Jan 5 2012

Recommended Reading: Back In the Car Seat

A new law in California that took effect this week changes the previous car seat graduation requirements from 6 years or 60 pounds to 8 years or 4 feet 9 inches tall, which is putting some kids, previously liberated from the seats, right back in them. The Wall Street Journal recently reported on reactions by both parents and their kids—“that’s bad,” said one too-short car seat returnee.

But the article is instructive for more than how to struggle an incensed seven-year-old into a safer car ride. Proposals for public health laws that affect drivers and their passengers are on the books across the country, including new car texting bans. The blog of the Network for Public Health Law frequently grapples with just such issues, such as their recent post—which included ideas for state laws—on when to take the keys from older drivers.

Weigh In: What laws to improve the public’s health will your community be weighing in 2012?

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