Oct 5 2011

Recommended Reading: Smoke-Free Air Laws and Boards of Health

Passing smoke-free measures is almost always harder than you might think, according to a new blog post from the Public Health Law Network. The post describes the recent efforts in Bullitt County, Kentucky, where a regulation drafted by the board of health requiring all public places and worksites to be smoke-free has been challenged repeatedly in the courts. The challenges are based on grounds that the regulation exceeds the authority of the board of health. The post offers important information on the variability of the legal and regulatory authority of boards of health across the country and opportunities for those boards to prevail.

Read the post here.

Bonus: Weigh in on what your community is doing to promote smoke-free air, and read comments on what others are doing in their communities. For example, Minnesota is working on smoke-free public housing and tobacco-free college campuses.

Tags: Public health law, Tobacco, Tobacco Control