Health: A New World for Changing Health Behavior
          14. Making Big Data a Force for Good
          15. User-Centric Innovation
          16. A Dispatch from the Cutting Edge of Placebo Studies
          17. What's Next Health: Flipping the Visit
          18. MCAT Training Camp: Final Reflections
          19. Engaging Top College Students in Transforming Health and Health Care
          20. RWJF Pioneering Ideas Podcast: Episode 1 | Behavioral Economics, the Science of Placebo Studies & More
          21. Bold Solutions, Not Tired Turf Battles
          22. Academic Progression in Nursing: Wyoming Style
          23. A New Nurse Aids Some of Those Who Lost So Much During Hurricane Sandy
          24. Dental Benefits to be Restored for Low-Income Californians
          25. Survey: Nursing Education Shortages Begin to Ease
          26. Recent Research About Nursing, July 2013
          27. Quotable Quotes About Nursing, July 2013
          28. In the Media: New Anthology Shines Light on Nursing
          29. Duty Hour Restrictions Limit Practice Time for Surgery Interns, Study Says
          30. Getting SMART About Asthma Education
          31. The Challenge to Grow the Number of Public Health Nurses
          32. Addressing the Shortage of Primary Care Providers
          33. Health Care Providers Shouldn’t Hit the Snooze Button When It Comes to Asking Their Patients About Sleep
          34. Public Health Nurses: Positioned to Lead Health System Transformation
          35. One Public Health Nurse’s Full Circle Journey
          36. Survey Examines Physician Workforce Trends, Practice Preferences
          37. Quotable Quotes About Nursing, August 2013
          38. Recent Research About Nursing, August 2013
          39. Meet the Health Policy Fellows Program
          40. Helping One Person at a Time
          41. Increase in Funds for Primary Care Residencies
          42. Implementing the Affordable Care Act: Getting Beyond Drama to the Real Deal on Health Reform
          43. Nurses are Awesome, Say it Loud and Proud!
          44. RWJF Fellow Named White House "Champion of Change"
          45. Improving Care for Some of the Sickest Patients at Small, Community Hospitals
          46. Preventing Drug Overdoses: A Look at Data, Laws and Policies
          47. Building a More Resilient New York City
          48. Health Departments Begin Implementing the Affordable Care Act: NACCHO Annual
          49. NACCHO Annual 2013: Immunizations as a Model for Integrating Public Health and Health Care
          50. Using Social Media to Extend the Reach of Local Public Health Departments
          51. NACCHO Annual 2013 Awards
          52. The State of U.S. Health: Q&A with Christopher Murray, Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation
          53. Regina Benjamin Closes Out Last Day as U.S. Surgeon General
          54. Recovering from Disaster: NewPublicHealth Q&A with NJ Health Commissioner Mary O’Dowd
          55. Leaders Share Winning Strategies to Reduce Childhood Obesity
          56. Community Preventive Services Task Force Reports to Congress
          57. Grassroots Efforts Help Promote Residential Fire Sprinklers, Save Lives
          58. Commission to Build a Healthier America’s City Maps Show Dramatic Differences in Life Expectancy
          59. NACCHO Annual 2013: NewPublicHealth Q&A with Robert Pestronk
          60. Tom Frieden, NACCHO Reflect on Public Health Successes and Partnerships for the Path Forward
          61. Assessing Health Impacts of Changes to SNAP: A Q&A with Aaron Wernham of the Health Impact Project
          62. ‘Scholars in Residence’: A Q&A with Mary Crossley
          63. “View” Co-Host Appointment Brings Media Flurry to Back to School Vaccines
          64. Care Beyond the Clinic: Public Health Lessons from Electronic Health Record Data
          65. Public Health Campaign of the Month: Creative for Good
          66. Delayed at Dallas Fort Worth Airport? Learn to Save a Life
          67. Sonoma Aims for Healthiest County in Calif. By Addressing Education, Poverty: Q&A with Peter Rumble
          68. Zachary Thompson, Dallas County Health Director: 'Your Health is Your Wealth'
          69. What’s the Role of Local Health Departments in Implementing the Affordable Care Act?
          70. Operation Chuckwagon: Food Safety for Food Trucks
        5. 08
          1. Don't Believe Everything You Read
          2. Building a Better EMR
          3. Another Sign of Progress on Childhood Obesity
          4. Childhood Obesity Is Everybody's Problem
          5. Carrots, Sticks, or Something Else? Motivating Doctors to Transform Health Care
          6. Diversity Is a Window: It Lets Light In and Out
          7. Move Over, Richard Kiley. Here’s Why We Want to Combine Public Health Data with Health Care Data
          8. Rx for Delivery System Transformation: Satisfied Doctors Who Find More Joy in Practice
          9. Scaling Equals Cultural Transformation
          10. Weighing the Pros and Cons of Making Proposals Public
          11. How Carrots and Sticks May Break Our Bones—and the Bank
          12. Moving Forward with OpenNotes
          13. Pitch Us: The First-Ever Pioneer Pitch Day
          14. NYC Macroscope Puts Data at the Fingertips of City Officials
          15. What’s Next Health: Microbiomes Where we Live, Work, Learn and Play
          16. Drawing a Line in the Sand: Where Do We Stand on Universal Health Care?
          17. Right, Privilege—or Tragedy of the Commons?
          18. U.S. Needs Primary Prevention, Especially for the Poor and Underserved
          19. Health Care Workers Have Confidence in Job Security, Prospects
          20. Are You Considering a Career in Public Health Nursing?
          21. Ode to My Favorite Gadget: A Heart ECG at Your Fingertips!
          22. In the Media: ‘Nurse Jackie’ Receives Five Emmy Nominations
          23. How the 'Change My Steps Challenge' Changed Me
          24. A Doctor and Mother of a Premature Baby Helps Test a Mobile App for Parents of Special-Needs Infants
          25. Health Care Transformation in the Context of Caring
          26. Advocates' Role in Helping Media Tell the Story of the Affordable Care Act
          27. The Real Deal: ACA and the Underserved – Panel Discussion at the National Association of Black Journalists
          28. Medical Innovation Should Not Overshadow Primary Care
          29. Human Capital Network: Weight gain and depression in adolescent girls, talking about genetic markers for cancer, the cost of diapers, and more.
          30. The Role of Health Care in Economic Recovery
          31. Ode to My Favorite Gadget – This One Saves 99,000 Lives Per Year in the U.S. Can Your iPhone Do That?
          32. Report Finds No Drop in Physicians Treating Medicare Beneficiaries
          33. A Fellow’s Perspective on the Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association
          34. Affirmation at the American Sociological Association’s Annual Meeting
          35. Pros and Cons of Federally Mandated Comprehensive Care
          36. Influencing Young Doctors
          37. Alcohol and Life Expectancy: Unraveling the Mystery of Why Nondrinkers Have Higher Risk of Premature Death
          38. Two Conferences Offer Networking Opportunities that Renew a Scholar’s Interest in Research
          39. The ACA Helps Correct Incentives for Patients to Use the Health Care System Inefficiently
          40. A Personal Mission Statement
          41. New ADN-to-BSN Program the 'Key to a Successful Future'
          42. New ADN-to-BSN Scholar: 'Exhausted' and 'Grateful'
          43. Public Health Campaign of the Month: Werner Herzog’s “From One Second to the Next”
          44. Tobacco-Related Health Equity: What Will It Take?
          45. Child Car Seats: "Am I Doing This Right?"
          46. LawAtlas and Public Health: Q&A with Scott Burris and Damika Barr
          47. Architecture and Design for a Fit Nation
          48. Thinking Globally: A Q&A with Kathy Calvin of the UN Foundation
          49. Breaking Down Barriers for Access to Healthy Food Options
          50. The Reverberating Impact of Low Wages
          51. Emergency Department as Community Microcosm, Data Hub: Q&A with Jeremy Brown
          52. Faces of Public Health: Rick Bell
          53. Grassroots Fire Prevention: Q&A California State Fire Marshal Tonya Hoover
          54. Public Health Summer Fellowship Gives College Student a Close-Up Look at Public Health Campaigns and Messaging
          55. Chicago Public Health: Q&A with Bechara Choucair
          56. CDC’s Ali Khan: “By Every Measure Our Nation Is Dramatically Better Prepared for Public Health Threats”
          57. Tobacco-Free Campuses on the Rise: Q&A with Dr. Howard Koh, HHS
          58. Electronic Health Records and the NYC Macroscope: Q&A with Carolyn Greene
          59. Mumps Alert For College Campuses This Fall
          60. Public Health Campaign of the Month: Who's Next?
          61. Back to School: Bus Safety
          62. Public Health Presentations Cap First Class of Network for Public Health Law Mentorship Program for Young Attorneys
          63. Summer Sun Protection Advice from the Sunny Skies of Los Angeles
        6. 09
          1. When it Comes to Health Care, We’ve Been Living in the Land of Oz for Too Long
          2. Knight Foundation News Challenge: Looking for a Few Great Data-Leveraging Ideas
          3. Flipping the Clinic: The Beginning of the Beginning
          4. #LATISM, a Culture of Health Experiment
          5. ABCs of the ACA: Bill and Barack Explain it all for You
          6. A Giant Step Toward a Culture of Health
          7. The Not-Normals Break Through: Update on the RWJF/Khan Academy Project
          8. Exploring Medical Conspiracy Theories
          9. How Can Social Networks Help Improve the Health of Older Americans?
          10. Seeking DIY Nurses – New MakerNurse Initiative Launches
          11. Nurses on Hospital Boards – Why Is It So Important?
          12. Community Linkages Increase Access to Diabetes Prevention Education
          13. Consistency and Cost: Why Reducing Variability in Health Care Matters
          14. Primary Care Physicians in Demand, Salaries Rising
          15. New Videos About the Future of Nursing: Campaign for Action
          16. New Studies Assess Impact of Limitations on Residents’ Work Hours
          17. A Closer Look at the Quality of Cardiac Care in the United States
          18. Documentary on Food Allergies Features RWJF Physician Faculty Scholar
          19. An Opportunity for Collaboration
          20. Meet the RWJF Clinical Scholars
          21. “Something Must be Done!” A 20th Century Rallying Cry for the Future of Public Health Nursing
          22. Lack of Nurse Faculty Creates a “Double Whammy,” NBC Reports
          23. Quotable Quotes About Nursing, September 2013
          24. Recent Research About Nursing, September 2013
          25. Is the Brain Ready for Personalized Medicine? Studies Suggest Not Quite Yet.
          26. Primary Care on the Front Lines of Innovation
          27. What’s Cooking? Med Students Learn ‘Culinary Medicine’
          28. Accelerating to Practice: Helping Nurses Succeed
          29. Pennsylvania Adopts Law Supporting Insurance-Less Health Care Offices
          30. More Than Half of Physicians are Self-Employed, Survey Finds
          31. Professional Interpreters are Costly, But Crucial
          32. Making Nurses’ Academic Progression a Reality
          33. Child Passenger Safety Week Promotes the Importance of Getting Kids in the Right Car Seats
          34. ASTHO Annual Meeting: NewPublicHealth Q&A with Paul Jarris
          35. Critical Opportunities: New Journal Article, Videos Offer Proposed Legal and Policy Changes that Can Impact Public Health
          36. APA ‘A Healthy Minds Minute’ Video Series: Reversing the Stigma Against Mental Illness
          37. Low-Income Housing in the Bronx Gets Healthy and Green
          38. Future of Public Health: Teresa Marx
          39. Do You Speak Affordable Care Act?
          40. Study: CDC 'Tips From Former Smokers' Anti-Smoking Campaign Helped More than 200,000 Quit Smoking
          41. NACCHO SURVEY: Local Health Departments Still Struggling to Recover from Recession
          42. Health Systems Learning Group: NewPublicHealth Q&A with Gary Gunderson
          43. NewPublicHealth Q&A: Florence Fulk and Tami Thomas-Burton on the Impact of the Environment on Health
          44. Back to School: Keeping Chicago School Kids Safe
          45. ASTHO Annual Meeting: A NewPublicHealth Q&A with José Montero
          46. ASTHO Annual Meeting: NewPublicHealth Q&A with Terry Cline, PHD, Health Commissioner of Oklahoma
          47. CDC Director Tom Frieden Offers Encouragement, Challenges to State and Territorial Health Officials
          48. ASTHO Annual Meeting: A Conversation about Public Health Department Accreditation
          49. Healthy Babies: Tracking Progress Across the Nation
          50. Public Health Gets on the Pinterest Bandwagon
          51. Leading the Workplace Wellness Movement: Public Health Departments' Role
          52. Public Health and Medicaid Partner in States to Improve Health Outcomes
          53. Second Annual National Health Impact Assessment Meeting: NewPublicHealth Q&A with Denise Provost
          54. National Health Impact Assessment Meeting: NewPublicHealth Q&A with the CDC's Arthur Wendel
          55. FDA Weighs in On Mobile Medical Apps
          56. Bike Share Programs, Biking Communities Increase the Number of Women on Bikes
        7. 10
          1. The Exchanges Marathon Begins: Improving Health Care Quality and Lowering Cost
          2. The Future of Nursing: A Look Back at the Landmark IOM Report
          3. Leveraging the Power of Design and Design Thinking for Public Health
          4. Fighting Childhood Obesity by Design Thinking
          5. Wouldn't It Be Great if Athletes Were Health Heroes?
          6. Introducing the Pitch Day Finalists: Rapid Evaluation of Apps
          7. Introducing the Pitch Day Finalists: MD 360
          8. Introducing the Pitch Day Finalists: The Human Genome + the Human Exposome = Your Health
          9. Dr. Sanjeev Arora Presents Project ECHO at TEDx Albuquerque
          10. Introducing the Pitch Day Finalists: Creating a Social Epidemic of Safety
          11. Meet the Pitch Day Judges
          12. Shutdown
          13. Introducing the Pitch Day Finalists: Crowdsourcing Lifestyle Health Experiments
          14. Introducing the Pitch Day Finalists: Implementing Risk-Based Cancer Screening Using an Adaptive Learning Engine
          15. Introducing the Pitch Day Finalists: Medical Innovation By the People and For the People
          16. Introducing the Pitch Day Finalists: Breaking Barriers in Medical Knowledge
          17. Six Ideas for Reducing the Use of Low-Value Health Care
          18. Power Shift: Open Access, High Quality Medical Education
          19. Trying Something New: Pioneer Pitch Day
          20. Fast Track to a Medical Degree
          21. Recent Research About Nursing, October 2013
          22. Quotable Quotes About Nursing, October 2013
          23. RWJF Harold Amos Program Celebrates 30th Anniversary
          24. More Physicians, Nurses Leading Hospitals
          25. The Impact of Competitive Youth Sports on Children
          26. Health Care Job Demand Slows, But Still Growing
          27. A BSN to PhD Partnership Program
          28. The Doctors of Tomorrow Are In … School, In Record Numbers
          29. Fresh Fruit, Broken Bodies
          30. The IOM Report: Accelerating Nursing Leadership in Health and Health Care
          31. Leading in a Collaborative Environment: A Top 10 List for Getting There
          32. A Journey Well Worth Taking
          33. Illinois Governor Declares “Carmen Velásquez Day”
          34. A Success Story: Health Insurance Enrollment in Colorado
          35. In the Media: Nightingale Letters on Permanent Display
          36. Consumer Preferences Toward Non-Physician Providers
          37. Transforming Nursing Will Improve Health Care for Consumers
          38. A Culture Where Education Is Valued and Celebrated
          39. Who Will Benefit From Medicaid Expansion and What Will it Mean for These Patients?
          40. Nurses on Boards: Diversity of Leadership is Critical to Transforming the Health Care System
          41. RWJF Scholars & Fellows Speak: What’s a Culture of Health? What Does It Take to Get There?
          42. Health Leaders Laud Hassmiller’s Election to the Institute of Medicine
          43. Hardwiring 80 by 20 in a North Texas Hospital
          44. Executive Nurse Fellows Leading the Way to Implement the Institute of Medicine’s Nursing Recommendations
          45. A Chief Nursing Officer Who Does Not Have a BSN-Only Hiring Policy in Place
          46. Place Matters: Bringing Community Development and Health Leaders Together
          47. New Report: Most States Not Implementing Enough Proven Strategies to Prevent Prescription Drug Abuse
          48. Severe Weather: Impact of the Federal Shutdown
          49. Grassroots Public Health and Fire Sprinklers: Mobilizing Communities for Safety
          50. Evaluating HIAs: A Q&A with Andrew Dannenberg
          51. Exploring the Intersection of Health, Place and Economic Justice
          52. Forbes: Federal Shutdown and the Fight Against Microbes
          53. HIA as Rosetta Stone: A Q&A with Cleveland Councilman Joe Cimperman
          54. Place Matters: A Q&A With David J. Erickson, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
          55. Age-friendly Cities
          56. In a Government Shutdown, Who’s Tracking the Flu?
          57. Up for Debate: Changing the U.S. Emphasis on Competitive Youth Sports
          58. Health Insurance Marketplaces: Now Open For Business
          59. Faces of Public Health: Napa County's Karen Smith on Budget Cuts at Local Health Departments
          60. APHA Annual Meeting 2013: Q&A with Georges Benjamin, APHA Executive Director
          61. Disaster Response: Should Tourniquets Be Used in Disasters?
          62. Teen Driver Safety: 5 to Drive
          63. Study: Pedestrian, Bicyclist Deaths from Distracted Driving Keep Climbing
          64. World Polio Day: Toward Total Eradication
          65. Health Impact Assessments: Q&A with the Alaska Department of Health’s Paul Anderson
          66. Meme's the Word in Public Health
          67. Twentysomething? Have We Got an Affordable Care Act Story For You
          68. Faces of Public Health: Q&A with Lori Butterfield
        8. 11
          1. The Ripple Effect of Asthma Programming
          2. Enrollment through Health Insurance Exchanges Lagging, but Humming Along In Medicaid in Many States
          3. Communities Need More Ladders, Fewer Chutes
          4. Engaging Communities of Faith to Help Americans Gain Health Insurance
          5. Shielding Young Brains from the Effects of Toxic Stress
          6. Get Out of the Drive-Thru Lane. Learn to Cook!
          7. Sprinting Toward Workplace Wellness
          8. “An Educated Consumer is Our Best Customer:” Four Things to Know About Transparency In Health Care Prices, Costs and Quality
