Mar 23 2012

Public Health News Roundup: March 23

Tuberculosis Cases Drop in U.S. But Remain High among Minorities

Tuberculosis rates in 2011 fell 6.4 percent from 2010, an all-time low for the U.S., to a rate of 3.4 cases per 100,000 people. Compared to whites, however, TB infection rates were seven times higher for Hispanics, eight times higher for blacks and 25 times higher for Asians. TB rates are also high for people with HIV/AIDS. Read more news related to health disparities.

NIH: Interventions to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes Are a Good Investment

Programs that include medication and/or lifestyle changes to prevent or delay type 2 diabetes in high-risk adults would result in fewer people developing diabetes and lower some health care costs over time, according to a new study funded by the National Institutes of Health and published in Diabetes Care. The programs may also improve the quality of life for some people who would otherwise develop diabetes. Read more on prevention.

Some Narcotics for Cancer Pain May Promote Tumor Growth

Opioid drugs used to relieve pain in postoperative and chronic cancer patients may stimulate the growth and spread of tumors, according to two studies in the journal Anesthesiology. A key reason may be that some tumors may have more opioid receptors than non-cancerous cells. Read more cancer news.

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