Mar 29 2012

Recommended Reading: What's In Your Couch?

Do couches need a pound of flame retardant that may pose its own health risk? A recent presentation at the Harvard School of Public Health looked at flame retardants, found in some household goods, that have been linked in some studies to cancer, fertility and brain development issues. The keynote speaker, Arlene Blum, a visiting scholar in chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley and executive director of the Green Science Policy Institute, has been researching flame retardants since the 1970s. Among Blum’s concerns: many items such as office and home furniture contain substances that may pose a danger, but are not regulated by any federal agency.

Read more about Professor Blum’s presentation.

Bonus Reading: The Yale School of Public Health published a report on safety concerns linked to flame retardants earlier last year.

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