          9. A New Holiday Tradition—Tasty Recipes that are Healthy, Too
          10. Dr. Bruce McCarthy of Columbia St. Mary’s on Adopting OpenNotes
          11. What’s Next Health: The Motivation Bias
          12. Could Good Health Be Contagious?
          13. Spurring Open Source Health Innovation
          14. Engaging Patients in Research
          15. International Makeup of U.S. Health Care Workforce Brings Vitality, Challenges
          16. The Imperative to Improve Gallbladder Disease Treatment and Outcomes for Men
          17. Bold Actions Lead to Decisive Change: The Future of Nursing Scholars Program
          18. Monday Webinar to Address Diversity & Inclusion for Faculty Success
          19. Empathy and Appreciation for the Impact of the Social Determinants of Health
          20. National League for Nursing Aims to Bridge Gap Between Education and Practice
          21. Lessons from Around the World at the APHA Annual Meeting
          22. New Mexico Governor Martinez Announces New Common Nursing Curriculum
          23. Veterans Get Help Pursuing Nursing Careers
          24. Recent Research About Nursing, November 2013
          25. In the Media: Nursing Organizations Protest Nurse Reality Show
          26. RWJF Scholar Discusses Sugary Drinks, Messaging and Taxation
          27. Where the Docs Are: New Report Takes a State-by-State Look
          28. Promoting Rigorous Interdisciplinary Research and Building an Evidence Base to Inform Health Care Learning, Practice, and Policy
          29. Quotable Quotes About Nursing, November 2013
          30. Stimulating Primary Care Transformation
          31. In RN Survey, Younger Nurses Are Positive About Profession, Education
          32. Money for Nothing
          33. The Country Doctor: Study Anticipates a Disappearing Breed that Doesn’t Bode Well for Rural America
          34. A First in Moral Distress Research: A Study of Burn ICU Nurses
          35. Childhood Lead Exposure: Piling Disadvantage onto Some of the Country’s Most Vulnerable Kids
          36. In the Media: MTV Responds to Outcry over ‘Scrubbing In’
          37. Survey Shows a Shift in Physicians’ Compensation, But Not Their Disappointment
          38. Regulating Tobacco: Q&A with FDA's Mitch Zeller
          39. Making a Collective Public Health Impact through Diverse Partnerships
          40. Social Media and Hurricane Sandy: Q&A with Jay Dempsey and Vivi Abrams Siegel
          41. APHA 2013: Update on Public Health Department Accreditation
          42. Ending Healthcare Waste, Improving Healthy Lives: Q&A with the L.A. Department of Public Health’s Jonathan Fielding
          43. What's New in Schools and Programs of Public Health? Q&A with Harrison Spencer
          44. Why You Should Get Your Flu Shot by Wednesday
          45. Targeting Job Discrimination Against Former Offenders
          46. White House Announces Modification to Affordable Care Act Aimed at Letting Many Keep their Current Health Insurance Coverage
          47. ‘Culture of Health Hangout’: The Continuing Evolution of Public Health Departments
          48. Ride Sharing: Just Urban Hip or Critical Transportation Alternative?
          49. Public Health Campaign of the Month: ‘Don’t Mess With Mercury’ Campaign
          50. How Do You Transform a Community After a Century of Neglect?
          51. Happy 100th, Harvard School of Public Health
          52. Innovating, Leading and Moving Public Health Forward at APHA
          53. Start of APHA 141st Annual Meeting is Also a Fresh Start for the Organization
          54. APHA 2013: The Boston Marathon and Preparing for the Unexpected
          55. APHA 2013: The Role of Housing in Public Health
          56. The Monday Campaigns: Q&A with Rachelle Reeder
          57. ‘Fast Food Facts’: Q&A with the Yale Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity
          58. Gaining Traction on Childhood Obesity in New England
          59. Investing in Public Health: Q&A with Glen Mays
          60. APHA 2013: Public Health System Transformation Under the Affordable Care Act
          61. APHA 2013: Preparedness Lessons From Hurricane Sandy
          62. Violence: Can We End the Epidemic?
          63. Violence Prevention: Q&A with David Satcher
          64. Stakeholder Health: Q&A with Kimberlydawn Wisdom
          65. Minnesota’s Healthy Communities Conference 2013: Q&A with Paul Mattessich and Ela Rausch
          66. Faces of Public Health: Wendy Landman
          67. Staying in Shape on the Busiest Travel Day of the Year
          68. Think Safety as Thanksgiving—and Holiday Shopping—Approaches
        9. 12
          1. Putting the Great in Grateful
          2. Five Takeaways from the National Transparency Summit: An Issue Whose Time Has Come
          3. A Connections Checklist: Bringing Health Care and Communities Together
          4. Health Policy Wit or Wit-Out Consumer Input
          5. A Portrait of Hope
          6. Behavioral Economists Compete: Innovation Tournament on Health
          7. Princeton Students Study Health Care in Urban New Jersey
          8. RWJF Pioneering Ideas Podcast: Episode 2 | Pitch Day, Payment Reform & Behavior Change
          9. Can Our Positive Health Assets Cut Health Costs?
          10. Behavioral Economics and Low Value Care
          11. We Need to Be the Change We Wish to See
          12. Dr. Sanjeev Arora Talks Project ECHO with PBS New Mexico
          13. Joint Commission Guidelines for Preventing Bloodstream Infections Emphasize Role of Nurses
          14. RWJF Scholar Explores Weight Disparities in Teenage Girls
          15. Do Mergers with State Medicaid Programs Result in Cuts to State Public Health Department Funding?
          16. A Bright Job Outlook for BSN Nursing Grads
          17. Quotable Quotes About Nursing, December 2013
          18. After Graduation, Medical Students Express Both Satisfaction and Concerns
          19. Recent Research About Nursing, December 2013
          20. In the Media: Male Nurses on TV Often Fit Negative Stereotypes
          21. The “Next Best Thing” to Being There: Robots Expand Physicians’ Reach
          22. The Importance of Nursing in Achieving the “Best Care at Lower Cost”
          23. California State University Feels the Pain of Nurse Faculty Shortage
          24. Job Growth in Health Care Looks Healthy, Indeed
          25. Reshaping Today’s Bedside Care Team to Meet Tomorrow’s Challenges
          26. A Lesson in Leadership—Inspiration Ignites Motivation
          27. A Remedy for What Ails the Urban City
          28. In the Right Place at the Right Time: RWJF Scholar Saves Choking Toddler
          29. RWJF Clinical Scholars Podcast: NY Health Commissioner Discusses Health Reform
          30. New Online Program in West Virginia Will Expand Access to BSN Education
          31. Beyond Harassment: The Psychological Distress from Being Stalked
          32. The Vast Impact of the IOM Bolsters Efforts to Address Health Disparities and Promote a Culture of Health
          33. Explaining the Link between Income, Race, and Susceptibility to Kidney Disease
          34. Safety-Net Settings Study: If You Train Docs There, They’ll Likely Return
          35. Faces of Public Health: Julio Frenk, Harvard School of Public Health
          36. Is this the Best Way to Keep Patients Out of the Hospital?
          37. County Health Rankings & Roadmaps: Paid Sick Leave in New York City
          38. The Digital World's Response to Outbreaks
          39. In Case of Emergency, Follow Twitter
          40. Outbreaks and Pandemics: What’s Next?
          41. Robocop: Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over
          42. Five Safety Tips for a Safer and Healthier Holiday Season
          43. Help the Homeless: What You Can Do
          44. New Infographic, Premium Payment Extension Will Help People Signing up for Health Insurance Coverage
          45. Helping Working Families Find Homes They Can Afford
          46. Fifteen Years after Tobacco Settlement, States Falling Short in Funding Tobacco Prevention: Q&A with Danny McGoldrick
          47. New Report: Continued Rise in Hunger and Homelessness for 2014
          48. Your Flu Shot is Waiting
          49. It’s ‘Outbreak Week’ on NewPublicHealth
          50. Top 5 Things You Didn’t Know Could Spread Disease
          51. The Five Deadliest Outbreaks and Pandemics in History
          52. NewPublicHealth Q&A: Litjen Tan, Immunization Action Coalition
          53. Where Polio Remains a Threat: Q&A with Sona Bari, World Health Organization
          54. INFOGRAPHIC: A Close Look at How Prepared We Are for the Next Outbreak
          55. Outbreaks on the Big Screen
          56. Throwback Thursday: The CDC Prepares for a Zombie Outbreak
          57. Outbreak Response Dream Team: Pop Culture's Best Bets to Protect You in an Emergency
        10. 01
          1. Pioneering Reflections
          2. How Nurses Can Empower Patients Through Shared Notes
          3. Got the Flu? Antibiotics Won’t Help (So Please Don’t Ask for Them)
          4. Survey: Nurses Happy Now but Anticipate Challenges
          5. Primary Care and Population Health: Second in a Five-Part Series
          6. Primary Care and Population Health: Third in a Five-Part Series
          7. Meet the RWJF Scholars in Health Policy Research Program
          8. The Affordable Care Act and Physician Supply
          9. Shape Our Future by Respecting Girls and Women!
          10. Meet the Harold Amos Medical Faculty Development Program
          11. ‘Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane.’
          12. "2013, the Year of the Snake... as in Caduceus"
          13. Navigating New Care Teams with Nurse Practitioners
          14. Should We Strive for Zero Risk?
          15. Resolve to Strengthen Integrative and Preventive Medical Education in 2013
          16. Health Care Costs are Killing Us
          17. Morphing Medical Practices into Health Practices
          18. The Year of Health System Transformation to High Quality Patient-Centered Care
          19. New Studies Examine Primary Care Physician Shortage
          20. Time to Understand and Eliminate the Destructive Racial Disparities that Plague Our Health Care System
          21. Mental Health and Second Chances
          22. Defining Population Health: First in a Five-Part Series
          23. Child Abuse Pediatrics Chooses You
          24. Chicago White Sox Score Community Win
          25. Local Public Health Departments Tackle Flu
          26. U.S. Public Health School Deans Protest Sham Vaccine Campaign in Pakistan
          27. Toward a Healthier America: New Report Offers Recommendations
          28. Danny McGoldrick Q&A: Some Good — and Some Bad — News for Smokers This Week
          29. Scott Rhodes: NewPublicHealth Q&A
          30. PHLR 2013: What Works to Convince Health Workers to get Their Flu Shot?
          31. Pamela Hyde Q&A: Mental Health and Public Health Law
          32. Electronic Health Records: A Rising Star in the Flu Prevention Arsenal
          33. Thomas Farley: NewPublicHealth Q&A
          34. Stable Jobs = Healthier Lives
          35. Public Health Law Research Annual Meeting: Q&A with Scott Burris
          36. Intersection of Transportation and Health: Q&A With Andrew Dannenberg
          37. Public Health Law Research Annual Meeting: Q&A with Diana Silver
          38. Impact of Hurricane Sandy: NewPublicHealth Q&A with Irwin Redlener
          39. Sharing Public Health Resources in Wisconsin
          40. Faces of Public Health: Patricia Yang
          41. CDC Report: Binge Drinking is Under-Recognized in Women and Girls
          42. FDA to Drug Makers: Lower Recommended Doses on Some Sleeping Pills
          43. Gun Violence: Teens Demand a Plan
          44. PHLR Annual Meeting: Legal Interventions to Reduce “Mountain Dew Mouth”
          45. Gun Violence: Harvard School of Public Health on Research Around Preventing Violence
          46. Mental Health by the Numbers
          47. New Year, New Plan for Health
          48. Partnerships for Preparedness: Shake Hands Across the Table Well Before Disaster Strikes
        11. 02
          1. PatientsLikeMe Project Pioneers Use of Outcomes Data That Are Meaningful To Patients
          2. Diversity in Medical Education
          3. More Men Becoming Nurses—With Higher Pay
          4. RWJF’s First 40 Years Investing in Nurses and Nursing
          5. A Few Thoughts on Mentoring
          6. Stumbling Into Child Abuse Pediatrics
          7. Meet New Careers in Nursing
          8. Solving the Longitude Problem in Oral Health
          9. Physician Workloads Threatening Quality of Care, Study Finds
          10. Researching the Triggers for Obesity and Diabetes
          11. Cross Cultural Medicine Workshop
          12. Tootsie’s Story, Continued: A Family Wonders Whether Nurse-Led Care Coordination Might Have Prolonged a Life
          13. Primary Care and Population Health: Last in a Five-Part Series
          14. Scholar’s Website Prepares Patients to Make Complex Medical Decisions
          15. Meet the RWJF Investigator Awards in Health Policy Research
          16. Primary Care and Population Health: Fourth in a Five-Part Series
          17. Tootsie’s Story: Medical Error Takes a Life
          18. Federal Agencies Launch Action Plan to Make Homes Safer and Healthier
          19. Public Health Says: Happy Valentine’s Day
          20. Faces of Public Health: Adrian Benepe
          21. Excellence in State Public Health Law
          22. RWJF Roadmaps to Health Prize Winners Announced: Working Across Sectors to Boost Community Health
          23. Park Yourself Here
          24. Improving Health by Combining Medicine and Law
          25. C. Everett Koop, MD: 1916-2013
          26. Rebuilding Public Health in Haiti
          27. Shall We Bike?
          28. Jail, Mental Illness and Health: Finding the Safest, Healthiest Options
          29. Battling Obesity through Partnerships: NewPublicHealth Q&A with Eliza Lawson
          30. VOTE: Most Influential RWJF Research in 2012
          31. The Affordable Care Act: The Video
          32. Weak Penalties Lead to Repeat Cases of Domestic Violence: Recommended Reading
          33. Women, Protect Your Hearts: NewPublicHealth Q&A With Nakela Cook
          34. San Diego Sets Sights on Stroke-Free County; Infographic Helps ID Stroke Signs
          35. Public Heath News Roundup: February 7
          36. New Partners for Smart Growth Q&A: Paul Zykofsky
          37. New Video Aims to Reduce Infant Mortality in the Native American Community
        12. 03
          1. New Call for Proposals: Pioneering Use of Behavioral Economics
          2. Heritage Open mHealth Challenge: Searching for a Sum Greater Than Its Parts
          3. Behavioral Economics CFP: Low-Value Care? Why Now?
          4. Building Big Data, One Swab at a Time
          5. Partnering with Freakonomics to Find Unconventional Approaches to Ending Childhood Obesity
          6. Patient-Centered: Good Health Care and Good Design
          7. Meet the Interdisciplinary Nursing Quality Research Initiative
          8. Weighing the Good and Bad of OpenNotes
          9. The Implications of Limiting Work Hours for Medical Residents
          10. Physician Turnover at Highest Rate Since 2005
          11. A ‘Goldilocks’ Theorem of Shared Savings and ACOs
          12. RWJF Clinical Scholars Survey Child Health Quality
          13. ‘Escape Fire’: Health Care Documentary Tonight on CNN
          14. Improving the Quality of Child Mental Health Care
          15. Advancing the Role of Nurses: A Summit to Remember
          16. Balancing Work, Family and Health Disparities
          17. Heroic Nurse – the Last Surviving 'Angel of Bataan and Corregidor' – Passes Away
          18. Summit on the Future of Nursing: Campaign for Action
          19. Nurse Practitioners and the Primary Care Shortage
          20. Match Day 2013: Good News for Primary Care
          21. Facing What May Be the Affordable Care Act’s Ultimate Challenge: The Gap Separating Evidence from the Policy-Makers Who Need It
          22. Recent Research About Nursing, March 2013
          23. In the Media: Unfunded, Nurse-Led Panel Gets Some Ink
          24. Confusion Reigns: Cutting Through the Overload of Information on Cancer Prevention
          25. Supply of Nurses Varies by Region, Study Finds
          26. 2012 Year in Research
          27. RWJF Launches a Website to Advance the Science of QI Research and Evaluation
          28. Building a Statewide Nursing Education Framework: Maine's Nursing Student Placement Program
          29. 51 Million Americans Could Live in Primary Care Shortage Areas in 2014
          30. Getting Heard in a Disaster: Q&A with Richard Besser
          31. Coming Together in a Public Health Crisis: Stories from the Front Line
          32. School-Based Health Programs for At-Risk Youth: Recommended Reading
          33. Supporting Community Health Through Collective Impact
          34. Faces of Public Health: Mary Selecky Looks Back
          35. Integrated Response to Aurora Mass Shooting
          36. Public Health Preparedness: Stories from the Front Line
          37. Kick Butts Day! 2013: The Fight Against Youth Tobacco Use Continues
          38. Paradigm Shift: From Individual Preparedness to Community Resilience
          39. The People’s Choice Health Awards
          40. “Unprecedented Destruction”: Ocean County Public Health Continues to Respond to Hurricane Sandy
          41. Public Health Department Accreditation Begins: NewPublicHealth Q&A with Terry Cline
          42. Public Health Preparedness Summit 2013: Q&A with Jack Herrmann
          43. 'Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby' from the March of Dimes
