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How Can Social Networks Help Improve the Health of Older Americans?

Sep 19, 2013, 1:00 PM, Posted by Wendy Yallowitz

Wendy Yallowitz Wendy Yallowitz, program officer

Many retired adults are extremely active, playing golf, volunteering for local civic groups, participating in book clubs and participating in other social activities. But as the years go by, your life changes and your social interactions change too. You grow frailer, which can create barriers to your participation in family and community events. You rely more on the help of caregivers including neighbors and family, for routine activities. To live independently, you pay someone to help you bathe, drive you to appointments, clean your house, and prepare your meals.

But could these social interactions be opportunities to facilitate healthy aging?

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Turning Disconnects Into Opportunities

Jun 28, 2013, 8:00 AM, Posted by Wendy Yallowitz


During my time as a social worker working with our most vulnerable older Americans, I saw firsthand just how much skilled nursing facilities need to do every day to care for our loved ones. Providing that care is always rewarding, but never easy. Residents come and go, and their care needs change daily. Beds go unfilled. Activities go unattended. Food goes uneaten.

While concentrating on providing care to this vulnerable population, we miss out on an opportunity to easily help so many other vulnerable Americans. Every year, nursing facilities let millions of dollars’ worth of medicine that many low-income patients desperately need go to waste.

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