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Elev8 Baltimore partners with schools, families and the community to make sure that every student is ready to succeed in school and in life. Elev8's Adolescent Behavioral Health Partnership with the Department of Pediatrics at Johns Hopkins Bayview provides mental health support to boys in East Baltimore in grades 5-8. Elev8 gives them tools to manage stress and the effects of trauma, ultimately reducing levels of depression and anxiety.

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State of Chronic Absenteeism and School Health

State of Chronic Absenteeism and School Health

In this report, “State of Chronic Absenteeism and School Health,” Elev8 Baltimore and the Baltimore Student Attendance Campaign explore how school-based health care can reduce chronic absenteeism in city schools.

MSD announces $6.8 million in afterschool program grants

MSD announces $6.8 million in afterschool program grants

Elev8 Baltimore is one of 22 programs in Maryland that have been awarded $6.8 million in grants from the Maryland State Department of Education through the federal 21st Century Community Learning Centers Grant Program.

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Violence Starts at the Community Level

October 29, 2013 – USA Today featured Elev8 Baltimore's work and the East Baltimore youth violence landscape in the Violence Prevention issue of Media Planet.

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Community Schools a Model for the Middle Grades

June 21, 2013 – Education Week lays out how the Elev8 model is helping change how schools approach violence prevention in middle schools.

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Baltimore Guitarist Brings Lessons into School Classrooms

February 25, 2013 – The Baltimore Sun shares Chris Dunn's work in bringing guitar lessons to middle school students—an example of Elev8's work to bring enhanced education opportunities to schools.

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Frank is a sixth grade student at Collington Square Elementary/Middle School and a participant in the D-Stress Baltimore mindfulness classes. Frank spoke from his experience as a young man growing up in East Baltimore, a student who “sometimes” gets into trouble and a mentor to his friends and younger relatives who also struggle with their behavior.

When asked, “Do you like the classes?,” Frank admitted that at first he “didn’t get it.”  He further shared, “I started thinking about it like football drills...and how we do our exercises and breathing for practice.” Frank went on to share that he and another classmate taught his younger cousin how to “take three breaths.”  According to Frank, his cousin had “ADHD problems.”  His favorite D-Stress exercise was the “worry box.” The students completed an arts and crafts project to make a worry box.  They were instructed to write down the things that were bothering them on slips of paper, and to place them in the worry box until they were ready to deal with them.  Frank confessed, he didn’t always use his worry box, but in his mind he was learning how to set his worries aside.