          44. Kaiser Family Foundation Report Highlights U.S. Engagement in Global Health: A NewPublicHealth Q&A with Josh Michaud
          45. How Healthy is Your County? County Health Rankings 2013
          46. Death and Public Health
          47. A Conversation on Community Health: Q&A with Jason Purnell
          48. Registration Opens for Second National Health Impact Assessment Meeting
          49. Experiencing a Public Health Emergency: Stories from the Front Line
          50. State Legislatures Tackle Public Health: Recommended Reading
          51. RWJF’s John Lumpkin on Sustained Response to Public Health Emergencies: NewPublicHealth Q&A
          52. State Laws Needed to Help Reduce Sales of E-Cigarettes to Minors
      5. 1.6.5. 2006
        1. 08
          1. Terms of Use
        2. 10
          1. PowerGames: Getting at Motivation?
          2. Towards a Greener Hospital
          3. Welcome, and an Invitation
          4. Video Games and Health…Really!
          5. Future Brain Games
          6. Rethinking Personal Health Records
          7. Looking for Great Games
          8. What the Happiest Patients Know - Part 1
          9. What the Happiest Patients Know - Part 2
          10. What the Happiest Patients Know - Part 3
          11. What the Happiest Patients Know - Part 4
        3. 11
          1. Markets, Predictions and Infectious Disease
          2. In Other Blogs: RWJF Program Officer Blogs Tsunami Trip
          3. The Future of Aging
          4. Informing the Use of Technology's Potential
          5. Pioneer and Prize Philanthropy
        4. 12
          1. Down with the Gown!
          2. National Health Policy Forum on Personal Health Records
          3. Philanthropy for the Future
          4. In Other Blogs: Connecting Americans to Their Health Care
          5. PHRs: They're Hot, They're Sexy, But What Are They, Exactly?
          6. The Design - Comprehension Link
          7. Designing for Success
      6. 1.6.6. 2007
        1. 01
          1. Stealth Health
          2. FIT at school - or work?
          3. Technology and Constituencies
          4. PHRs: They're Hot, They're Sexy, But What Are They, Exactly? (Part 2)
          5. Games as a Diagnostic Device?
          6. Guest Blogger: Rey Ramsey
          7. How Do We Design Truly Disruptive Innovations?
          8. Can We Open-Source Social Enterprise?
          9. Featured Conversation: Can We "Get to Zero" on MRSA?
        2. 02
          1. Blog Coverage for Rapid Learning Conference
          2. Gowns and MRSA
          3. Will Wii show the way?
          4. Hedgehogs, Foxes, and Getting to a Healthier Future
          5. Guest Blogger: Sue Chiang on Green IT
          6. There's a Lot of Talk Out There About Prizes...
          7. Wii in Action
          8. Thoughts from the CDC's Future of Health Technology Symposium
        3. 03
          1. Pioneering Practice, Not Just Ideas
          2. Attention RSS Subscribers: New on Pioneering Ideas
          3. Guest Blogger: Phil Polgreen on the Avian Flu Prediction Market
          4. Making Sure Disease-Fighting Drugs Work - Now and in the Future
          5. Can't make it to Oxford?
          6. Guest Blogger: Ramanan Laxminarayan on Antibiotics as a Natural Resource
          7. From the Skoll World Forum: Working on a Definition of Social Entrepreneurship
        4. 04
          1. Pioneering Ideas Presented at CDC Learning Session on Blogs
          2. Be Part of Open-Sourcing!
          3. Also Happening April 30...
          4. Expert Analysis of Disease Research to Guide Donor Decisions
          5. Update: Avian Flu Prediction Market
          6. The Tip of the Iceberg
          7. Philanthropy as an Agent of Disruptive Change
          8. Disruptive Innovation Competition – Transforming Markets to Get the Jobs Consumers Want Done…Done
        5. 05
          1. Reforming Medical Justice
          2. Making Health Courts Happen
          3. The Need to Change, and an Alternative Approach
          4. Health Courts May Provide an Answer
          5. "Avoidability" as a Basis for Compensation Decisions
          6. Liability Reform and Patient Safety
          7. Avoidability: Workable, but Negotiable?
          8. Health Courts and Accountability for Patient Safety
          9. But Is There Support?
          10. Health Courts and Root-Cause Analysis
          11. Health Wonk Review Highlights Health Courts Series
          12. Innovations from the Blogosphere Up
          13. The Potential Effect of Health Courts: Another Insight
          14. 2012: Stories from the Near Future
          15. Making A Disruptive Innovation Even More Disruptive
          16. Health Courts Series an "Editor's Pick" in Grand Rounds
          17. HHS Blogging on Pandemic Flu
          18. Competing for the Last Inch - Cells and Health
        6. 06
          1. Making Games More Accessible
          2. Disruptive Innovations Competition - What's Coming In
          3. Rapid Innovation in the Health Care Payment System?
        7. 07
          1. A Horse, a Mule...or Neither?
          2. Open-Sourcing Games for Health
          3. Wii Goes Fit
          4. Guest Blogger: Curt Lindberg on Positive Deviance
          5. MRSA, and the Impact of the Postitive Deviance Process, in The New York Times
          6. Social Network Analysis, Obesity and Other Topics
          7. Another Perspective on Failure
        8. 08
          1. Updates on Project Health Design
          2. More Updates: Avian Flu and MRSA
          3. Disruptive Innovations Competition: Time to Vote!
          4. It's a Charmr: A Vision for More User-Friendly Diabetes Management?
          5. Games for Health Competition Results
          6. And If You're in Seattle...
          7. Blog and Press Accounts of Games for Health Day
          8. Second Life Conference Explores Philanthropy in Virtual Worlds
          9. One more day to vote!
          10. Gown Progress
        9. 09
          1. Games for Health Day - Eyewitness Report
          2. PAX 2007
          3. Congratulations to the Disruptive Innovations Winners
          4. FYI: Pioneer at Health 2.0 Conference
          5. Unraveling the Health Care Hairball: A Health 2.0 Conference Recap
          6. Raise a Ruckus…Start a Movement
          7. Why Games Matter Entry Deadline Wednesday
          8. MRSA in the UK: Fashion Police and Other Strategies
          9. Ruckus Nation on the Wired Blog Network
          10. Emerging Technologies: Mixing Maps and the Metaverse
        10. 10
          1. What if Brazil's Technology Goal Happened Here?
          2. Health 2.0: The Doctor is Not Ready to See You Yet
          3. Symposium on Health Care as an Adaptive Enterprise: An Engineering Challenge
          4. MRF/ARC moves forward
          5. HealthVault and Project HealthDesign
          6. A Real Dose of Second Life
          7. Your Comments on HealthVault, Brazil, Health 2.0 and Second Life
          8. Where's the Ruckus? Update on the Ruckus Nation Idea Competition
          9. More Attention for MRSA
          10. A Broad Vision of Health 2.0 at The Health Care Blog
          11. Discussing Health Courts in Wyoming
          12. Building ARCHeS to Precise Answers, Stronger Decisions and Better Health
        11. 11
          1. Finally. . . the Finalists!
          2. The Health Care "Innovation Divide"
          3. Announcing Health Games Research
          4. King Kong and Revolutionizing Health Care Quality
          5. Why Games Matter: Competition Results
          6. Guest Blogger: Traci May Lamar on Improving the Patient Gown
          7. Business Week: Better Care Through Design
          8. RWJF Invites 11 "Disruptive Innovations" Entrants to Apply
          9. More on the Innovation Divide
        12. 12
          1. Active Games - A Less Intentional, More Effective Workout?
          2. Guest Blogger: Eili Klein on Antibiotic Use and MRSA
          3. Network-Centric Warfare and Health IT
          4. Next-generation PHRs surface new questions on privacy and ethics
          5. We thought it was pretty cool, too...
          6. Thanks for a great year
      7. 1.6.7. 2008
        1. 01
          1. Pioneer: kicking off the new year with a bit of reflection
          2. Opportunities, from Martin Seligman
          3. Opportunities, from Lewis Sandy
          4. Opportunities, from Wylie Burke
          5. Opportunities, from Alice Gosfield
          6. Michelle Mello podcasts on health courts
          7. Knowing What Works in Health Care
          8. Health 2.0's Spring Fling: Connecting Consumers & Providers
        2. 02
          1. We'll be there, will you?
          2. "Project Runway" Meets Health Care
          3. Pioneer and the New Radicals
          4. On Not Being Boxed In By Common Sense
          5. Medical records make WIRED's list of "things that suck"
          6. Project HealthDesign Releases Core Technical Requirements for PHRs
        3. 03
          1. Wii are excited...
          2. Sports4Kids -- Winning Through Play
          3. Who'll Make the Biggest Ruckus? Stay Tuned.
          4. Does ZipCar have lessons for health care? Maybe so
          5. Everything old is new again
          6. Ruckus Nation Celebration!
          7. Engaging end users
          8. Gaming a Go-Go at GDC
          9. RWJF's Wii Workout
        4. 04
          1. Come game with us!
          2. Are electronic health records the answer?
          3. In the long run...
          4. This Thursday's Bill of Health: Greening the Health Care Industry
          5. Web Radio/Podcast to Feature Games' Ben Sawyer
        5. 05
          1. The "Second Life" of NY Times Magazine Cover Feature, CeaseFire
          2. Crowdsourced blogs for Council on Foundations annual meeting
          3. Conversations with Today's Pioneers in Health and Health Care
          4. Lynn Etheredge on Comparative Effectiveness Research
          5. The role of a predictive model
          6. Rockin' Out!
          7. Game Drives Open-Source Biochemical Discoveries
          8. Health 2.0: A Report on The Wisdom of Patients from CHCF
          9. Games for Health Round Up
          10. The promise of social network analysis
          11. Largest-ever CleanMed Conference Wraps Up in Pittsburgh
          12. We've Got 12 New Health Games Research Grantees!
        6. 06
          1. CleanMed 2008
          2. Checking in with Stacy Cho
          3. Tomorrow's New Vital Signs, PHR-delivered
          4. Extending the Cure Update
          5. EHR Adoption - Waiting for the Magic
          6. Personal Health Records on the Hill
        7. 07
          1. Save the Date - New Frontiers in Personal Health Records
          2. Conversations with Pioneers: Gary Cohen of Health Care Without Harm
          3. More From Gary Cohen: Challenges Now, and Hopes for the Future
          4. Opportunities for Disruption? A Forum on Disruptive Innovation in Health Care
          5. The Road to Innovation (It's All About the End User)
          6. New RWJF Podcast Series Looks at the Power of Personal Health Records
          7. Brainstorming TECH Conference, Day Two
        8. 08
          1. New Evidence Supports Re-Mission and Advances Games for Health
          2. Forge New PHR Frontiers with Project HealthDesign at 9/17 Forum
          3. FasterCures' Mid-Year Top 10 Watchlist
        9. 09
          1. Business and Philanthropy: Meeting in the Middle?
          2. Like Games? Then You'll Love the Game Jam
          3. PHRs: Where are we now and where are we going? An interview with Patti Brennan
          4. Patti Brennan: The challenges and opportunities for PHRs
          5. Patti Brennan: Looking Ahead
          6. FasterCures, Innocentive Crowd-Source Solutions for Biomarker Research
          7. Blog talk post-Project HealthDesign event
          8. Project HealthDesign Webcast now available
          9. Modern Healthcare Reports on Pioneer's Work on Games
          10. A few takeaways from the Project HealthDesign conference
        10. 10
          1. Health Courts: New Articles, Upcoming Event
          2. Interesting things, here and there...
          3. Live-blogging from Health 2.0 Conference
        11. 11
          1. How am I Wednesday?
          2. Do you flu Yahoo!?
        12. 12
          1. Systems and the risk of failure
          2. "Happy Friday!" Takes On Added Significance with New BMJ Study
          3. We're rolling!
          4. Vote Now: Two Pioneer Reports In the Running for RWJF's Top Research of 2008
          5. Positive Deviance named an "idea of the year!"
          6. Conversation with Pioneers: An interview with Candice Kane
          7. Amplyifying how my body talks to me (and others)
          8. More on Second Life from Candice Kane of CeaseFire
          9. Wrapping up with Candice Kane
      8. 1.6.8. 2009
        1. 01
          1. Conversation with Pioneers: Debra Lieberman
          2. Where's the revolution?
          3. Talking with Debra Lieberman: Building the research on how games improve health
          4. More from our conversation with Debra Lieberman
          5. Debra Lieberman on Health Games Research's new Call for Proposals
          6. So stunning...such a struggle
          7. Announcing our newest Pioneer/Changemakers competition (nudge, nudge...)
          8. Bringing our Game to TED – 6 Days and Counting
        2. 02
          1. Seeking Your Input - Project HealthDesign's Next Stage
          2. Is the country ready for health reform?
          3. Posting from TED: the Raw or the Cooked?
          4. Posting from TED: Health, Design and Game-Changers
          5. Posting from TED: Bacteria May Be The World's Best "Risk" Players
          6. Freakonomics Blog Sparks Debate On "Designing for Better Health" Competition
          7. When Simple Works
          8. Positive Health Lecture Series Kicks Off With Sir Michael Marmot
        3. 03
          1. Could a Virtual Nurse or Doctor Be Your Future Facebook Best Friend?
          2. Guest Bloggers: the Drug Box Meets the FDA
          3. Keeping an Eye on Prize Philanthropy
          4. CDC: Positive Deviance Helps Reduce MRSA Infections
          5. Update: Positive Deviance & MRSA Reductions on NYT Lede Blog
        4. 04
          1. An App Store for Your EHR? Why Not?
          2. 2nd-Round Project HealthDesign CFP Targets "Observations of Daily Living"
          3. Nortin Hadler Lecture - Personal/Social/Policy Barriers to Wellness When it Comes to Low Back Pain
          4. Power Meters for Health?
          5. RWJF's Expanding Social Media Presence
          6. The Landscape of Health, Green, and Everything in Between
          7. Reporting Live from Health 2.0
          8. From Health 2.0: Re-Imagining the Doctor-Patient Relationship
          9. Engineering Errors Out of Health Care
        5. 05
          1. Join Us for Games for Health 2009--Boston, June 11-12
          2. Talking Health Care with Clayton Christensen
          3. Overshoots and Apps: Disruptive Innovation and Health IT
          4. Sandy Pentland on Reality Mining: Phoning In the Data
          5. Sounds Good; How Do We Get There?
          6. The Need to Disrupt the Patient Gown: New Research, New Thinking
          7. Teens, Texts and PHRs
          8. Wanting the Computer to Know Who I, the Patient, Am
        6. 06
          1. Catalyzing the app store for EHRs
          2. Winning Nudges Announced in "Designing for Better Health" Competition
          3. A Series of Looks at Games for Health
          4. Mix of things to check out
          5. Let the Gaming Begin!
          6. Games for Health: A Thought from Day One
          7. Five Questions from Games for Health
          8. Positive Emotions, Diverse Social Networks and Social Status = Positive Health?
          9. More on the App Store for EHRs
          10. Opening Physicians' Notes to Patients
          11. A Declaration of Our Rights to Health Data
          12. Guest Blogger Series: Views on Increasing the Use of Digital Games for Health
          13. Developing and Sustaining Health Games—A Losing Battle?
          14. Fun, Kids & Evidence-Based R&D = Games for Health Success?
          15. Using Games to Support Children's Healthy Development: Opportunities & Challenges
          16. Marketing the Concept of Games for Health
        7. 07
          1. Can a Reduction in Hospital Acquired Infections Cut Health Care Costs?
          2. Now that's Progress
          3. An OpenNotes Annoucement
          4. Can Green Cleaning Products Prevent and Control HAIs?
          5. The Costs of Obesity
          6. A Model for Bringing Specialty Care to Underserved Areas
          7. What's New on the Pioneer Blog?
        8. 08
          1. A Round-Up From Our Blog Roll
          2. A Project ECHO Announcement
          3. A Milestone at Kaiser Permanente's "Biobank"
        9. 09
          1. The H1N1 Flu Prediction Market
          2. A Model for Equity in Specialty Care: Introduction
          3. A Model for Equity in Specialty Care: Part I
          4. A Model for Equity in Specialty Care: Part II
          5. A Model for Equity in Specialty Care: Part III
          6. Equity In Speciality Care: The Aravind Eye Care System
          7. Mozart, Superbugs and Antibiotic Resistant Infections
          8. A Model for Equity in Specialty Care, Part IV
          9. Talking About Project ECHO...
        10. 10
          1. Seeking Disruption? Look for Delight.
          2. Are questionable dosing practices fueling antibiotic resistance?
          3. CBS Sunday Morning to Feature Common Good, Health Courts
          4. What We Are Reading
          5. Fun Behavior.
          6. Better Informed Managers of Our Health
          7. A Few Links to Share...
          8. This Is a Brainstorm
          9. Connecting Revolutions in Neuroscience with Health and Health Care
          10. This Week We Are Reading About TEDMED
        11. 11
          1. TEDMED 2009 = Innovation, Technology & Inspiring Stories
          2. Health IT: What's the Future?
          3. TEDMED, 23andMe and Kaiser Permanente's RPGEH
          4. Darwin Labarthe Lecture: Cardiovascular Disease Prevention
          5. What We Are Reading: Flu Season and Antibiotic Overprescription
          6. Dr. David Eddy's Vision for the Future of Medicine
          7. Time for New Behavior Change Models and All Things Neuro
          8. The Rise of Community Acquired MRSA
        12. 12
          1. Talking About Philanthropic Failure
          2. Healthy Conversations: Paul Tarini
          3. Patient Safety and Medical Liability Reform Forum
          4. David Eddy, Opening Doors to the Future
          5. What We Are Watching: Extending the Cure on the INQRI Blog
          6. An "exaflood" of Observational Data
          7. Pushing Ahead with Malpractice Reform...
          8. Gearing Up for the 2010 Games for Health Conference
          9. Open Notes and the Electronic Medical Record Podcast
          10. Family Coaching Clinics – A Uniquely New Way to Provide Behavioral Health Services
          11. Archimedes' ARCHeS Platform and its Potential to Decision Makers
          12. Making Decisions about Nurse Practitioners' Scope of Practice
      9. 1.6.9. 2010
        1. 01
          1. What Will You Be Attending in 2010?
          2. Upcoming Events: The Inaugural SharpBrains Summit
          3. Games for Health NYC Regional Meet Up
          4. A Candid Assessment of Philanthropic Practices
          5. The Value of Failure
          6. The Power and Potential of Personal Health Records - A New Web Feature
          7. Games for Health NYC Regional Meetup - Agenda
        2. 02
          1. What Does Your Health Care Have to Do With Your Mouthwash?
          2. Grantee Interview Series: Diane Flannery, UCLA Family Commons
          3. How Can Health Data Transform Health and Health Care?
          4. Join Pioneer at TED 2010 - Health's Future, Powered by You and Your Data
          5. How Can Health Data Transform Health and Health Care?
          6. You Have More Personal Health Data. Now What?
          7. The 90-minute TED
          8. Behavioral Economics and Public Health at TED2010
          9. Super-empowered, Hopeful Individual.
          10. The Need for More Randomized Controlled Trials in U.S. Social Policy Interventions?
          11. Benchmarking Progress in Health IT
          12. 'Tis a Gift to be Simple
          13. Death Toll from Hospital-Acquired Infections Higher than AIDS, Guns or Traffic Accidents—Costs Astronomical
          14. Simplifying the Legal System: Philip K. Howard at TED 2010
        3. 03
          1. New Project HealthDesign Grantees Tackle ODL Challenges
          2. STATUS: Draft
          3. Changing the Way a Clinician Views a Patient
          4. The Government Wants You to Play with Your Food
          5. Leaders in Change Video Series: Part I, Our Conversation with Nicholas Christakis
        4. 04
          1. What is the Role of the Physician in a Data Rich World?
          2. Are voluntary medical courts a step in the right direction?
          3. Health Games Database Launched
          4. When is it all fun and games, and when is it manipulation?
          5. A landmark first for the Archimedes model
          6. Project HealthDesign's Patti Brennan Emphasizes Value of Patient-Generated Data, ODLs at Meaningful Use Workgroup Hearing
