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Alaska Native Heritage Center

Alaska Native Connections to Promise

Preserves and strengthens the traditions, languages, and art of Alaska’s Native People through statewide collaboration, celebration, and education.

Alaska Native Heritage Center (ANHC) is an educational and cultural nonprofit that uses Alaska Native heritage and tradition to give middle school and high school students pride, leadership, self-confidence, and tools to succeed in school.


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Alaska Native Heritage Center High School Program

Alaska Native Heritage Center High School Program

Alaska Native Heritage Center's high school program gives students the opportunity to choose from a variety of courses that are based on Alaska Native cultures. ANCH’s teaching staff instructs and coordinates guest instructors who share their knowledge and skills. This program provides a safe after-school environment, a chance to interact with peers from other schools and an opportunity to learn from positive role models. The program is popular among students because it is a way for them to have fun while learning.

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Kyle Kaayaakw Demientieff-Worl

Kyle Kaayaakw Demientieff-Worl is Tlingit of the Lukaax.ádi clan and Deg Hit'an Athabaskan. He has worked at the Alaska Native Heritage Center since 2009, where he's been recognized three times as employee of the month for his dedication in sharing Alaska Native cultures to visitors. In addition to participating annually at the World Eskimo Indian Olympics, he led several leadership workshops to teach the values of the games. He is passionate about learning and promoting Native languages by engaging with his community in language revitalization. Mr. Demientieff-Worl is now a junior at the University of Alaska, Anchorage where he is pursuing a major in Anthropology and a minor in Alaska Native Studies. He is actively involved in several academic and extracurricular organizations at UAA, such as Native Student Council, in which he currently serves as Co-chair.