Oct 31 2011

Public Health News Roundup: October 31

Don't forget to check out NewPublicHealth coverage of the APHA 2011 Annual Meeting.

World’s Population Surpasses Seven Billion

As of today, seven billion people live on earth. It took all of human history to reach 1.6 billion people in 1900. By 2000, the number was 6.1 billion and eleven years later another billion people were added, according to the Population Research Bureau in Washington, DC. Read more on global health.

FDA: Be Safe This Halloween

The Food and Drug Administration has a list of precautions and advisories to make Halloween safer for children and adults, including reminders against wearing decorative lenses and have adults check candy for hidden or sharp objects before children start eating the sweets. Get more safety updates.

USDA Issues Grants to Improve Low Income Housing

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has announced grants in all fifty states for repairs and improvements to low income and very low income housing. Read more on housing and health.

Cost, Convenience Keeps One in Four People from Filling Prescriptions

A new study in the American Journal of Medicine found that people were more likely to fill a new prescription if they lived in a high-income zip code rather than a low-income zip code; if their medication was on their insurance plan's list of approved drugs; and if their doctor had transmitted the prescription directly to the pharmacy instead of handing it to the patient. The researchers also found that patients were more likely to fill prescriptions for antibiotics to treat an infection than for medication to lower high blood pressure. The study looked at data on 280,000 patients who received new prescriptions.

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