          7. CleanMed Conference Takes on Health Care's Environmental Impact
          8. Health Games Research in D.C. Talking to NIH Today
        5. 05
          1. Here Come the Geeks
          2. Leaders in Change, Part II: Archimedes' Dr. David Eddy
          3. Games for Health Conference Less Than a Week Away
          4. Innovative Ideas for Battling Adult Obesity at Invitational Choice Symposium
          5. Games for Health Conference is Underway
          6. Games for Health Conference: A Look Back at Day 1 From HGR Grantee Marientina Gotsis
          7. Games for Health Conference: Day 2 Highlights
          8. More Grantee Updates from GFH: Todd Miller on Incorporating Gaming into Phys Ed.
          9. Introducing…DATA!
        6. 06
          1. What Inning Are We In?
          2. OpenNotes Study Kicks Off, May Transform Doctor/Patient Communications
          3. OpenNotes Fuels Discussion on Demand for Personalized Health Information
          4. Accelerating Care - 'Rapid Learning' Systems Highlighted in Journal of Clinical Oncology
          5. The Need for a National Rapid Learning System for Cancer: Pioneer Grantee Lynn Etheridge Featured in Health Affairs
          6. More on Rapid Learning Systems for Cancer: Amy Abernethy Featured in Health Affairs
        7. 07
          1. Risk Tolerance, Social Entrepreneurship, and More - Pioneer's Paul Tarini Featured in Social Velocity
          2. Health Care's Model T? How Providing Patients with Access to Their Visit Notes Can Help Transform an Industry, as Discussed in Today's Annals of Internal Medicine
          3. The OpenNotes Conversation
          4. Conversation Continues Around OpenNotes - Let the Researchers Know What You Think
          5. Developers Show Dedication to Improving Health Care at 2010 OSCON
        8. 08
          1. A Conversation with Sam Faus at OSCON 2010
          2. Innosight Institute Explores Disruptive Innovations in Health Care
          3. Joining the Health 2.0 Developer Challenge
          4. Project HealthDesign Featured in Wall Street Journal
        9. 09
          1. Guest Post: Policy Proposals for Combating Antibiotic Resistance
          2. Innosight Institute's Disruptive Innovations in Health Care Series: Lancaster General Health
          3. Got Game? Apply for an SBIR Award!
          4. Can Social Networks Serve as Sensors for Early Detection of Contagious Outbreaks?
        10. 10
          1. How to Game a Cure
          2. NOT FOR NURSES ONLY!
          3. And the Winners Are...
          4. Why I Want a Blue Button
          5. Tune-in to the TEDMED Conversation
          6. Dr. David Eddy to Demo the Archimedes Outcomes Analyzer
          7. Defining and Understanding Violent Video Games
        11. 11
          1. Keeping the TEDMED Talk Going
          2. Time to Accelerate Innovation: Takeaways from this Year's mHealth Summit
          3. Genes, John Wayne and Population Health
          4. It's Starting to Add Up - A Few Observations from AMIA 2010
          5. Patricia Flatley Brennan Discusses Project HealthDesign at TEDMED
          6. Extending the Cure Helps CDC Kick-Off Its 'Get Smart for Healthcare' Campaign
          7. BreakthroughsToCures - What's Next?
        12. 12
          1. Tim O'Reilly to Host 'Unconference' for Health, Tech Leaders
          2. Dr. Sanjeev Arora Discusses Project ECHO at TEDMED
          3. Health 2.0 Developer Challenge Winner: Team Ringful
          4. Refocusing Tech Investments to Impact the Population: TEDMED Musings From Ben Sawyer
          5. RWJF Scholars Latest Journal Articles
          6. RWJF Scholars in the Media
          7. RWJF Health Policy Fellow/Clinical Scholars Alum Kellerman to Direct RAND Health Research
          8. Alum of RWJF Scholars Programs Nominated Commissioner of NY Department of Health
          9. Extensive Media Coverage of Echinacea Study by Generalist Physician Faculty Scholar Alum
          10. Health & Society Scholars National Program Officer to Take Reins of UCSF School of Nursing
          11. Grant Awards for New Connections, Clinical Scholars Alums
      10. 1.6.10. 2011
        1. 01
          1. Despite Political Uncertainties, an Emerging Model Shows Health Care Transformation is Possible
          2. Grant Announcement: IFTF Announces Partnership with Quantified Self to Build The Complete Guide to Self Tracking
          3. Clinical Scholars at Yale University Found Nonprofit to Enhance Access to Specialty Care
          4. RWJF Investigator Award Winner's NEJM Article Unpacks Court Rulings on Health Care Reform
          5. Health & Society Scholar Alum Interviewed On "60 Minutes"
          6. Free Seminars in Nashville from Nationally Renowned Scholars and RWJF Alumni
          7. Moving to Music
          8. Clinical Scholars Podcast Features a Business Perspective on Health Care
          9. Clinical Scholar Finds Medicare Reimbursements Don't Align with Preventive Care Recommendations
          10. ENF Alum Named Kentucky Nurse of the Year
          11. Clinical Scholar's TIME Magazine Piece Embraces Health Information Technologies, but Warns of Unintended Consequences
          12. Exec Nurse Fellow Alum Birch to Head Colorado's Department of Health Care Policy and Financing
          13. Physician Faculty Scholar Studies Compliance with Illinois Law Requiring Prompt Transport of Trauma Patients
          14. Should FDA Require Drug Manufacturers to Test Effects of New Drugs on Varying Populations?
          15. New on the Human Capital Web Site: RWJF Investigator Awardee Takes Closer Look at Market Incentives for Drug Manufacturers
        2. 02
          1. Data, Apps and the Rules that Bind Them
          2. RWJF Heads to TED
          3. RWJF Community Health Leader Named Health Advocate of the Year
          4. Shortage of On-Call Surgical Specialists in Nation's Emergency Rooms, RWJF Clinical Scholar Finds
          5. February's RWJF Clinical Scholars Health Policy Podcast Focuses on Philadelphia's Fight Against Childhood Obesity
          6. Executive Nurse Fellow Alum Confirmed to Colorado Health Care Post
          7. RWJF Community Health Leader Takes Reins at San Francisco Department of Public Health
        3. 03
          1. Measuring "Pioneer-ness" at TED
          2. TED Update: Day 1
          3. Spread.
          4. Visualizing the Threat Posed by Antibiotic Resistance
          5. What if Superman's a YouTube Hero?
          6. Control Freaks
          7. Future of Nursing Campaign Upends Old Ideas on Health Care
          8. Three things I Know to be True (TED edition)
          9. Focus on the Pig: The Making It Better Symposium at RISD
          10. Which way transparency Nirvana?
          11. Discovering the Pioneering Genome: A Few Final Thoughts From TED
          12. Games for Health Conference Announces Opening Keynote and Initial Content
          13. RWJF Clinical Scholar Alumnus Talks About "Business Side" of Patient Treatment
          14. RWJF Health & Society Scholar National Advisory Committee Member to Become Program Co-Director
          15. Executive Nurse Fellow to Lead Maine's Mid Coast Health Services
          16. Executive Nurse Fellow Named Dean of University of Tennessee, Knoxville, College of Nursing
          17. A Video Welcome From Michelle Larkin
          18. Welcome to!
          19. The County Health Rankings 2011: Mobilizing Action to Improve Health
          20. Idea Gallery: Major League Baseball Must Ban Smokeless Tobacco
          21. Voices: Proposed MLB Smokeless Tobacco Ban
        4. 04
          1. Are We Underestimating Why People Engage in Unhealthy Behaviors?
          2. ResistanceMap Shows Rise in Dangerous Bacterial Infection
          3. Whose ODLs Are They Anyway?
          4. Examining Innovation Through a Different Lens
          5. Up next? Oral Health.
          6. Are We The Source of Knowledge?
          7. Study by RWJF Physician Faculty Scholars Alumna Gives Good Marks to Nurse Interventions with Obese Children
          8. RWJF-Funded Issue of Health Affairs: Still Crossing the Quality Chasm
          9. Investigator Award Winner Named Provost of Harvard
          10. RWJF Scholars, Fellows and Leaders in the News
          11. Calling All Foundation Alumni!
          12. Burnes Bolton Honored for Impact in Health Care Industry
          13. Positive Deviants: What Health Departments Can Learn From Them
          14. Nicole Lurie: Strength Needed in Time of Emergency
          15. Single Cigarettes—A Sales Strategy, But Not a Quitting One
          16. Keeneland Conference: That's a Wrap
          17. Disasters: Do Journalists Get in the Way?
          18. Vaccines: Who Are You Going to Trust?
          19. Future Public Health Leaders: High School Students Shine at Washington, D.C. Epidemiology Competition Finals
          20. Public Health: There's An App For That
          21. County Health Rankings on Capitol Hill
          22. FDA: Q&A On a New Food Safety Tool
          23. Measles: Still a Threat
          24. Earth Day 2011: A Public Health Roundup
          25. National Infant Immunization Week: April 23-30
          26. Online Food Marketing to Children in Question
          27. Tobacco Control: Smoke-Free Air Laws Gain Momentum
          28. NIH to Survey Functional Changes in the Elderly
          29. Salmonella Sources: Food and... Frogs?
          30. Danielle Varda
          31. Report: Young Men Increasingly Dying From Suicide, Violence, Accidents
          32. Institute of Medicine Seeks More Research On LGBT Health Gaps
          33. National Public Health Week Begins Today
          34. FDA Seeks Your Input On Proposed Food Labeling Rules
          35. Resources: Health Implications of a Radiation Emergency
          36. Exercise May Lead to Longer Life
          37. Teen Birth Rates in U.S. Down, But Still Lag Other Developed Nations
          38. Bed Bugs: Good Night, Sleep Tight And…
          39. Podcast: Recapping the 2011 County Health Rankings
          40. Government Shutdown: How Might It Affect Public Health Services?
          41. Health Disparities Targeted In New Reports
          42. Libraries: A New Source for Healthy Food?
          43. Alcohol Use at Sporting Events Eyed in Study
          44. New Coordinating Center for PHSSR Launched at the University of Kentucky
          45. Keeneland Conference: A Conversation with John Lumpkin
          46. Food Safety Report to Outline New Approach to Combating Food-Borne Illnesses
          47. Faces of Public Health: Danielle Varda
          48. New Report Identifies Top Ten Pathogen-Food Combinations That Cause Food-Borne Illness
          49. Michael Batz Q&A: New Food Safety Report
          50. Drug Addiction: Performances and Public Health
        5. 05
          1. Pioneer Heads to Mobile Health 2011: What Really Works Conference
          2. Complete Self-Tracking Resource Guide (beta) to be Unveiled at Quantified Self Conference
          3. mHealth Evidence: Call for Whitepapers
          4. Time to Evolve Health Care's Gold Standard? Thoughts From 2011 Mobile Health Health Conference
          5. Building the mHealth Evidence Base
          6. Games for Health 2011: Play as Written
          7. 2011 Games for Health Conference Wraps up Today
          8. Project ECHO Profiled in Health Affairs
          9. Games For Health Conference: A Q&A with Dan Baden, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
          10. Thoughts from Games for Health 2011: Sensors, Opportunity, Scale
          11. How do we get health games to help millions of people?
          12. Health & Society Scholars Advisory Committee Chair Wins Public Health's "Highest Prize"
          13. Second in a Series: The Imperative for Interprofessional Education
          14. INQRI Team's Research Links Nurse Staffing to Readmission Rates
          15. Third in a Series: The Imperative for Interprofessional Education
          16. Behind the Scenes of the RWJF Clinical Scholars Health Policy Podcast
          17. New on Human Capital
          18. INQRI's Mary Naylor Honored by American Association of Critical-Care Nurses
          19. It's Really Your Blog. Real Deal!
          20. National Nurses Week: Continuing the Legacy of Florence Nightingale
          21. RWJF's Hassmiller Aids Tornado Victims in Alabama
          22. Making a Difference: The Ladder to Leadership Program
          23. First in a Series: The Imperative for Interprofessional Education
          24. Forum/Webcast on Advancing Health in Rural America Set for June 13
          25. A Q/A with RWJF's Denise Davis: Diversity and Oral Health
          26. Children and Disasters: Preparing and Coping
          27. Zombies Attack? Buy Water!
          28. Faces of Public Health: A Q&A with Linda Rae Murray, President of the American Public Health Association
          29. Graduation Handshakes Don't Pose Too Great a Public Health Risk
          30. Severe Weather Warnings: Is the Public Tuning Out?
          31. Sunscreen Update: Still Waiting for the FDA
          32. New York City: More Places Not To Smoke
          33. Contest: Have You Used the Community Guide?
          34. Wellness Behind the Wheel
          35. In Joplin, Missouri, Social Media Is A Critical Disaster-Relief Tool
          36. Headed to a Picnic During Memorial Day? Take Karen with You
          37. Healthy Food by the Truckload
          38. Faces of Public Health: A Q&A with Elizabeth Cohen, Senior Medical Correspondent, CNN
          39. New York Times: The Story of AIDS
          40. Taking Action on Environmental Health Could Impact U.S. Health Care Cost Effectiveness: A Q&A with Bobby Milstein
          41. Dog Bites Man—Five Million Times
          42. New Study Quantifies Potential Health Benefits of Oregon Farm-to-School Bill: A Q&A with Tia Henderson, Upstream Public Health
          43. A New Online Map to Find - and Fill - Food Deserts
          44. Eye on National Vision Month
          45. Fracking: Upcoming Webinar Looks at Controversial Gas Extraction Process
          46. Neighborhood Corner Stores: Healthier Food Choices Increasing
          47. Advancing Partnerships, Innovation to Improve Public Health: A Q&A with Joseph Kimbrell, National Network of Public Health Institutes
