Jun 18 2012

Public Health News Roundup: June 18

Many Elderly Unable to Cross Streets Before Crosswalk Signals Turn Red

Many older people are not able to cross a street before the automated crosswalk light shifts to red, according to a new study in the journal Age and Ageing. Researchers compared the average walking speed of people in Britain age 65 and older who took part in a British health survey to the average time allowed by crosswalk lights. The study found that 76 percent of men and 85 percent of women in the study had a walking speed slower than the speed required to cross the street before the light turned red. Read more on aging.

Cancer Survivorship Conference Highlights Obesity, Other Health Concerns

Cancer Survivorship Research: Translating Science to Care, a conference held last week, focused on survivorship research. Issues of concern included resilience, obesity and economic issues of survivors, including the cost of follow-up care. Read more on cancer.

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