May 8 2012

New IOM Report Identifies Key Strategies to Prevent Obesity

A new report from the Institute of Medicine, Accelerating Progress in Obesity Prevention, released today in conjunction with the Weight of the Nation Conference, finds that progress in stemming the obesity epidemic has been too slow, and that obesity has a negative impact on productivity and is the factor behind millions of people suffering from chronic and often debilitating diseases.

The report focuses on five key goals in order to prevent obesity:

  • Integrating physical activity into people's daily lives.
  • Making healthy food and beverage options available everywhere.
  • Transforming marketing and messages about nutrition and activity.
  • Making schools a gateway to healthy weights.
  • Galvanizing employers and health care professionals to support healthy lifestyles.

Read more about the report and watch a video commentary about the report, featuring James S. Marks, Senior Vice President at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Follow coverage of the meeting on, @RWJF_ChdObesity, and on NewPublicHealth.

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