          48. CDC's Tobacco Facebook Page Has a Growing List of Fans
          49. National HIV Vaccine Awareness Day
          50. Laws, Policy, and Mental Health
          51. NNPHI Annual Conference: Talking With Robert Ross, President of the California Endowment
          52. Ten Great Public Health Achievements
          53. Calorie Count: Sugary Drinks Get a Red Light
          54. Mental Health: Research and the Role of Law
          55. Marketing Food to Kids: FTC Seeks Public Input on Proposed Guidelines
          56. New Study Eyes Sodium Intake, Elicits Reaction
          57. Health Impact Assessments: "The Future of Public Health Depends on Working Much More Collaboratively"
          58. Idea Gallery: Ensuring "Health in all Policies"
          59. New York Rolls Out the "Taxi of Tomorrow"
          60. Mother's Day: Keeping Mom Healthy
          61. Thousands of Public Health Students Graduating Into the Field
          62. Faces of Public Health: Donald Williamson, M.D., State Health Officer of Alabama
          63. NewPublicHealth Interview: Susan Dentzer, Editor-In-Chief of Health Affairs
        6. 06
          1. Project ECHO: Transforming Health Care Education and Delivery
          2. Live HHS, IOM webcast tomorrow: Harnessing the Power of Data to Improve Health
          3. Self-Trackers Collaborate at 2011 Quantified Self Conference 2011
          4. Putting It All Together
          5. A New Hope? (…but what about that pesky death star?)
          6. Project ECHO: A Game-Changer for Patient Care?
          7. Noodles of ODLs
          8. The End of Private Practice?
          9. Third in a Series: "Take Me Home, Country Roads to the Place Where I Belong... and Can Get the Health Care I Need!"
          10. Put Your Research Proposal in Front of a Group of Funders!
          11. Mark Your Calendars: Future of Nursing Report Panel Discussion
          12. Does Pharmaceutical Industry Marketing to Medical Students Affect Their Prescribing Choices as Physicians?
          13. Fourth in a Series: "Nothing Has More Strength than Dire Necessity"
          14. Voices from the Field
          15. I'm Following Whom?
          16. PBS NewsHour Asks, "Are Nurse Practitioners the Solution to Shortage of Primary-Care Doctors?"
          17. Mark Your Calendar! Forum/Webcast on Advancing Health in Rural America Next Monday
          18. Report Finds Continued Decline in Physician Turnover and Retirement
          19. New Blog on All Things Nursing in New Jersey
          20. No Fair? Public Opinion and the Fairness of Health Inequalities
          21. In Memoriam: Nursing Pioneers
          22. First in a Series: Necessity is the Mother of Invention and Innovation
          23. My Sugar Obsession
          24. Second in a Series: What My Grandmother Taught Me
          25. Conoce las Preguntas (Know the Questions)
          26. Cell Phones and Cancer: Firsthand Sources
          27. Walking: It's Becoming a Thing
          28. Staying Up-to-date on the E.Coli Outbreak in Germany
          29. NewPublicHealth Q&A: Georges S. Benjamin, M.D.
          30. APHA Midyear Meeting Begins
          31. Public Health: The Umpire
          32. NewPublicHealth Q&A: Paul Jarris of ASTHO
          33. Public Health and Community Benefit: A Q&A with RWJF's Abbey Cofsky
          34. Health Equity: NewPublicHealth Q&A with Brian Smedley
          35. Organ Donation: Worth Making a Song and Dance About
          36. Faces of Public Health: John Auerbach, Commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Health
          37. AIDS@30: More Work Ahead
          38. What to Expect at the Health Data Initiative Forum: A Q&A with Todd Park
          39. Food Safety: "The Risks of Factory Food"
          40. Hip Hop for Your Health
          41. One, Two, Unbuckle My Car Seat
          42. Social Media and Technology Are Key Topics at AcademyHealth Meeting
          43. Community Development and Public Health: A Q&A with David Erickson
          44. AcademyHealth and Public Health Services and Systems Research: A Q&A with Debra Perez
          45. Research Priorities in Women's Health: A Q&A with Carolyn Clancy, M.D.
          46. Smartphones: A New Tool for Population Heath Surveys
          47. Article on Legal Underpinnings of Emergency Preparedness Wins AcademyHealth Interest Group Award
          48. AcademyHealth: A Q&A with Paul Erwin and Bridget Booske
          49. The National Prevention Strategy: A Q&A with Surgeon General Regina Benjamin
          50. Public Health Spending Patterns and More: A Q&A with Glen Mays
          51. When Lawn Mowers Attack
          52. NewPublicHealth Q&A: Doug Ulman, President and CEO, Livestrong
          53. New Tobacco Warning Labels: A Step in the Right Direction
          54. NewPublicHealth Q&A with Danny McGoldrick, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids
        7. 07
          1. Drug Facts Boxes Featured in New York Times
          2. New Journal Represents Leap Forward for Health Video Games
          3. Overheard: First "National Day of Dialogue"
          4. Helping Alabama's Kids Weather the Storm
          5. Learn About The Future of Nursing: Campaign for Action
          6. First in a Series: A Call to Action on Oral Health Care
          7. INQRI Provides Expert Guidance for Researchers
          8. Reducing Disparities, Promoting Equity of Care
          9. Second in a Series: A Call to Action on Oral Health Care
          10. Leapfrog to Report on Nursing Excellence; Ratings Linked to Future of Nursing: Campaign for Action
          11. Risa Lavizzo-Mourey's 2011 President's Message
          12. Ambulance Diversion, ER Crowding, and How It Affects You
          13. GAO Report: Medicaid and CHIP Children Have Harder Time Finding Specialty Care
          14. Medicaid Improves Health of People Who Are Low Income and Uninsured, RWJF Investigator Finds
          15. Are Budget Cuts Endangering Physician Training?
          16. Preparing the Nursing Workforce for the Demographics of Aging and Chronicity
          17. Expanding Access to Oral Care
          18. "I Look Forward to Transforming Our Health Care System Together"
          19. NewPublicHealth Q&A: Joseph Kvedar on Regulation of Smartphone Apps
          20. NewPublicHealth Q&A: Michael Meit Speaks on Public Health in Rural Communities
          21. Prevention is in Order for a Safe Fourth of July Weekend
          22. One Year of Vital Signs
          23. NewPublicHealth Q&A with Steven Woolf
          24. Faces of Public Health: Richard Schneiders, Founder of "MoGro"
          25. Investing in Health and Productivity of the Workforce: A NewPublicHealth Q&A with Andrew Webber
          26. What to Expect at NACCHO 2011: A Q&A with Michael Caldwell
          27. Time in the Shade: Protecting Workers from Heat Illnesses is the Law
          28. Faces of Public Health: Oxiris Barbot, Commissioner of Health, Baltimore City
          29. Weekend Update: Healthy Eating at Fairs and Festivals
          30. Make the Most of NACCHO 2011: A Q&A with Robert Pestronk
          31. Telling the Stories of Local Health Departments
          32. What's Changing in the Practice of Public Health: A NewPublicHealth Q&A with Lillian Shirley
          33. NewPublicHealth Q&A: Judith Monroe
          34. NewPublicHealth Q&A: Raul Pino of the Hartford Department of Health
          35. Strengthening and Enforcing Public Health Law
          36. Public Health Faces: NACCHO Attendees
          37. Weigh In On the PHSSR Research Agenda
          38. NACCHO 2011: Highlights
          39. Voices of Public Health: Round-up of Comments on NewPublicHealth
          40. Partnering with Media Turns a Public Health Story into a Movement
          41. NewPublicHealth Q&A: Marthe Gold
          42. NewPublicHealth Q&A: Glen Mays
        8. 08
          1. Accentuating the Positives: Positive Health
          2. Interview with Philip Polgreen
          3. mHealth Evidence Workshop and Webinar, August 16
          4. Another reason to get your flu shot - It can help reduce antibiotic resistance
          5. What does mEvidence need to look like?
          6. Building Bridges in the City by the Bay - The 2011 Health 2.0 Conference
          7. Increasing Dental Student Diversity Starts With Admission Committees
          8. A Model for Transforming Nursing Education
          9. Fulfilling Dr. King's Vision for Health Care
          10. Saving the Day... and the Family Vacation
          11. From Dependency to Interdependency: Coach Pat Summitt's Challenge to America
          12. The 80 Percent by 2020 Recommendation: Overcoming Obstacles
          13. Bringing Nurse Priorities to Congress
          14. Mark Your Calendars: Webinar on Increasing the Number of Baccalaureate Prepared Nurses
          15. Ozioma - That's Good News - From the NABJ Convention in Philadelphia
          16. Fifth in a Series: Advancing a Vision of Access to Quality Oral Health Care for Everyone
          17. Does the Affordable Care Act Have a "Programmatic Blind Spot" About Reducing Health Disparities?
          18. The Power of Partnerships
          19. 21 New RWJF Executive Nurse Fellows
          20. Will Learning in a Small Town Encourage Physicians to Practice There?
          21. Third in a Series: Opportunities in Oral Health
          22. $71.3 Million in Federal Grants for Nursing
          23. The Cost of Interacting with Insurance Plans
          24. Fourth in a Series: A Call to Action on Oral Health Care, Bringing Dentistry to Children Who Need It
          25. Promoting Nurse Leadership in Virginia with a Partners Investing in Nursing's Future Grant
          26. HHS Announces Women's Preventive Services Under the Affordable Care Act
          27. Back to School: Vaccines
          28. Vital Signs: Breastfeeding's Benefits Include Protection Against Childhood Obesity
          29. Sharing Ideas on a Strategic Plan for Alzheimer's Disease
          30. Health Insurance Consumer Fact Labels: An Early Look
          31. Watch Your Back: Posture Safety
          32. Back to School: There's an App For That
          33. NewPublicHealth Q&A: Kaye Bender
          34. New Guidelines Can Help Prevent Heat Illness in Young Athletes
          35. State Health Departments and Social Media: Challenges and Opportunities
          36. Farm Grown… And Growing
          37. Housing and Health: A NewPublicHealth Q&A with Ahuva Jacobowitz
          38. Public Health Foundation Contest Winners Offer Innovative Prevention Ideas
          39. "No Text Message is Worth a Life" - Faces of Distracted Driving
          40. Click to Protect Young Athletes from Heat-Related Illnesses
          41. Back to School: Preventing Sports Injuries
          42. Faces of Public Health: Carmen Nevarez of Dialogue4Health
          43. NewPublicHealth Q&A: Hosea Harvey and Kerri Lowrey
          44. The Power of Health IT for Public Health: A NewPublicHealth Q&A With Farzad Mostashari
          45. Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt: Too Much of a Good Thing?
          46. CDC Updates Flu Vaccine Recommendations for the Upcoming Flu Season
          47. Efforts to Reduce Emergency Room Costs: A NewPublicHealth Q&A: David Ring, M.D.
          48. Public Health Informatics Conference 2011 Kicks Off: What Can We Do With Technology?
          49. Back to School: Health Concerns 2011 and How School Nurses Can Help
          50. Connecting Silos – From Food Stamps to Free Check-ups
          51. Public Health Podcast Series from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health
          52. Health Systems Working Together: "Where Interoperability Gets Real"
          53. What To Do If An Earthquake Hits...
          54. Putting the "Public" Back in Public Health: Social Media in Local Health Departments
          55. Public Health Faces: Public Health Informatics Conference Attendees
          56. Signing Off from the Public Health Informatics Conference
          57. Are Local Health Departments Ready for Meaningful Use?
          58. Idea Gallery: Providing Answers Through Public Health Services and Systems Research
          59. Faces of Public Health: Michelle Kleinman
          60. Health Impact Assessments: National Research Council Guidance to be Released Sept. 8
          61. Hurricane Irene Status Updates - From Facebook: A Q&A With Clay Stamp
        9. 09
          1. New Case Studies in Innosight Institute's Disruptive Innovations in Health Series
          2. Blue Button: Driving a Patient-Centered Revolution in Health Care
          3. Time to Bring Designers to the Table: Thought's From Mayo's Transform Symposium
          4. Simple Measure Could Help Address Public Health Threat
          5. Extending the Cure Launches Interactive Map Featuring Latest Regional and Global Trends in Antibiotic Resistance
          6. Interprofessional Collaboration: It's All About the Patient
          7. RWJF Health & Society Scholar Named to White House Fellows Program
          8. Latest Charting Nursing's Future Brief Focuses on IOM's Recommendations for Nurses' Educational Progression
          9. Aiming for a 'Smoother Chaos'
          10. RWJF Program Co-Director Elected President of Population Association of America
          11. Latinas and HIV/AIDS - 30 Years Later
          12. What Should We Change About Medical Education?
          13. NJ Takes Lead - School Nurses in Key Position to Combat Bullying
          14. The Imperative to Change the Perception of Nurses
          15. Nonfinancial Barriers to Care
          16. The Labor Force on Labor Day: Nurses in Demand
          17. RWJF Community Health Leader Fights Asthma in East Harlem, Door to Door
          18. Investing in Solutions, Locally
          19. What Causes High Health Care Costs in the United States?
          20. NJ Celebrates a Milestone: So a Nurse Will Be There For You
          21. My Visit to the White House
          22. In Their Own Words: RWJF Health & Society Scholars
          23. The Promise and Peril of Social Media
          24. Improving the Social Environment, and Lives, of Youth
          25. "Stick Your Butt Out!"
          26. World Suicide Prevention Day: September 10
          27. Faces of Public Health: Howard Bauchner
          28. Remembering 9/11: No News Wasn't Good News By Jack Herrmann, NACCHO
          29. NewPublicHealth Q&A: Libby Doggett
          30. Public-Private Partnership Aims to Prevent 1 Million Heart Attacks and Strokes in 5 Years
          31. First National Accreditation Program for Public Health Departments Launched Today
          32. NewPublicHealth Q&A: The Y's Jonathan Lever
          33. Using Questions to Find Cancer Answers
          34. Faces of Public Health: Robert Taube
          35. CDC: Missing Flu Shot Factor in Some Deaths in Children during Last Flu Season
          36. Idea Gallery: A Decade After 9/11 and Anthrax Attacks, Public Health Preparedness Remains Critical
          37. NewPublicHealth Q&A: Jon Vernick on Helmet and Speed Laws
          38. Local Boards of Health: A NewPublicHealth Q&A With Marie Fallon
          39. Contagion The Movie: A NewPublicHealth Q&A with Barbara Reynolds
          40. A NewPublicHealth Q&A: Tonya Lewis Lee on Infant Mortality Month
          41. September 11th Attack and the Intentional Release of Anthrax Q&A: CDC and Public Health Respond
          42. Local Boards of Health and Community Health: A Q&A with Ed Schneider
          43. Health Impact Assessments: A NewPublicHealth Q&A with Pamela Russo
          44. Health Impact Assessment: "This is About Thinking Through What We Do Before We Act"
          45. NewPublicHealth Q&A: Jennifer Kates, Kaiser Family Foundation
          46. NewPublicHealth Q&A: Kathryn Power
          47. Federal Reserve "Healthy Communities" Events: A Q&A With Elizabeth Sobel Blum
          48. Child Passenger Safety Week
          49. HHS Launches Text-Messaging Based Smoking Cessation Resources
          50. Public Health Hits the Big Screen: A NewPublicHealth Q&A with Andre Blackman
          51. U.S. Has Projects Underway to Help Reduce Chronic Diseases Around the World
          52. Flu Season Update: Two-thirds of Employees Admit They Come to Work Sick
          53. Healthy Chicago: A NewPublicHealth Q&A With Bechara Choucair
          54. Clearing the Air: Tobacco Control Advocates Meet this Week
          55. Antibiotic Resistance Mapping: 2.0
          56. Watson Gets a Job in Healthcare: A NewPublicHealth Q&A with Herbert Chase
          57. MacArthur Fellows: Five Are Tackling Issues Impacting the Public's Health
          58. The Interrupters: A NewPublicHealth Q&A With Gary Slutkin
          59. Bike-share Programs: Do Health Benefits Outweigh Safety Risks?
          60. Faces of Public Health: Lisa Pivec, Cherokee Healthy Nation
        10. 10
          1. Advancing the field of mHealth with mEvidence
          2. Decisions, Decisions, Behavioral Economics and Behavioral Change
          3. Warm Weather Brings Risk of Resistant Hospital Infections
          4. Early Insights from Project HealthDesign
          5. Exploring What We Don't Know at TEDMED 2011
          6. Innovation, Optimism and Exploration at TEDMED 2011
          7. The Tip of the Iceberg for Science: Massive Biobank Starts Yielding Results
          8. The Problem of Limited Access for the Uninsured and Underinsured May Not Be So Bleak
          9. Men in Nursing are Taking Action to Improve Gender Diversity and Inclusion
          10. Upcoming Nursing Webinars
          11. Laws are Not the Only Barriers to Scope of Practice
          12. When Dreams are Destroyed by the Foreclosure Crisis, Health Suffers Too
          13. Action Coalitions at Work: Montana
          14. Living in a Sugar Nation: Can We Win the Battle Against a Silent Killer?
          15. Medical School Enrollment Climbs
          16. Technology: Key to Transforming Nursing Education
          17. A Prestigious Gathering, an Honor, and an Impressive Showing for RWJF
          18. Creating Incentives for Nurses to Acquire Baccalaureate Degrees
          19. 700 Miles Away: A New View of U.S. Health Care
          20. A Male Nurse's Experience: "I Have Been Welcomed by Patients"
          21. Hospital Employment Rising, But Changing
          22. Nurse Residencies: Building a Better Future for Patients and Nurses
          23. Action Coalitions at Work: Hawaii
          24. Action Coalitions at Work
          25. The Doctor - of Nursing - Will See You Now
          26. New Federal Initiative Aims to Improve Care Coordination
          27. Join the Twitter Chat on the Future of Nursing!
          28. A Year of Progress
          29. Mark Your Calendar: Webinar on Nursing Workforce Supply Data Collection
          30. "Health Equity Needs to be a Part of the Public Health DNA"
          31. ASTHO 2011-2012 President's Challenge: Healthy Babies
          32. Plan Now to Keep Pedestrians Safe on Halloween
          33. A Bike But No Helmet: Recommended Reading
          34. HRSA's Mary Wakefield on Healthy Baby Efforts: A NewPublicHealth Q&A
          35. State Public Health and Public Health Heroes
          36. Flu Vaccine: Don't Wait for Perfect
          37. Scott Burris With an Update on Public Health Law: A NewPublicHealth Q&A
          38. Faces of Public Health: Mary Selecky
          39. Weigh In: What's Your Public Health "Win"?
          40. Risa Lavizzo-Mourey: A New Public Health in an Age of Austerity
          41. APHA Opening Session: "Fight to Make Change... Now!"
          42. Hispanic Heritage Month: Facing Community Health Disparities
          43. Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Supporting Young Jewish Women with Breast Cancer
          44. Share Your Public Health Story
          45. New Orleans Light Rail Brings Renewed Quality of Life
          46. Farm to School Month: Plant the Seeds of Healthy Communities
          47. Dr. Howard Koh: Risk Communication in the Anthrax Attacks of 2001
          48. Health Literacy: Reducing the Burden of a Complex Healthcare System
          49. ASTHO 2011: Q&A With Paul Jarris
          50. Distracted Driving Laws: Upcoming Public Health Law Webinar
          51. Senate Committee Looks to Prevention For Cutting Healthcare Costs
          52. Employers Join Community Health Movement: NewPublicHealth Q&A
          53. 10 Years Ago, First Case of Anthrax in Florida - Unsung National Heroes
          54. CDC Sets Sights on Better Tracking of U.S. Mental Health
          55. NACCHO 2011 Budget Cuts and Job Loss Survey: Cuts Continue
          56. A Movement for Quality Care
          57. How Safe is the Food at Farmers' Markets?
          58. NYC Response to the Anthrax Attacks of 2001
          59. Anthony S. Fauci Reflects on the 2001 Anthrax Attacks
          60. Who's NOT Getting the Flu Shot?
          61. Did You Celebrate Global Handwashing Day?
          62. Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Focus on African American Women
          63. Anthrax in D.C.: Dan Hanfling and Georges Benjamin Remember the Events of 2001
          64. Advice to a Modern, Public Health Rip Van Winkle: Recommended Reading
          65. Quit Smoking: How Much Does it Pay?
          66. American Academy of Pediatrics Annual Meeting: Public Health Updates
          67. ASTHO Annual Meeting Kicks Off: A Vision for the New Public Health
          68. NewPublicHealth Q&A: Thomas Frieden and Moving Public Health Into the Future
          69. Terry Cline at ASTHO: NewPublicHealth Q&A
          70. Injuries Are Not Accidents: NewPublicHealth Q&A with Dan Stier
          71. Watch: Risa Lavizzo-Mourey's APHA Speech
          72. Marketing of Sugary Drinks: NewPublicHealth Q&A with Jennifer Harris
          73. HHS Leading Health Indicators: Health by Some New Numbers
          74. Creating a Prevention Agenda: The New York City Experience
          75. Health & Hollywood: "Putting a Little Spinach in the Popcorn"
          76. Measuring the Impact of Farmers' Markets
          77. A Very Public Health Halloween: Costumes at APHA
        11. 11
          1. The Potential to Solve Perplexing Health Problems
          2. OpenNotes Hints at Great News to Come
          3. Introducing Innovations for Health: Solutions that Cross Borders
          4. Why We Have to Start Cutting Back on Antibiotic Use
          5. Converging Ideas at the 2011 mHealth Summit
          6. Discovery Channel Documentary Highlights Project ECHO
          7. What Do We Really Need from mHealth?
          8. Innovations in Integrated Health
          9. Moving to Better Health
          10. Caregiving: A Transformative Experience Like No Other
          11. Decline in Physician Visits: What's Behind the Trend?
          12. The Public Health Crisis that Overwhelms Families: One Family's Caregiving Story
          13. Fewer Consumers Seeking Health Information, Report Says
          14. Action Coalitions at Work: Wyoming
          15. November is National Family Caregivers Month
          16. Impact of Bundled Payments: Opportunities and Threats to Nurses
          17. A Marathon with No Finish Line
          18. The Future of Nursing in North Carolina
          19. A Special Challenge and a 24/7 Responsibility: Caring for a Family Member with a Mechanical Heart at Home
          20. A Family Caregiver and Patient Safety Advocate Says: We Don't Need to Reinvent the Wheel, But We Need to Roll on the Ones We Have... Collaboratively
          21. Medicare's Move to Bundled Payments
          22. Narratives to Promote Evidence - Or Why the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force Should Get Ira Glass to Tell the Story of the Science
