Sep 13 2011

Public Health News Roundup: September 13

USDA Announces Enhanced 911 Services for Rural Areas

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has announced changes in federal regulations that will help rural communities get advanced emergency communications services, including 911 access, to better respond to emergencies and disasters.

Patients Often Don’t Tell Doctors about Their Depression Symptoms

A new study in the journal Annals of Family Medicine finds that patients often don’t tell their doctors about feeling depressed. Reasons for not disclosing depression symptoms included thinking depression was not a topic a primary care physician was able to discuss and concern that they would be given a prescription for antidepressants.

Blacks Develop High Blood Pressure One Year Faster Than Whites

A new study in Hypertension: Journal of the American Heart Association finds that blacks, who are at risk for high blood pressure, develop the condition one year before whites and have a 35 percent greater chance of progressing from prehypertension to high blood pressure. Study authors also say that more aggressive treatment of prehypertension could narrow the gap in hypertension rates between blacks and whites.

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