Aug 1 2011

Public Health News Roundup: August 1

Equal Access to Insurance Doesn’t Guarantee Similar Breast Cancer Treatment for Black, White Women

A new study in the journal Cancer that looked at Black and White women in the military, found that despite having equal access to health care through military health insurance, black women with breast cancer were less likely than white women to receive certain aggressive treatments. Cultural decisions to forego very aggressive treatments may be one reason for the disparity, according to the researchers.

Gene Variant May Predispose Some Blacks to Asthma

Variations in a particular gene may account for the high risk of asthma in African Americans according to a new study in the journal Nature Genetics.

FDA Seeking Public Comment on IOM Device Report

The Food and Drug Administration has opened a public comment period on a recent Institute of Medicine report that sharply criticized the FDA’s approval process for some lower-risk medical devices, according to a news announcement. The IOM report recommended that the current approval process be scrapped and a new one developed. The FDA says some of the suggestions the IOM report are already underway.

"Lab on a Chip" Detects HIV, Syphilis in the Field

The first field trial for a “lab on a chip” a rapid, cheap HIV test accurately detected both HIV and syphilis among a Rwandan population, researchers reported in Nature Medicine. This kind of test could offer a faster, cheaper and easier way to detect infectious diseases, according to the report.

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