          23. Time to Get Moving: How a Function-Focused Approach Helps Caregivers and Those They Care For
          24. AHRQ Releases Primary Care Workforce Analysis
          25. Providing a Voice for the Under-Represented Through Survey Research
          26. Honoring the 2011 Community Health Leaders
          27. Be Careful What We Ask For...
          28. Caregivers: Partners in Improving Care for Older Adults
          29. Raise our Voices to Care for the Caregiver
          30. New Federal Initiative Aims to Expand the Health Care Workforce
          31. An Aspiring Doctor Finds Someone to Show Her the Way to Medical School... and Gives Back
          32. Faces of Public Health: Melvin D. Shipp, APHA President
          33. What Should You Do If You Witness Child Abuse?
          34. New Research Shows Significant Overuse of Antibiotics in Some Parts of U.S.
          35. Great American Smokeout: Still Smoking? Don't Give Up on Quitting
          36. Get Smart About Antibiotics: NewPublicHealth Q&A With Ramanan Laxminarayan
          37. Girls on the Run: You Go, Girls!
          38. A Historic Opportunity to Usher in an AIDS-Free Generation
          39. New Community Collaborations Focus on Education, Jobs, Safety to Improve Health
          40. FDA: Used Sharps Don't Belong in the Trash
          41. UPDATE: This Is Only A Test: National Emergency Alert System Tested Today
          42. Legal Action Puts Cigarette Warning Labels on Hold…For Now
          43. America's Great Outdoors: Recommended Reading
          44. Public Health Departments Partner Across Regions to Provide Expanded Services
          45. Is the Flu Near You? Report it!
          46. Public Health News Roundup: November 14
          47. Shining a Light on Premature Births
          48. Preventing Violence: A NewPublicHealth Q&A with Kristin Schubert
          49. Public Health Thank You Day
          50. Keeping Kids in School Through School-Based Health Centers: Recommended Reading
          51. Health Departments Serve Up Healthy Ideas for Thanksgiving Dinner
          52. Community Commons: An Online Gathering Place for Healthier Communities
          53. Happy Thanksgiving: Gratitude is Good For Your Health
          54. Pediatrics: Public Health Updates
          55. Teen Relationships and Health: Q&A with Start Strong Atlanta
          56. APHA: New Research Highlights
          57. Health Impact Assessments at APHA: A "Valuable and Promising Tool"
          58. Health of Older Americans: NewPublicHealth Q&A With Marie Bernard
          59. Text4babyUpdate: 250,000 Moms and Counting
          60. Yvette Roubideaux of the Indian Health Service: NewPublicHealth Q&A
          61. Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids: States Slash Tobacco Control Spending Yet Again
          62. Healthy Housing and Connected Communities: NewPublicHealth Q&A with Erika Poethig
          63. Menu Labeling: What are Restaurants Doing?
          64. Tax on Sugar-Sweetened Beverages?
          65. Asleep at the Wheel: How to Avoid Drowsy Driving
          66. Preventing and Managing Diabetes: "It's Not Easy But It's Worth It"
          67. Advocating for Healthy Foods in School
          68. Creating a Healthier Commute: Active Transport
          69. Hank Cardello Q&A: Selling Better-for-You Foods is Good Business
          70. Community Development: Focus on Emerging Collaborations
          71. APHA Man on the Street: Who's Out and About?
          72. Tom Mason on Engaging Employers in Community Health: A NewPublicHealth Q&A
          73. Continuing Momentum for Quality Improvement in Public Health
          74. Public Health Challenges of Sports-Related Head Injury
          75. Getting Healthier Foods on Students' Plates
          76. APHA's Georges Benjamin on Bolstering the Public Health Workforce
          77. More Ways to Keep Up With APHA 2011
          78. Health and the Economy Go Hand in Hand
          79. Accreditation: Is Your Health Department Ready to Apply?
          80. APHA Round Up: Efforts to Prevent Obesity
          81. Faces of Public Health: Tio Hardiman
          82. Communities Putting Prevention to Work: NewPublicHealth Q&A with Ursula Bauer
          83. Mental Health as Public Health: Q&A with SAMHSA's Pamela Hyde
          84. David Michaels of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration: NewPublicHealth Q&A
        12. 12
          1. RWJF Grantees Named to Forbes' Top 30 Social Entrepreneurs List
          2. Vote for the Most Influential Articles of the Year
          3. The False Dichotomy of Nature Versus Nurture
          4. Reflections from mHealth Summit 2011
          5. @Choo: Can Twitter Track The Flu?
          6. Why OpenNotes Will Open Minds
          7. Gaining Perspectives on mHealth
          8. Pioneer Grantees Named to HealthLeaders Media's 20 People Who Make Health Care Better
          9. The 'Burden' of Family Caregiving Never Ends...
          10. Action Coalitions at Work: New Jersey
          11. In Some Ways, All Nurses Are Public Health Nurses, RWJF Scholar Says
          12. Navigating Care Across Settings: The Role of Caregivers
          13. Action Coalitions at Work: Florida
          14. Are Young People the Cure for the Nursing Shortage?
          15. Racial Disparities and Life Expectancy: A State-by-State Examination
          16. Dentistry Adds New Dimension to Harold Amos Medical Faculty Development Program
          17. Early and Often: Engaging Nurses in Health IT
          18. The Key Role of Workforce Policy in Improving Primary Care for Patients
          19. Health Leads Helps Fill Gap Between Unmet Social Needs and Good Health
          20. Commit2fit: Harnessing the Power of Technology to Promote Physical Activity and Weight Loss in Young African American Women
          21. Health Professionals Top Gallup "Honesty and Ethical Standards" Poll
          22. States Working to Retain Physicians
          23. Expanding Primary Care in the Short Term
          24. Happy New Year from the RWJF Human Capital Blog
          25. "I Vow to do What I Can to Foster Collaboration on the Part of Health Care Workers"
          26. Accessible, Affordable, High Quality Care for All
          27. Improve Population Health
          28. Utilitarianism
          29. End the Turf War and Put People First
          30. So That a Nurse Is There For You
          31. A Tongue-in-Cheek Resolution for the New Year
          32. Slow the Growth in U.S. Health Care Costs
          33. We Must Bring Down Walls, Dismantle Barriers and Work With One Another
          34. Encore Careers: A New Chapter of Life to Change the World
          35. World AIDS Day: Tailoring HIV/AIDS Info for Distinct Audiences
          36. mHealth Summit: What's the Potential of Health Technology for Public Health?
          37. mHealth Summit: An Interview with Susannah Fox of the Pew Internet & American Life Project
          38. mHealth Summit Day One: HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and West Wireless Institute's Eric Topol
          39. Surgeon General Announces New Healthy Apps Challenge
          40. NCI's Yvonne Hunt: With mHealth in Public Health, Key Word is Potential
          41. Helping Health Departments Make Smart Decisions with Limited Resources: Q&A with Douglas Scutchfield
          42. Play Time Is More Than Good Fun, It's Good Health: NewPublicHealth Q&A with Jill Vialet
          43. mHealth: Updates from the Exhibit Floor
          44. Dr. Douglas Jutte: My Patient's Most Pressing Health Issue was a Broken Carburetor
          45. Almost Two-Thirds of Americans Still Need Their Flu Shot
          46. GOVERNING Summit on Healthy Living: NewPublicHealth Q&A with Erin Waters
          47. CDC Home Page Gets a Face Lift
          48. Flu Vaccine: What's Your Excuse?
          49. Housing Policy is Health Policy: Q&A with HUD's Raphael Bostic
          50. A Note of Caution on mHealth: Q&A with NIH's Robert Kaplan
          51. Call for Abstracts: Public Health Systems and Services Research Keeneland 2012 Conference
          52. Be a Part of the First National Health Impact Assessment (HIA) Meeting: April 3-4, 2012
          53. Ready or Not: Public Health Preparedness Q&A With Paul Jarris
          54. Influencing Teens Against Sugary Drinks with Calorie Signage: Recommended Reading
          55. Faces of Public Health: CDC's Karen Morrione
          56. Fa La La La Fido: Holiday Pet Safety
          57. Avoid the Emergency Room this Holiday Season
          58. Spike in Mental Health Patients Seeking Care at Emergency Rooms: Recommended Reading
          59. Readers Respond: Physicians and the Social Side of Health
          60. Faces of Public Health: Lloyd Johnston
          61. When Seniors Stop Driving
      11. 1.6.11. 2012
        1. 01
          1. OpenNotes: Mind the Gap
          2. Inviting Patients to Read Their Doctors' Notes
          3. Project HealthDesign Provides Input on Health IT Policies
          4. Shorter Antibiotic Regimens Might Counter Antibiotic Resistance
          5. 'Exergames' Can Improve Cognitive Function in Older Adults
          6. Pioneer Grantees Top RWJF's Most Influential Research Articles of 2011
          7. Nurse-Managed Health Clinics Provided Badly Needed Primary Care - But Without Funding, They and their Patients are at Risk
          8. Study: State Caps on Mandatory Overtime for Nurses Seem to Work
          9. RWJF Announces Most Influential Research Articles of 2011: Nurse Faculty Scholar Study is Among Them
          10. MyHeartMap Challenge: Mapping Life-Saving Defibrillators in Philadelphia
          11. In 2012, Let's Trim Our Waistline, Embrace Change and Play to Our Strengths
          12. Housing, Neighborhoods and Health Disparities
          13. A Holistic and Comprehensive Approach
          14. Abject Poverty Affects Health
          15. New Year's Resolution: Fully Informed Choices
          16. Maggie Mahoney Improved Health by Supporting Innovative Thinkers in Health and Medicine
          17. Health Care Employment Still Showing Promising Trends
          18. In the Business of Giving Hope
          19. Action Coalitions at Work: California
          20. Health Care Disparities, Dr. King and a Meeting Long Ago
          21. The Collective New Year's Resolution
          22. If Not You, Then Who?
          23. The Imperative to Reduce Cost Without Sacrificing Health
          24. Physical Activity is Essential
          25. A Diverse, Well-Educated Nursing Workforce
          26. Let's Toast the Beginning of Health Care Equity
          27. Living the Dream: How We Care Matters
          28. Healthy Egypt: Egyptian Women
          29. Health Care, Inequality & Dr. King: Reflecting on our Priorities
          30. Milwaukee Nurses Rebuild Pipeline of Public Health Nurses
          31. Increasing Gender Diversity through Innovations in Nursing Education
          32. In Their Own Words: RWJF Clinical Scholars
          33. Patient-Centered Medical Homes: Good Staff Morale, But Risk for Burnout
          34. Stop the Suffering Among Older Patients
          35. Study Finds Electronic Health Records Improve Nursing Care
          36. RWJF Program Provided Career Development, Research Support for Junior Medical School Faculty
          37. Study: CeaseFire Model Can Stop Epidemic of Gun Violence, Replicated in Baltimore
          38. Healthy Babies are Worth the Wait
          39. Diabetes Also Takes an Economic Toll
          40. Healthy Babies Minnesota: A Q&A with State Health Officer Edward Ehlinger
          41. CDC Vital Signs: Reducing Binge Drinking
          42. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: A Time For Reflection on Health Disparities
          43. Cast Your Vote: Most Influential Research Articles of 2011
          44. More Jobs For Better Health: NewPublicHealth Q&A With Mark Pinsky
          45. Public Health Law Research Program Annual Meeting: Q&A With Scott Burris
          46. Public Health Law Research Trends: Q&A With Lawrence Gostin
          47. Up to the Challenge?
          48. Tobacco Prevention Saves Money
          49. NIH Resource on Drug Addiction Treatment
          50. Lead Laws: NewPublicHealth Q&A With Katrina Korfmacher
          51. PHLR Annual Meeting: Update on Community Benefit Requirements
          52. Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting: Intersection of Health and Transportation
          53. Upcoming Webinar: Gun Violence, Mental Illness and Firearms
          54. Faces of Public Health: Harrison Spencer
          55. Public Health Stories to Watch in 2012: Recommended Reading
          56. HHS Secretary Sebelius on Department's New Global Health Strategy
          57. Some Patients Don't Smoke and Tell
          58. Food Safety: More Training, Staff, Funding Needed
          59. APHA Power of Policy Contest: Q&A With Caroline Fichtenberg
          60. High Arrest Rates among Young Adults: Q&A with Dan Stier
          61. City Planning and Health: Q&A With Harriet Tregoning, D.C. Office of City Planning
          62. Soap Stars: Recommended Reading
          63. Transportation and Health By the Numbers
          64. Faces of Public Health: Dr. John Buse
          65. Kaiser Permanente Shares HIV Best Practices
          66. Designing Healthy Communities: NewPublicHealth Q&A with Richard Jackson
          67. CDC National Leadership Academy for the Public's Health: Apply Through February 3
          68. Little Bets: A NewPublicHealth Q&A With Author Peter Sims
        2. 02
          1. Making Sense of the Debate Over Patient Access to Medical Information
          2. Health Games Research Profiled by Inside Healthcare IT
          3. Freelancers Union Expands Affordable and Stable Coverage for Independent Workers
          4. New Study Points the Way to Better Care, Improved Outcomes and Lower Costs for Homeless People with Chronic Conditions
          5. New Resource for Aspiring Nurse Leaders in the Boardroom
          6. Going It Together: Physician Visits as a Family Affair
          7. Recruiting Primary Care Physicians: Away from Specialties and Into Rural Areas
          8. Sex Cells: An RWJF Scholar Looks at the Market for Eggs and Sperm in this Country
          9. New on the Human Capital Section of the RWJF Website
          10. New Careers in Nursing: "A Whole New Direction"
          11. Isolation in America: Does Living Alone Mean Being Alone?
          12. Insurer's New Program Will Raise Reimbursements for Primary Care Providers
          13. Executive Nurse Fellows Program a Springboard for Nurse Leaders
          14. Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) to Include More Than Science
          15. Expanded Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Scope of Practice Laws: Can We Ignore Economic Motives and Effects?
          16. The Faces of RWJF Human Capital
          17. DAISY Foundation Awards Promote Gender Diversity in Nursing
          18. Why I Love Being Nurse Faculty
          19. Nursing Students Learn through Real-World Experience
          20. How Central Massachusetts Increased Access to Oral Health Care for Low-Income Children
          21. Program Repays Student Loans for Primary Care Physicians Working in Underserved Areas
          22. Building Leaders in Health Care
          23. Public Health Services Research: Building the Evidence
          24. Public Health Preparedness Summit
          25. Expanding the Breadth of Health Research Covered by the Media
          26. Helping Health Departments Make Smart Decisions with Limited Resources: Q&A with Douglas Scutchfield
          27. DOT Proposes 'Distraction' Guidelines for Cars
          28. Living Well With Chronic Disease
          29. Regroup, Refocus, Refresh: 2012 Public Health Preparedness Summit
          30. Social Media During Disasters: NewPublicHealth Q&A With CDC's Mark Keim
          31. Surgeon General's Healthy Apps Challenge: Winners Announced
          32. Preparedness Summit: A Community Comes Together in Joplin
          33. Preparedness Summit: American Red Cross Community Resilience Pilot Program
          34. Jamie and Karen Moyer: Supporting Kids in Distress Through the Moyer Foundation
          35. Smart Growth Blog Round-up
          36. Smart Growth: Practice What You Preach
          37. Healthy San Bernardino: Getting Healthier
          38. Walkability Audit with Dan Burden
          39. Smart Growth is Smart for Health and the Economy
          40. Today Is Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
          41. Smart Growth: Using Laws to Increase Walking and Biking to School
          42. Addiction Incorporated: A Tobacco Whistle-blower and the Filmmaker Who Told His Story
          43. Partnership for Sustainable Communities
          44. Getting Ready for a Maturing America
          45. Faces of Smart Growth: New Partners for Smart Growth Conference Attendees
          46. Healthy Babies: HHS Adds an Initiative to Help Reduce Preterm Births
          47. Faces of Public Health: Kevin Guskiewicz, MD
          48. Upcoming Webinar on Health Impact Assessments
          49. CDC on Your iPad
          50. Connection Between Health Care and Public Health: Q&A with Eduardo Sanchez
          51. Safe Routes to School: Q&A with Deb Hubsmith
          52. Health Affairs Policy Brief on the Prevention and Public Health Fund
          53. Mobilizing Communities Toward Better Health, Income and Education: Q&A With United Way's Brian Gallagher
          54. Laurie Cammisa, Children's Hospital Boston: "We See Ourselves as Agents For Social Change"
          55. Public Health Nursing: Readers Comment
          56. New Partners for Smart Growth Conference Begins Tomorrow
          57. Super Bowl Sunday: Score Healthier, Safer Snacks
          58. NewPublicHealth Q&A: Barbara McCann of the National Complete Streets Coalition
          59. National Prevention Strategy and Smart Growth
          60. RWJF Forum on the Future of Public Health Nursing
          61. Stephen Colbert Meets "The Interrupters"
        3. 03
          1. New Data Reveals High Death Rates From Clostridium Difficile (C. diff)
          2. Pioneer travels to SXSW 2012!
          3. Pioneer's Commitment to Health Games Profiled in New Games for Health Journal
          4. Hack-a-Thon for "Unmentionable" Issues in Adolescent Health
          5. Q&A with Freelancers Union's Sara Horowitz on Modernizing Health Insurance
          6. Congratulations to Scott Johnson, an Inspirational Innovator
          7. Feeling Optimistic after SXSW
          8. Meet the Innovations for Health Competition Finalists!
          9. Life Purpose May Help Reduce Heart Attack Risk
          10. Positive Deviance Research Continues to Impact Health Care System
          11. The Imperative to Make All Patients Feel Respected and Comfortable
          12. RWJF Launches New Initiative to Support Academic Progression in Nursing
          13. The Case for Nursing Education Progression
          14. Diverse Partnerships are Key to Texas Team's Success
          15. Health Professionals Using Flexible Work Schedules, Policies
          16. Helping Low-Income Shoppers Access Fresh, Healthy Foods at Farmers' Markets
          17. RN Work Project Study Examines Recession's Impact on New Nurses
          18. Let's Make it Easier for Caregivers to Protect Infants from Whooping Cough
          19. It's Spring and Allergy Season is Upon Us. Is our Primary Care Workforce Ready to Meet Patient Needs?
          20. Who's Your Favorite Fictional Nurse Character?
          21. VA May Need to Do More to Help Women Veterans Who Are Homeless or At Risk for Homelessness, Study by RWJF/VA Scholar Finds
