RWJF Logo Usage

Use of the Foundation’s name and logo (other than on the Foundation’s stationery and approved forms, and in the text of routine correspondence and documents) must be approved in advance. The clearing point for such permissions is the Foundation’s Creative Services manager, Joan Barlow. She, in turn, will be responsible for informing and involving other staff as appropriate.

Policy for Use of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) Name and Logo

The name, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation®, the logo and variations in type treatment of the Foundation name, are the property of the Foundation, including their use on such items as printed literature, signage, exhibits and displays, publications, interactive media, websites, sponsored program literature and signage, joint publications, letterhead, news releases, or announcements.

Permission to use the Foundation's name and/or logo is in sole discretion of RWJF, based on such factors as the purpose for use and relationship being represented. All requests for permission to use the RWJF logo must be submitted to the Foundation's Creative Services manager, Joan Barlow. Requests may be sent to

If permission is granted, the logo must be reproduced in its approved colors and formats as outlined in the RWJF Creative Development Guidelines manual. Instructions will be provided along with the appropriate files upon approval of request.

Use in Text Applications

In text documents, the name—Robert Wood Johnson Foundation—may be presented in different fonts and point sizes as long as each word is capitalized. The article "the" when used in front of the name is capitalized only at the beginning of a sentence. It is necessary to use the registration mark at the end of the name in its first or most prominent appearance in the document. Subsequent appearances do not require the registration mark.


The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation encourages grantees and other organizations to link to the Foundation's website ( Use of the Foundation's logo as part of that link requires permission from Creative Services. In general, permission will be granted providing the logo is positioned solely as part of the link and in no way indicates a larger relationship between the Foundation and the site.

Supporting Credits

In places where use of the logo itself is not appropriate, the Foundation recommends using the following language:

"Support for this <program, conference, publication, website, article, etc.> was provided by a <grant, contract> from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation."

For materials where full support is not provided by the Foundation:

"Support for this <program, conference, publication, website, article, etc.> was provided in part by a <grant, contract> from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation."

Guidelines for Use of Logo

The Foundation has specific guidelines on use of our name and logo for our national programs, sites under those programs and individual grantees:

Please contact Joan Barlow at with any questions.