Jan 11 2012

Public Health News Roundup: January 11

American Heart Association: Bystanders Can Help Boost Heart Attack Survival Rates

A new scientific statement from the American Heart Association says that more people will survive sudden cardiac arrest if 9-1-1 dispatchers help bystanders assess victims and begin CPR immediately. Read more heart health news.

Reuse of Municipal Wastewater Has Significant Potential to Augment Future U.S. Drinking Water Supplies

Treating municipal wastewater and reusing it for drinking water, irrigation, industry, and other applications could significantly increase the nation's total available water resources, particularly in coastal areas facing water shortages, according to a new report from the National Research Council. Get moreenvironmental health news.

Vitamin D Can Help Counteract Side Effect of HIV Drug

Vitamin D may help prevent hormonal changes that can lead to bone loss among those being treated for HIV with the drug tenofovir, according to the results of a National Institutes of Health-funded study published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases. Get more HIV news.

Height Loss May Increase Risk for Bone Fractures in Women

Older women who have lost more than two inches in height face an increased risk of breaking bones and dying, according to a new study published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research. Read more on the health of older adults.

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