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Name Our Podcast

Jun 6, 2013, 2:00 PM, Posted by Pioneer Blog Team

We need your help. We’re launching a podcast next month and we need a name for it.

The purpose of the podcast is to provide listeners with insight about the types of ideas in which the Pioneer team wants to invest. (It’s the same reason we write posts on this blog.) Christine Nieves Rodriguez—Pioneer’s program associate—will be the host (she has the best radio voice of all of us) and segments will include conversations with program officers, grantees and friends, as well as news about grants and events.

So, this is what we came up with:

  • Pioneering Ideas (yes, we realize this is also the name of the blog)
  • Pioneering Voices (meh)

Please help us. What would you name a podcast about seeking out new ideas for health and health care innovation? We need to make a decision by June 21, so hurry up and leave your suggestion in the comments below. Thanks!

Good for Kaiser. Good for America.

Jun 4, 2013, 3:00 PM, Posted by Mike Painter

Mike Painter, senior program officer Mike Painter, senior program officer

Earlier this year, Fast Company released its list of the 50 most innovative companies and named Nike No. 1. In that article, Nike CEO Mark Parker noted, “One of my fears is being this big, slow, constipated, bureaucratic company that's happy with its success…. Companies fall apart when their model is so successful that it stifles thinking that challenges it.” Kaiser Permanente did not make the Fast Company list—this year.  But this nation-leading health care provider is working hard to ensure it’s not a big plugged-up company satisfied with its past success. KP works hard at innovating. KP's leaders and staff clearly do not take their past success and excellence for granted.

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What’s Next Health: Whom Do We Trust?

May 28, 2013, 8:00 AM, Posted by Pioneer Blog Team

danah boyd danah boyd, senior researcher at Microsoft Research

Each month, What’s Next Health talks with leading thinkers with big ideas about the future of health and healthcare. Recently, we talked with danah boyd, senior researcher at Microsoft Research, to explore contradictions and conundrums of living in a networked society.

By Danah Boyd

We live in a society that is more networked than our grandparents could ever have imagined. More people have information at their fingertips than ever before. It's easy to see all of this potential and celebrate the awe-some power of the internet. But as we think about the intersection of technology and society, there are so many open questions and challenging conundrums without clear answers. One of the most pressing issues has to do with trust, particularly as people turn to the internet and social media as a source of health information. We are watching shifts in how people acquire information. But who do they trust? And is trust shifting?

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Introducing What’s Next Health: Conversations with Pioneers

May 15, 2013, 2:15 PM, Posted by Brian C. Quinn

Brian Quinn, assistant vice president, Research and Evaluation Brian Quinn, assistant vice president, Research and Evaluation

One of the best things about our jobs at Pioneer is that we get to have conversations with interesting people doing interesting things. As we network with these visionary thinkers, we want to share some of the great stuff we’re learning and hearing with you—to bring value to the work you’re doing. That’s why I’m pleased to introduce What's Next Health: Conversations with Pioneers, a new series here at RWJF that explores the future of health and health care, asks the big questions, and looks to the cutting-edge for solutions.

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TEDMED 2013 Moments

Apr 23, 2013, 4:37 PM, Posted by Pioneer Blog Team


"TEDMED is the Burning Man for health aficionados," said Robin Hogen, RWJF's vice president for communications, one of several RWJF team members who attended the event in Washington, D.C., last week. The event brings together "public health advocates, clinicians, biomedical researchers, break-the-mold thinkers, prodigies, grateful patients and artists," Hogen said. TEDMED offers a unique opportunity to interact with a brilliant array of people who have one thing in common: finding new approaches to improving health and health care -- an objective that's near and dear to Pioneer's mission. It's not surprising, then, that a number of Pioneer grantees spoke at this year's event.

Here are a few moments from TEDMED 2013 that stood out for RWJF staff:

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