          22. What We Talk About When We Talk About Alzheimer's Disease
          23. Health Care Providers with Geriatric Training in Demand
          24. March is Red Cross Month
          25. The Role of the Workforce in Access to Oral Health Care
          26. Campaign for Action Names 12 New State Action Coalitions
          27. Budget Cuts, Faculty Shortages Limit Number of Nursing Students
          28. RWJF Scholar Puts GPS Technology to Work Fighting Asthma
          29. California Action Coalition Shares Secrets of Success
          30. New RWJF Program Will Study How to Use Primary Care Workforce More Effectively
          31. Nursing Needs All Hands on Deck, Including the Quiet Leadership of Introverts
          32. Arthur Wendel, CDC's Health Community Design Initiative: A NewPublicHealth Q&A
          33. John Auerbach: NewPublicHealth Q&A on Community Benefit
          34. Bullying: Take Action, Join the Conversation
          35. Faces of Public Health: Henry Spiller, Director, Kentucky Regional Poison Control Center
          36. Foodborne Illness From Imported Food Rises
          37. CDC: First Ever National Ad Campaign Highlights Horrors of Smoking
          38. What Can We Learn From How We Treat Hospitalized Children?
          39. Bill Beckner, National Recreation and Park Association: Faces of Public Health
          40. Life Behind the Wheel, a Roadmap for Safety
          41. Flu Vaccines for Hospital Workers
          42. Video: What is Walkability?
          43. County Health Rankings & Roadmaps 2012: Behind-the-Scenes Sneak Peek with Bridget Booske Catlin
          44. Surgeon General: What If Kids Never Started Smoking?
          45. ReelAbilities: Appreciating the Lives, Stories and Challenges of People With Disabilities
          46. Contagion: Movie Screenwriter and Scientific Consultant Chat With NACCHO
          47. Surgeon General's Report: Preventing Tobacco Use Among Youth and Young Adults
          48. NIDA's Cathrine Sasek: Drug Abuse Information in Plain Language
          49. David Law: "Determined to Bring Healthy Choices Into Our Neighborhoods"
          50. Workplace Wellness: Perspectives From a University and a Steel Fabrication Company
          51. Flu Vaccines for Hospital Workers: Should They Be Required?
          52. How Are You Celebrating Kick Butts Day?
          53. World Water Day: Time for U.S. to Think About Water Quality Too
          54. On the Road to Retirement: Recommended Reading
          55. Investing in America's Health
          56. Emergency Preparedness: A Blended Emphasis on Collaboration
          57. Arthur Wendel, CDC's Healthy Community Design Initiative: A NewPublicHealth Q&A
          58. County Health Rankings 2012: NewPublicHealth Q&A with David Altman
          59. John Auerbach: A Q&A on Community Benefit
          60. Daughters of the American Revolution Help DC School Kids Plant a Garden
          61. National Public Health Week: Join the Movement!
          62. Faces of Public Health: Kelly Meyer and Garden Lessons from "The Lorax"
        4. 04
          1. Eight Innovative Ideas to Influence Health Behavior
          2. Pioneer Grantees Present Game-Changing Ideas at 12gurus: Health Conference
          3. Congratulations to the Winners of Innovations for Health: Solutions that Cross Borders!
          4. New Evidence Continues to Build the Field of Positive Health
          5. Happiness is Hot
          6. National Donate Life Month: How a Video Can Increase the Number of Organ Donors
          7. An RWJF Nurse Faculty Scholar Becomes a Bald Hero
          8. Dual Degrees Becoming More Popular for Med Students
          9. Hospital Pricing for Appendectomy Varies Widely, RWJF Scholar Finds
          10. On DNA Day, Let's Encourage More Nurses to Pursue Genetics
          11. A Dream Comes True: A Single Mom with Five Kids Becomes a Nurse
          12. Hospitals Named to "Top 100" List Point to Nurses' Contributions to Success
          13. An RWJF Scholar's Non-Traditional Career Path from Public School Teacher to Medical Student
          14. Project SHAPE LA: Nurse Faculty Scholar Alum Aims to Help Children Get Active
          15. Recession Likely Cause of Drop in Doctor Visits, Prescription Medications
          16. Health Care Jobs Will Grow Twice as Fast as General Economy, Study Says
          17. Nursing School Enrollment Up; Faculty and Facility Constraints Persist
          18. Community Service: Reaching Out to Others to Learn More About Yourself
          19. Helping Mental Health Professionals Get Suicide-Prevention Training
          20. Making Oral Health Care Accessible
          21. An RWJF Scholar Shares Lessons Learned - Inside and Outside the Courtroom - When the U.S. Supreme Court Considered Health Reform
          22. Healthy Doctors Better Able to Discuss Healthy Lifestyles with Patients
          23. Mentoring the Next Generation
          24. SAMHSA Launches 24/7 Disaster Distress Helpline
          25. Federal Trade Commission: Advertising Practices to Promote Public Health
          26. National Infant Immunization Week: Vaccine Champions in Every State
          27. Healthier Communities: A NewPublicHealth Conversation with the Y's Monica Vinluan
          28. Keeneland Conference: Law and Public Health Services and Systems
          29. Are You Sitting Down for This?
          30. Health and High Energy Costs: Assessing the Impact of Smart Metering
          31. National Prevention Strategy Series: Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy
          32. FDA and Global Engagement: Recommended Reading
          33. County Health Rankings: Creating Community Leaders
          34. Frontiers in Public Health Services & Systems Research: Making Critical Research Accessible, Quickly
          35. Follow NewPublicHealth at the Keeneland Conference
          36. Keeneland Conference Q&A: Debra Perez of RWJF
          37. National Health Promotion Summit
          38. So, What Do You Do in Public Health?
          39. One Child Dies of an Unintentional Injury Every Hour
          40. UDSA to Americans: Debug Now
          41. Office of National Drug Control Policy: Preventing Drug Use in Our Communities
          42. Environmental Justice: Recommended Reading
          43. Public Health Financing: NewPublicHealth Q&A with Marthe Gold and Steven Teutsch
          44. Tackling Health's Great Challenges at TEDMED
          45. Intel: Employee Health and Professional Development – Through Retirement
          46. Nancy Andrews on Healthy Communities: Critical Discussion on Community Development and Health
          47. Building a Healthier Community? Apply for a Prize
          48. New Report: Laws and Policies that Support Health Impact Assessment
          49. County Health Calculator 2.0: Q&A With Steven Woolf
          50. Townhall Tonight to Mark the Start of Minority Health Month
          51. Video: Mayor Chip Johnson, Creating a Culture of Health in Hernando
          52. PedNet: Highlighting the Link Between Transportation and Health
          53. Aaron Wernham: First National Health Impact Assessment Meeting Kicks Off Tomorrow
          54. 2012 County Health Rankings Launch Today: Q&A with Patrick Remington
          55. FDA Requires Tobacco Firms to Report Key Components of Cigarettes
          56. James Hodge: Q&A on Public Health Law and Health Impact Assessment
          57. Inaugural National Health Impact Assessment Meeting: What We Learned
          58. Health Impact Assessments: Low-Income Rental Housing Inspections
          59. Youth Voices in Action: Conversations from America's Fields
          60. Keeneland Conference: A Look Ahead with F. Douglas Scutchfield
          61. Improved Tornado Warnings Saved Lives: Recommended Reading
          62. The Cost of Obesity and the ROI of Prevention
          63. Keeneland Conference: A Conversation with IOM's Harvey Fineberg
          64. Earth Day: Describe Our Planet in Six Words
          65. Richard J. Umbdenstock, American Hospital Association: Opportunities for Collaboration Between Health and Health Care
          66. Keeneland Conference Q&A: Carol Moehrle on Public Health Department Accreditation
        5. 05
          1. Of Force Multipliers and Hot Spotting: RWJF-Supported Initiatives Bring Forth Innovation
          2. Positioned for Transformation: Expanding the Scope of Health Care
          3. Terrance Keenan Institute: Leadership from Wherever You Sit
          4. My Own Story: Encouraging a Diverse, Well-Educated Nursing Workforce
          5. Creating a Better Educated Workforce: Transforming Patient Care
          6. National Nurses Week 2012 and New Jersey
          7. "We Knew the Need Was Significant": Nurse Leadership by Example
          8. New on the Human Capital Section of the RWJF Website
          9. Sick in America: Nurses, Other Providers Stretched Thin
          10. A Nurse-Midwife and a PhD Candidate
          11. Med School Enrollment Increasing, Schools Adapting to Address Physician Shortage
          12. Tomorrow: Webinar on Future of Nursing, Lifelong Learning
          13. How a Personal Experience Led to a Program of Research Focused on Eliminating Intimate Partner Violence Disparities Among Hispanic Women
          14. Improving on Success: Why the Nurse-Family Partnership Model is a Work in Progress
          15. Climbing Health Care's Highest Mountain: Risa Lavizzo-Mourey's 2012 President's Message
          16. Meet the Summer Medical and Dental Education Program
          17. RWJF Celebrates 40 Years of Improving Health and Health Care
          18. Named for a Nurse
          19. Infographic: Nurses Answer the Call
          20. A Mentor, An Educator, A Shaper of Public Policy - A Nurse
          21. I Believe This About Nursing...
          22. Building the Body of Research in the Science of Nursing Care
          23. Healthier Moms, Stronger Babies
          24. New Census Report Signals Need for Change in Health Care Workforce
          25. Meet the RWJF Health & Society Scholars Program
          26. WHO World Health Statistics: Growing Burden of Non-communicable Diseases
          27. Making Schools More Biking-Friendly: Recommended Reading
          28. Weight of the Nation Conference: Partnerships
          29. County Health Rankings & Roadmaps Take on Capitol Hill
          30. New IOM Report Identifies Key Strategies to Prevent Obesity
          31. Asthma Awareness
          32. U.S. Lags Behind 130 Other Nations in Preterm Birth Rate
          33. The Art of Public Health
          34. Faces of Public Health: Earl Dotter
          35. Frank Chaloupka Q&A: Study Shows 2009 Federal Tobacco Tax Helped Cut Youth Smoking
          36. Text4Baby: Mother's Day Contest
          37. Med Students Help Teach Nutrition, Physical Activity Goals to Illinois School Kids
          38. Making Health a Part of the School Day
          39. What Makes a Community Healthy? Q&A with Howard Frumkin
          40. Whooping Cough and Budgets Cuts: Recommended Reading
          41. Michael Shank: U.S. Peace Index Q&A
          42. Public Health News Afternoon Update: May 15
          43. Public Health Leaders Walk the Walk
          44. NNPHI Annual Conference Highlights
          45. Graduating From Menthol: Recommended Reading
          46. Afternoon Public Health News Update: May 17
          47. Billie Weiss Q&A: Violence is Preventable
          48. CDC National Center for Injury Prevention: Q&A with Linda Degutis
          49. Lace Up Your Sneakers for National Kids to Parks Day Tomorrow
          50. Asthma: A Plan to Eliminate Disparities
          51. FDA Expands Bagged Lettuce Recall, Provides Easier to Use Recall Info
          52. Memorial Day Weekend: Drive Safely
          53. Joplin Remembered, Lessons Learned
          54. Jo Ivey Boufford: Q&A at the National Network of Public Health Institutes Annual Conference
          55. Injury Prevention: NewPublicHealth Q&A with Andrea Gielen
          56. Making Cities Livable Conference
          57. America the Fixable: Recommended Reading
          58. Mis Quince Años: Coming of Age with Life Lessons to Build On
          59. World No Tobacco Day: Picture This
          60. Too Many Come Up Short on Smoke Alarms
          61. Hurricane Season Begins June 1
          62. We Want To Hear From You!
        6. 06
          1. Lightning Strikes Datapalooza
          2. Gaming the Field
          3. Taking Note
          4. Project HealthDesign Calls for Patient-Generated Data in Meaningful Use Stage 3 Criteria
          5. #GFH12 Update: Health Games Research Database Adds Powerful Online Search Features
          6. Project HealthDesign and Patient-generated Data
          7. Nominations Open for RWJF's Young Leader Awards
          8. Game Solutions for Health Care: A Spectacularly Transformative Learning Experience
          9. QSEN: Ready for a New Home
          10. Mindfulness and Yoga for Disadvantaged Urban Youth
          11. Health Care Employment Stays Strong
          12. Examining Suicide from a Population Health Perspective
          13. A Chance Encounter Launches a Second Career as a Nurse
          14. Does Fear of Being Labeled "Difficult" Prevent Patients from Expressing Themselves to Doctors?
          15. Satcher, Sullivan, Young - Oh my!
          16. Will Evidence on Prostate Cancer Screening Shape Clinical Practice?
          17. New Website Provides Information on Nurse Faculty Careers in NJ
          18. The Pennsylvania Action Coalition Launch: Students Speak Out
          19. The Pennsylvania Action Coalition: Voices Carrying a Campaign
          20. Specialized Hospital Units for Elderly Provide Shorter Stays, Lower Costs
          21. Nursing Education Still Hindered by Capacity Issues
          22. Do Gender Stereotypes Persist for Physicians?
          23. Same-Sex Marriage Policies Harm LGBT Health
          24. Linking, Exploring and Understanding Population Health Data
          25. Bold Moves, Outside-the-Box Thinking to Promote Nurse Leadership in North Carolina
          26. Study Predicts 5.6 Million New Health Care Jobs by 2020, with Demand Highest for Nurses
          27. RWJF Statement on the Supreme Court's Affordable Care Act Ruling
          28. Supreme Court Affordable Care Act Decision: Who to Watch For Analysis
          29. AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting
          30. APHA Midyear Meeting 2012: Assuring Quality When Asked to "Do More with Nothing"
          31. CDC Pilot Trains Pharmacists and Retail Clinic Staff to Provide Testing for HIV/AIDS
          32. AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting: Many Employers Still on the Wellness Sidelines
          33. Competitive Foods: First Health Impact Assessment on a Federal Rule
          34. Inaugural Class of Frank Karel Public Interest Communications Fellows Get Started in DC
          35. Paul Wallace: Public Health and Primary Care
          36. AcademyHealth Q&A: Lisa Simpson
          37. Olympics 2012: Staying Healthy at the Games
          38. AIDS: Update Your Status
          39. Afternoon Public Health News Update: June 18
          40. Andrew Rein: NewPublicHealth Q&A
          41. Dan Stier: Network for Public Health Law Sneak Preview Webinar
          42. Is Avoiding Injury Reason Enough to Compel Riders to Wear Bike Helmets?
          43. Health Impact Assessment Looks at Potential Impact of USDA Nutrition Standards on Student Health, School Budgets
          44. National Prevention Resources: Starter Guide
          45. National Prevention Council Action Plan: Q&A with Mayra Alvarez
          46. United Way Santa Cruz: Partnering for a Healthier Community
          47. Upcoming APHA Webinar: Transportation and Public Health
          48. Pink Slips Await Too Many School Nurses
          49. Making Room at the Development Table: A Public Health Director's Perspective
          50. Health Datapalooza: Moving Data to Action
          51. Faces of Public Health: Lifeguards
          52. Health Datapalooza 2012: Challengeology
          53. Patrick Libbey Q&A: Sharing Across Public Health Department Jurisdictions
          54. Public Health Institutes: Lessons Learned
          55. Public Health Lessons from the Big Apple: Recommended Reading
          56. National Prevention Strategy Series: Estelle Richman, Department of Housing and Urban Development
        7. 07
          1. Innovation and Youth: Tapping Our Young Resources
          2. Meta Care
          3. Can Economics Solve the Antibiotic Resistance Crisis?
          4. It is Time to Engage in Conversations with People Who Have Ideas We Don't Like
          5. Legal Experts Were Completely Stunned By John Roberts' Health Care Opinion
          6. Nursing Is Critical as the Affordable Care Act Is Implemented
          7. Ruling's Impact is Not Through the Election
          8. Supreme Court Ruling Offers a Sense of Hope
          9. Nurse Practitioner Workforce Expected to Nearly Double
          10. Exceptional Young Physicians Named 2013 RWJF Clinical Scholars
          11. Cautiously Optimistic about the Affordable Care Act - If Older Americans and Their Advocates Speak Out as It Is Implemented
          12. The Supreme Court Upholds Health Reform. What Will it Mean to Voters?
          13. Deadline Monday for RWJF Young Leader Awards Nominations
          14. How the Affordable Care Act Would Have Helped My Father
          15. I Hope This Ruling Will Stimulate a Stronger Sense of Urgency to Reduce and Ultimately Eliminate Health Disparities
          16. The Affordable Care Act and Its Juncture between Health Care and Health
          17. Make What the Supreme Court Upheld a Reality by Empowering All Providers
          18. INQRI Grantee Focuses on Nurses' Need to Care for Themselves, Too
          19. International Conference on Health in the African Diaspora 2012: Scholars React
          20. International Conference on Health in the African Diaspora 2012: Scholars React
          21. A Tale of Two Emergency Rooms
          22. The Journey to National Nursing Minimum Data Sets
          23. Former Surgeon General: Affordable Care Act an Opportunity to Improve Oral Health Care
          24. Physicians and Social Media: First, Do No Harm.
          25. After Growing Up Without Health Insurance, "Relieved" by the Supreme Court Health Reform Ruling
          26. Nurse Researcher Bemoans End of National Survey on Nursing Workforce
          27. Investing in Cutting-Edge Research
          28. Home Mental Health Care for Gunshot Victims
          29. Unprecedented Federal Investment in Training Advanced Practice Registered Nurses
          30. Cobe Williams: Violence Interrupter
          31. Public Health Commencement: "It Is Vital That We Have People…Who See Opportunities Where Others See Barriers"
          32. North Little Rock Mayor: It's About Giving People a Reason to Want to Live Here; Health is Added Inspiration
          33. Robert Pestronk Offers a Sneak Preview of NACCHO 2012
          34. Hot Weather Ahead: Take Precautions
          35. Afternoon Update: FDA Approves First Over-the-Counter Home Use HIV Test Kit
          36. Critical Opportunities: Making the Case for Laws that Improve Public Health
          37. AcademyHealth: Which State Health Departments Tweet?
        8. 08
          1. Flu Season Dangers: Spikes in Antibiotic Resistance
          2. Keeping Pace with the Knowledge Explosion
          3. Meet the Pioneer Advisory Group
          4. Health Games Research Grantees Report Research Discoveries in the July 2012 Issue of Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology
