State Health Reform Assistance Network

The State Health Reform Assistance Network (State Network) is a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation program dedicated to providing technical assistance to states in order to maximize coverage expansions under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

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Deborah H. Bae
Program Officer

Recent Research

AF4Q Grand Rapids

Establishing Performance Standards for Hospital-Based Presumptive Eligibility

The ACA gives hospitals the authority to decide whether to participate in presumptive eligibility. This issue brief describes the flexibility available to states to establish performance standards for hospitals and discusses approaches states may want to consider as they develop them.

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Impact of National Health Reform and State-Based Exchanges on the Level of Competition in the Nongroup Market

The number of insurers that offer non-group plans to consumers on state-run health insurance exchanges will be larger than the current number of carriers, according to analysis by RWJF’s State Health Reform Assistance Network.

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In the Culture of Health Blog

Insurance Exchanges Foster Competition, Consumers Stand to Benefit

In states without dominant health insurers or health systems, increased competition appears to be a key factor in forcing premiums down.

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