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Dispatches from Datapalooza: Creating Change at Scale

Jun 2, 2013, 8:00 AM, Posted by Thomas Goetz

Thomas Goetz

From: Thomas Goetz

To: Christine Nieves, Paul Tarini and Beth Toner

Date: June 2, 2013

Like you, Paul, this will be my third Datapalooza (I’m tempted to go all Woodstock and say I was there for the first, but… I wasn’t that cool).

I remember the second Datapalooza quite vividly. First, because I’d taken a red-eye from San Francisco and was fairly bleary, and second because I was completely unprepared for the passion and sense of potential that was on tap that day at the NIH auditorium. Frankly, I didn’t expect much; I figured a D.C. conference about data organized by the federal government wasn’t exactly going to be a hub of innovative ideas.

But my Bay Area provincialism was quickly scrubbed as Todd Park et al stunned me in the best possible way. In short, I remember that Datapalooza because it’s where I got a vibe that something was going on in D.C. around health care that was, if anything, more powerful and exciting than what was brewing in Silicon Valley.

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