Quantified Self: Guide to Self-Tracking

The Quantified Self movement promotes self-knowledge through self-tracking. Quantified Self participants collect, aggregate, and analyze their own data, which then empowers them to make decisions and choices that were previously made by others.

RWJF provided a grant starting in December 2010 that allows Quantified Self to keep an up-to-date guide of tools, apps, and projects contributed by the global Quantified Self community—everyday users who track and observe patterns in their health and other daily, personal qualities. The goal of the Quantified Self grant is to gather and organize the collective resources of this global community in one place, allowing for collaboration between people who use these tools, and in turn become more engaged in their health and in the quantified self movement.

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Institute for the Future

Alexandra C. Carmichael
Project Director

Gary Wolf
Project Director

The Self-Tracking Guide by the Numbers

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7 out of 10 American adults are #health self-trackers; half of those track regularly. CC: @quantifiedself

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Currently, there are 505 tools listed in the @quantifiedself guide that promote self-tracking & #mHealth

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13,000: The number of Quantified Self meetups that are taking place in today’s world to encourage patient #mHealth

Program Results

A man checks his pedometer while exercising.

A Digital Guide for Self-Tracking Goes Online

This report summarizes Quantified Self's online resource guide for self-tracking tools to advance the health and research potential of observations of daily living.

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