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Native American Community Academy

The Hiyupo Project: Promoting Achievement in Native Youth

Growing Together

Native American Community Academy, the first “Collaborative Charter” school in the state of New Mexico, was founded to create a space where Native American students in Albuquerque could integrate personal wellness and cultural identity with academic success. NACA’s Hiyupo Project focuses on engaging Native young men to actively participate in a school environment and prepares students for successful transitions from adolescence to adulthood. The program empowers young men to strengthen their communities by developing their leadership skills, preparing them academically, and cultivating a healthy and secure cultural identity.

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The Power of Embracing Culture

The Power of Embracing Culture

Native American Community Academy is one of ten schools to receive the 2013 National Association of Secondary School Principals Breakthrough Schools Award.

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Kara L. Bobroff

Kara Bobroff, who received the University of New Mexico "Zia Award for Distinguished work in Education"

"Some people have vision and don’t act. Others act but don’t have vision. Kara Bobroff is a visionary who acts." Over ten years ago, Albuquerque educators, parents, professionals and leaders had the vision of a school that would prepare Native American kids for college — and for life. University of New Mexico graduate Kara Bobroff turned that vision into a reality when she became Native American Community Academy’s founding principal.

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Academy blends native culture, city life

February 20, 2013 – The Albuquerque Journal details the Native American Community Academy basketball team and how sports bring their community together.

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'Incredible memories' from Native American visit

August 6, 2012 – On The Waikato Times, students and teachers describe their experience of travelling to New Zealand as part of a cultural exchange program at NACA.

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Native American charter school finds home on Indian School campus

August 25, 2013 – The Albuquerque Journal walks through the renovations made on NACA's campus and the potential for future growth.

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