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To spur new medical discoveries we must transform the way research is conducted, drawing on the wisdom and insights of patients—the people most familiar with disease—and the data they collect about their health.

With support from RWJF, Sage Bionetworks is building BRIDGE, a web-based, open-sourced platform that allows patients to share and track their health data, and collaborate with researchers and, potentially, fellow citizen scientists on research into diseases and health problems that matter most to them.  

Sage Bionetworks will pilot three research projects on the BRIDGE platform, focusing on diabetes, Fanconi anemia and sleeping disorders.


Sage Bionetworks

Seattle, WA

Stephen Friend, MD, PhD
President, Co-Founder and Director

Nancy Barrand, senior adviser for program development

Nancy Barrand, senior adviser for program development

Engaging Patients in Research

To improve our understanding of disease, we must learn from patients' own insight and experience. By including patients in the medical discovery process, by partnering them with world-class researchers, BRIDGE has the potential to accelerate biomedical discovery and solve the health problems patients most care about," says Nancy Barrand, RWJF senior advisor for program development.

BRIDGE platform leverages patient wisdom in innovative approach to medical research

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