Khan Academy: Advancing Medical School Education

Medical education has remained largely unchanged over the past 100 years. Yet, medical students have more complex diagnostic and therapeutic information to learn than ever before. Currently, this information is tied up in medical institutions and, oftentimes, difficult to learn.


With funding from RWJF, Khan Academy—a free online educational resource that provides self-paced, mastery-based education—is building a medical education platform to help students prepare for health care professions.


In addition, Khan Academy’s new free library will equip practicing physicians with information about new terminology and therapies so they can deliver better care. With these tools, Khan also intends to engage patients in their own health care; making simplified medical content more available to consumers provides the meaningful information they need to make more informed decisions.


RWJF is exploring the potential of initiatives like the Khan Academy to transform the way students learn and to open up new avenues of educating health professionals to attract a more diverse health care workforce, and reach wider audiences who can benefit from user-friendly knowledge.


Khan Academy

P.O. Box 1630, Mountain View, CA 94042

Sal Khan
Founder & Executive Director

Developing Free, Open, Online Education Resources

This project explores the possibilities of a robust, complete and entirely free online medical education resource. The effort is attempting to build medical education content for the Khan Academy online site as rapidly as possible. To do that, it is looking for numerous collaboration opportunities both with existing groups, like AAMC and Stanford Medical School, as well as emerging leaders and teachers, like students and new health professionals. Our sense is that a free, open, online education resource will have profound and disruptive impact with wide-ranging implications on existing teaching approaches in medical schools and more broadly in health care education across disciplines,” says Mike Painter, RWJF senior program officer.


Second Annual MCAT Video and Question Competition

The Association of American Medical Colleges and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation supported Khan Academy in their second annual MCAT video and question competition. Khan Academy was looking for the next generation of medical educators to submit questions, articles, and video tutorials.

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