Mar 5 2012

Recommended Reading: Resources for Before and After a Violent Storm

The death toll after last week’s devastating storms in the South and Midwest is at 39 people, with hundreds more injured. Coming just a week after the annual Public Health Preparedness Summit, new ideas are fresh in the minds of many preparedness experts to help speed recovery for everyone affected, and to review procedures to try to reduce deaths and injuries in the next storm.

In the aftermath of the storm, the American Academy of Pediatrics has put out an excellent resource page that deals with the needs of children as well as adults in preparing for a storm or dealing with its consequences, that makes a strong addition to any online preparedness information.

>>Bonus Reading: In a NewPublicHealth interview last month about the Preparedness Summit, Melissa Friel, Director of the Center for Emergency Response and Terrorism at the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, talked about efforts to get residents to hear and heed warnings when severe weather is a risk.

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