Exploring arrangements for cross-jurisdictional sharing in the six-county region of Colorado s San Luis Valley

The Foundation's initiative, Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing (CJS), was designed to strengthen the ability of public health agencies to improve the health of the communities they serve by supporting efforts to explore, inform, and track the implementation of innovative regional or shared approaches to delivering public health services.Under this grant, a collaborative of six local health departments in the San Luis Valley in Colorado will explore opportunities for utilizing CJS arrangements in the region. Deliverables include: (1) a report with a comprehensive assessment of existing public health CJS arrangements in the region, including services, resources, and functions; (2) a report with an assessment of public health capacity of the local health departments (LHDs) involved in the project; (3) a strategic plan describing CJS goals common across the region and for each of the participating LHDs ; (4) a CJS feasibility study including a review and analysis of a variety of CJS models and a discussion of CJS models suitable for implementation in the region, with particular attention to financial and legal implications, human resources, facilities, leadership, and governance; and (5) a CJS implementation plan based on the results of the feasibility study. In addition, the project grantee will designate a team lead to serve as the primary point of contact for the project and provide continuity by participating in all Learning Community activities; designate a communications coordinator to serve as the primary point of contact for the Center's communications staff; ensure that at least three team members participate in three in-person Learning Community meetings; ensure that one team member attend two other project's site visits; participate in quarterly calls with the Learning Community; participate in quarterly calls with Center staff; and, host up to two site visits over the course of the project.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $124,980.00

Awarded on: 1/3/2013

Time frame: 1/15/2013 - 1/31/2015

Grant Number: 70621


Saguache County Public Health Agency

505 3rd Street
P.O. Box 68
Saguache, CO, 81149-0068


Marcy Gardunio
Project Director


Kathleen Matthews
Project Director


Della Cox Vieira
Project Director


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