          5. C. diff Infections: Worse Than We Thought
          6. Explore Findings from Survey on Nurse Faculty Work-Life
          7. Physician Visits Increasing; Reasons Unclear
          8. Revolutionary Gerontology: The Intergenerational Questions
          9. Women Underrepresented as Health Care CEOs
          10. Nine States Receive RWJF Grants to Build More Highly Educated Nursing Workforce
          11. Science, Through a Policy-Maker's Lens
          12. Project L/EARN: Graduates Reflect
          13. Nurses' Evolving Role in Primary Care
          14. Meet the New Jersey Nursing Initiative
          15. An Opportunity to Update the Way We Think About Training Health Professionals
          16. Project L/EARN: Graduates Reflect
          17. Oral Health: Putting Teeth Into the Health Care System
          18. Why We Need More Twelve-Year-Olds Teaching Health Policy
          19. Executive Nurse Fellow "On Cloud Nine" After Bearing Olympic Torch
          20. A Doctor Delivers Multiple Acts of Human Kindness to Homeless Women
          21. Monitoring Health Care Needs in New Jersey: Assessing the Nurse Workforce
          22. Framing Public Health Issues
          23. Federal Nursing, Health Care Workforce Grants Announced
          24. In Aurora, A Massacre Becomes a Miracle, and Then Patients Help Doctors Heal
          25. Will the Primary Care Shortage Get Worse?
          26. Project L/EARN: Graduates Reflect
          27. AAMN Supports RWJF's Mission to Diversify the Nursing Profession
          28. Faces of Public Health: Elizabeth Clark on Social Workers and Military Mental Health
          29. CDC Says US Swine Flu Cases Rise, More Expected--But Not a Pandemic
          30. Is Gun Violence a Social Disease?
          31. "Public Health is Evolving Right Before Our Eyes": Discussion on Transforming Public Health
          32. The Economics of Walkability
          33. Fewer Years of Education Significantly Reduces Life Expectancy: Recommended Reading
          34. National Research Council Report on the National Weather Service
          35. Asthmapolis: Public Health Data in Action
          36. CDC Vital Signs: Walking
          37. Mark Pertschuk: Grassroots Public Health and Preemption
          38. Mayors Call for Greater Investment in Healthy Communities
          39. Building and Maintaining a Quality Health Department Website
          40. Faces of Public Health: Richard Traum
          41. Study: Flu Symptoms Boost Antibiotic Use, Antibiotic Resistance During Winter Months
          42. Charles Stokes: Faces of Public Health
          43. Better Education=Healthier Lives
          44. Back to School: Please Do Not Kiss the Class Frog
          45. Back to School: CDC Hosts Concussion Education Webinar
          46. Health Department Budget Cuts: Kanawha-Charleston Health Department, West Virginia
          47. Maisha Simmons Q&A: New Opportunities for Young Men of Color Through Collaboration
          48. Kevin Xu: Future of Public Health
          49. Faces of Public Health: Rochelle Sobel
        9. 09
          1. What is a Pioneering Idea?
          2. This is Your Brain on Transformation
          3. Mentors: On Belay?
          4. Nursing Education Isn't What It Used to Be!
          5. 2012 RWJF Nurse Faculty Scholars Conducting a Range of Studies
          6. Transforming Nursing Education to Meet Emerging Health Care Needs
          7. Mark Your Calendar: The Health Care Safety Net in a Post-Reform World
          8. New on the Human Capital Section of the RWJF Website
          9. Mount Sinai Creates Department of Family Medicine to Encourage Primary Care
          10. Learning to Lead Through Experience
          11. The Need for Pluralism
          12. Improving Nurse Education Matters to Businesses, Too
          13. Addiction by Design: Machine Gambling in Las Vegas
          14. HRSA Names New Center for Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice
          15. A Personal Reason to Applaud an Important Advance for Academic Progression in Nursing
          16. How Much Should Individuals Entering Health Professions Know About Health Policy?
          17. Project L/EARN: Graduates Reflect
          18. Finding an AED in an Emergency
          19. Beyond the Affordable Care Act: Training the Next Generation of Health Care Providers for the Post-Reform Era
          20. Give Students a Voice in Their Education
          21. Project L/EARN: Graduates Reflect
          22. Transforming Public Health: Join the Conversation
          23. Public Health in Pictures
          24. What Works For Health: A New Resource for Community Leaders
          25. Investing in What Works: Recommended Reading
          26. Study: High N.Y. Cigarette Taxes Help Cut Smoking Rates
          27. Surgeon General Regina Benjamin Q&A: Implementing the National Prevention Strategy
          28. ASTHO Q&A: Mary Selecky
          29. National Preparedness Month: What Emergencies Are Trending Right Now?
          30. Report: "How Obesity Threatens America's Future"
          31. NewPublicHealth on Location: Austin, Texas
          32. A Look Ahead at ASTHO: Q&A with Paul Jarris
          33. ASTHO Opening Session Targets the Intersection of Public Health and Health Care
          34. Judith Monroe: Never Underestimate the Importance and Value of Health Officers Coming Together
          35. ASTHO Q&A: David Lakey
          36. National Strategy for Suicide Prevention Launched Today
          37. Making the Case for Prevention: A Q&A with James Marks of RWJF
          38. ASTHO 2012: Integration of Public Health and Health Care in Taiwan Hospitals
          39. Jonathan Woodson, Department of Defense: National Prevention Strategy Series
          40. Jose Montero Announces ASTHO President Challenge: Integration of Public Health and Health Care
          41. Prescription Drug Overdoses a Growing Public Health Problem
          42. What a Difference a Week Makes: Kentucky Pioneers Healthy Baby Efforts
          43. Public Health Leaders Play Key Role in Improving Child Nutrition
          44. Emerging Bullying Concern: Kids with Food Allergies
          45. American Red Cross: Americans Increasingly Using Mobile Apps for Emergencies
          46. James Hodge: Public Health Law During Hurricane Isaac, West Nile and Other Emergencies
          47. Do You Sing Happy Birthday When You Wash Your Hands?
          48. Georges Benjamin, American Public Health Association Q&A: Sustaining Public Health
          49. United Way of North Central Florida on the Secret Ingredient for Successful Community Partnerships
          50. DOT Secretary LaHood: Transportation Plays Critical Role in Healthy Communities
          51. Brazil Group Sends a Memorable Pedestrian Safety Message
        10. 10
          1. OpenNotes: The Results Are In
          2. Believing in Design: Return to Mayo Transform
          3. Educating Patients—and Ourselves
          4. Increasing Transparency, Activating Patients: The Case for Open Medical Notes
          5. Follow the 2012 WIRED Health Conference
          6. Viewpoint: Creating Centers of Lifelong Learning
          7. Debt Concerns Drive Med Students Away from Primary Care
          8. Physician Pessimism Could Contribute to Shortage, Reduced Access to Care
          9. A New Website Helps Mark Two Years of Progress to Transform Health Care Through Nursing
          10. Reflective Practice: Narrative Pedagogy Can Transform the Educational Paradigm
          11. Meet the RWJF Community Health Leaders
          12. Scholars Behind National Resident Matching Program Algorithm Win Nobel Prize
          13. An RWJF Community Health Leader Remembers Her Award - One Year Later
          14. Motivating the Next Generation of Minority Physicians
          15. Researching Food Allergies: A Professional Mission Becomes Very Personal
          16. How Job Insecurity, The Decline in 'Good' Jobs, and an Uncertain Safety Net Affect Health
          17. Physician Shortage No Longer Limited to Rural Areas
          18. EIN Presentation: Clinical Simulation
          19. Improving Medical Education to Focus on Delivering Value to Patients
          20. Meet the RWJF Center for Health Policy at the University of New Mexico
          21. Health Care Employment Rose in September
          22. The Commodification of Health Care and the Search for a Universal Health Program in the United States
          23. Palliative Care Nurse Has 'Phenomenal' Experience at New Palliative Nursing Leadership Institute
          24. When Crossing the Street is the Difference Between Life and Death
          25. Med School Enrollment Shows Promise for Easing Physician Shortage
          26. On Your Mark... Get Set... APHA!
          27. An APHA Presentation: Addressing Racial Health Disparities with Culturally Competent Interventions Delivered from the African American Church
          28. Living and Learning at the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting
          29. Public Health Law Conference 2012: Practical Approaches to Critical Challenges
          30. A Conversation on Community Health: Recommended Viewing
          31. Many Colleges Banning Smoking on Campus
          32. Arguments For, and Against, a Tax on Sugar-Sweetened Beverages
          33. Engaging Partners and "Pillars of the Community"
          34. Getting Kids Active: Physical Activity in Schools
          35. Adewale Troutman: NewPublicHealth Q&A
          36. Public Health to Public: In an Emergency, Heed the Warnings to Evacuate
          37. Built Environment and Public Health – Planning the Way Forward
          38. How to Help Parks Help City Residents
          39. Changing Social Norms on Risky Drinking
          40. Public Health and Big Data: What are the Implications for the Field?
          41. Tackling Teen Dating Violence Before it Begins
          42. Berwick Calls On Foundations To Bring Civility In U.S. Health Care Debate
          43. Hurricane Sandy: We Don't Have the Luxury to Wait for a Storm to Be Prepared
          44. APHA 2012: Trust and Communication Improve Diabetes Outcomes in African Americans
          45. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood: National Prevention Strategy Series
          46. APHA 2012: ‘We All Need a Circle of Care’ — A Q&A with Gail Sheehy
          47. Election Outcome Aside, Health Care System Needs To Be Innovative To Address Fiscal Challenges
          48. Better Transportation Options=Healthier Lives
          49. What Will it Take to Eliminate Childhood Lead Poisoning?
          50. Keeping Teen Drivers Safe Through Public Health Law: Allison Curry Q&A
          51. Leaders In Public Health & Health Care Urged To Move Beyond Silos
          52. RWJF 40th Anniversary "Connections" Conference: To Get Health Messages To The Public, Tell Stories
          53. New Hospital Community Benefit Briefs: Reporting Requirements and Community Building
          54. Hospitals and Community Organizing: Q&A with Robert Kahn
          55. Critical Opportunities in Public Health Law: And The Winners Are…
          56. Alan Schwarz Q&A: Telling the Story of Sports Concussions
          57. APHA on Active Transportation: Recommended Reading
          58. Dr. Lawrence Deyton of the FDA Center for Tobacco Products: NewPublicHealth Q&A
          59. Crime and Community Development: A Q&A with Ingrid Gould Ellen of NYU
          60. Natural Experiments on the Public Health System: Q&A with Lainie Rutkow
          61. Food Safety: "Public Health at Work"
          62. RWJF Seeks Public Health Professionals for Paid Study
          63. Healthy School Lunches: Q&A With Jessica Donze Black
          64. 2012 Public Health Law Conference: Innovative Community Policy
          65. William Foege Q&A: Public Health Law
          66. Promoting Physical Activity: But is it Safe to Go Outside?
          67. Ramona Trovato, Environmental Protection Agency: National Prevention Strategy Series
          68. APHA 2012: A Q&A with Stacey Stewart, President of United Way USA
          69. APHA 2012: ‘The Public’s Health’ Blog — A Q&A with Michael Yudell and Jonathan Purtle
          70. Public Health and Hospitals: Resources for Partnerships
          71. Working with Non-traditional Partners on Complete Streets
          72. Joint Use: Being Active in Los Angeles
        11. 11
          1. Protecting a Valuable Natural Resource: Antibiotics
          2. Don’t Be a Jerk: To Manage Big Change, Help Preserve the Precious Past
          3. 40 Years of RWJF + 10 Force Multipliers = Young Leaders Transforming the Future
          4. ARCHeS Evaluates Different Interventions and Policies
          5. Open mHealth is headed to the mHealth Summit!
          6. Open mHealth: Making Sense of Mobile Health Data
          7. Social Environment Trumps Genetics When it Comes to Teen Friendships
          8. Thoughts on the APHA Closing Session: In the End, It is All About Power
          9. Lesson from APHA: For Most Immigrants, Immigration Policy is Health Policy and Vice Versa
          10. Shifting Administration of Vaccines to Nurses Improves Outcomes
          11. What Should Health Professionals Know About Handoffs?
          12. RWJF Community Health Leader’s 'Practice Without Pressure' Model Eases Stress of Medical Visits for Children with Disabilities
          13. Meet the RWJF Nursing and Health Policy Collaborative at the University of New Mexico
          14. Study: More Primary Care Physicians Needed by 2025
          15. RWJF Community Health Leader Provides Vital Health Education to Immigrant Community
          16. Health Issues on Ballots Across the Country
          17. Study: Long Nursing Shifts Mean Burnout, Patient Dissatisfaction
          18. RN Survey: Job Satisfaction, Career Patterns and Trends
          19. What the Election Means for Health and Health Care… The Re-Election of President Obama Curtails the Likelihood of Major Medicaid Reductions
          20. What the Election Means for Health and Health Care… The Country Needs More Providers, Better Mental Health and Elder Care, and an End to Poverty
          21. Gun Violence in Nashville
          22. Number of Independent Physicians Decreasing
          23. Education Progression: We Need Mentorship and Support for all Nurses to Become Lifelong Learners
          24. Being Healthy Now Matters Later to Moms and Babies
          25. VIDEO: Mel Kohn on the Future of Public Health
          26. Public Health Accreditation: One Year Later
          27. Transportation and Health: A Conversation With Seattle/King County Health Director
          28. VIDEO: Reed Tuckson on Advanced Data and a Holistic Approach to Public Health
          29. VIDEO: Ron Chapman on Transforming Public Health
          30. VIDEO: Alex Briscoe on the Future of Public Health
          31. Preventing Youth Violence: Updates from the Field
          32. Health Equity: Updates from the Field
          33. LawAtlas: Exploring Public Health Laws and Policies that Work to Improve Public Health
          34. Today, Some Also Cast Vote for Flu Protection
          35. What's Your Idea for the Future of Health and Health Care?
          36. Health Matters in San Francisco: Community Benefit and its True Benefits for San Francisco
          37. School-Based Health Centers: Impact Beyond the Clinic Walls
          38. Eduardo Sanchez: In Praise of Community Health Workers
          39. Power in Greening
          40. Hospital Partnerships to Cure Violence
          41. Overcoming Barriers to Achieve Health Equity With Latino Communities
          42. VIDEO: Adewale Troutman on a Hopeful Future for Public Health
          43. 2-1-1 Call Centers Are Lifelines During Hurricane Sandy and Beyond
          44. Preparing for Floods: Recommended Reading
          45. VIDEO: Jamie Chriqui on Ensuring Healthy Food Access in Schools
          46. For Hurricane Sandy Victims, A Gym Glows in Brooklyn
          47. Food Banks: More Than Just Canned Soup
          48. Veterans Day: Trials Evaluate Meditation as PTSD Treatment
          49. Emergency Preparedness and Environmental Health: Q&A with NACCHO's David Dyjack
          50. Hurricane Sandy Recovery: By the Numbers
          51. Ending Violence: IOM Announces App Challenge Winners
          52. Public Health and Health Care Working Together: Paul Kuehnert Q&A
          53. Angela Glover Blackwell: NewPublicHealth Q&A
          54. Faces of Public Health: Irene Pollin
          55. Hurricane Sandy Recovery: New Jersey’s Health Commissioner Helms Response Roundtable
          56. States Ask: Are We Prepared for a Storm Like Hurricane Sandy?
          57. Poor Housing Increases Burn Risks for Kids
          58. Hurricane Sandy: Recovering from Environmental Dangers in New Jersey
          59. If Employees Chose the Corporate Health Benefits…
          60. I’m Positive—World AIDS Day Documentary
          61. Census Helps Communities Prepare For Emergencies
          62. Great American Smokeout: Quit Now, See Benefits in 20 Minutes
        12. 12
          1. Mining a Treasure Trove of Essential Information about People’s Health
          2. mHealth and Diabetes: A Patient’s Story
          3. Doctor, I’m not comfortable with that order
          4. From the Pioneer Advisory Group: Can We Stop Dementia Before It Starts?
          5. The “Mobile” in “Mobile Health” Isn’t the Gadget; It’s the Data
          6. Can we get off the “gold standard” of academic publishing?
          7. Calling for Problems
          8. Pioneer Grantee Open mHealth Showcases Work at mHealth Summit 2012
          9. A Pioneer Auld Lang Syne
          10. Pioneering Idea: Your Patient’s Community Health Needs Assessment on the Desktop
          11. Take Action to Stop Gun Violence
          12. Dentists, Nurses Top List of “Best Jobs of 2013”
          13. Happy Holidays from the RWJF Human Capital Blog!
          14. Enduring Trust: Nurses Again Top Gallup’s Poll on Honesty and Ethics
          15. What the Election Means for Health and Health Care… A Glimpse into the Future
          16. The Loneliness of Caregiving
          17. “Call the Midwife:” Horrors and Humanity in 1950s London
          18. The Role of Caregivers in Supporting Patients Living with Chronic Illness
          19. Fatigue May Pose Threats to Medical Residents
          20. Examining the Usefulness of Engrained Practices: Re-Imagining the Application Process
          21. In 2013, Let’s Embrace Our Intellectual Diversity
          22. Public Health & Tobacco Control – Return on Investment
          23. Focus on Economic Inequality in 2013
          24. Taking Urban Health Equity Seriously in 2013
          25. Today’s Issues, Tomorrow’s Opportunities
          26. Nursing School Enrollment Continues to Increase, Capacity Still an Issue
          27. Meet RWJF New Connections
          28. Board Leadership for Nurses: The First Steps
          29. The Human Capital Investment
          30. Nation’s Primary Care Doctors May Confront More Debt, Lower Wages, Studies Find
          31. Creating a System that Encourages Healthy Behaviors
          32. Healthy Kids Lead to a Healthy Economy: Op-Ed
          33. Sometimes Disaster Needs a Truly Trendy Response
          34. Investing in What Works: Toward Healthy, Prosperous Communities
          35. Boston Looks to Syndromic Surveillance to Improve Public Health
          36. GOVERNING Summit on Healthy Living: Architecture for Health
          37. Scioto County Takes Action on County Health Rankings
          38. Summit on Healthy Living: Building Healthier Communities
          39. Health Enterprise Zones: "I Believe We Can Eliminate Health Disparities"
          40. Ideas from Around the Globe for Reducing Traffic Deaths
          41. Faces of Public Health: James Rimmer, PHD
          42. How Will the Affordable Care Act Impact Public Health?
          43. NYC Health Department: Health Warning for People in Homes with No Heat
          44. National Influenza Vaccination Week: It's Not Too Late
          45. Ready or Not? Preparing for Public Health Emergencies
          46. Preventing Gun Violence: How Laws Can Help
          47. Roadmaps to Health Community Grants: Creating Policy and Systems Change to Improve Community Health
          48. Faces of Public Health: Thomas Frieden
          49. New Research on Public Health Systems and Services: Recommended Reading
          50. United Way of Greater Milwaukee: Preventing Teen Pregnancy
          51. National Prevention Strategy Series: Corporation for National and Community Service
          52. Active Transportation Gets a New App
          53. Public Health Quality Improvement Exchange
          54. Video: How Our Environments Affect Our Health
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For many foster children, life is anything but stable. Children raised in more traditional home settings learn the life skills necessary to cope in the adult world, but many foster children simply are ill-prepared for their sudden "emancipation" at 18. States are making changes to allow youth to stay in foster care until age 21, but former foster youth are still at high risk for homelessness, poverty, low educational attainment and poor health.

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of @FPFY's Youth obtained jobs while in the program

In California—where 70 percent of the inmates in San Quentin State Prison are former foster children—a Foundation-supported program is helping to ease that often-difficult transition from foster care to independent living—beginning two years before they turn 18.

Called First Place for Youth, the program gives young adults a safe, secure place to live, along with occupational and educational support services. First Place houses more than 350 youth in four San Francisco Bay Area counties and Los Angeles, and is now considered a national role model.

A recent evaluation found that participation in First Place led to positive outcomes for youth in housing, education, employment and healthy living. Participants indicated lower levels of depression and greater positive social support after 6 to 12 months.

Preliminary evidence strongly indicates that First Place for Youth’s programs are well-positioned to be replicated, especially as more states begin serving transition-age foster youth.  As CEO Sam Cobbs says: "If we can do it here, we can do it everywhere."