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Making the Business Case for Payment and Delivery Reform

To support improvements in health care delivery and payment systems, individuals and organizations that purchase health care services need a clear business case showing that the proposed changes will achieve sufficient benefits to justify them. Providers also need the business case to show they will be able to successfully deliver high-quality care in a financially sustainable way under the new system. This brief, by the Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement, details the 10-step process for health care purchasers and providers to develop a sound business case to support successful reforms to both health care payment and delivery systems.

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Participants at a conference table.

A Burning Platform and Trust

This brief explores concepts to understand how to facilitate movement toward fundamentally different payment and delivery models than those that have dominated American health care until now.

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Two doctors consulting as they are standing in an open area in a hospital.

Facilitators and Barriers to Payment Reform

Various payment reform efforts underway across the U.S. are testing new methods of paying for health care services, in pursuit of lower costs and higher quality. Along with grantees and other initiatives, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is working to identify the most common facilitators and barriers to payment innovation.

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